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Worn Teeth

Worn Teeth

Worn Teeth: When toothbrush is toothbrush, teeth are sensitive and more susceptible to rot. Several reasons for creating these abrasions can be counted and there are methods for treating toothbrushes.


Worn Teeth



Oral and Tooth Hygiene part 2

When tooth erosion becomes toughened, the teeth become sensitive and more susceptible to rot. Several reasons for creating these abrasions can be counted and there are several methods for treating abrasive teeth. One of the causes of the abrasion tooth is a V-shaped cavity caused by mechanical forces such as:

1 - Tight toothpaste alone 2 - With Sutra toothpaste 3 - Toothbrushes with rough hair, today hard toothbrushes or Har are not prescribed and are completely obsolete 4 - Pencil or ice mucus 5 - Lipper or tongue speaker Other causes are created in this phenomenon.

The other cause of Erosien is often a plate-shaped cut that occurs primarily as a result of chemical dissolution, such as continuous drinking of acidic substances such as carbonated beverages (containing citric acid), citric acid juice or gastroesophageal reflux And the stomach that leads to nausea in the patient and occurs due to the presence of acidic content on the teeth of Erosion. The other cause of idiopathic toothache is called Abfraction, which is due to extreme ultrasonic forces, bending in the tooth area, this effect begins with fine fine cracks in the ultrasonal region than the joints. Brushed brushing is intensified. These cuts and defects of enamel and cracking are progressive and, if not eliminated, the causative agent expands over time.

Another cause of abrasion is Ahrition. This is due to the gradual reduction of the enamel. This issue is important when it comes to knowing that speaking and eating also causes Ahrition tooth erosion, but this will not cause excessive wear and tear. One of the most commonly known cases is the formation of braxynorm or crochet toothache (squeezing with many forces) under pressure (two jaws). Braceenrom is more common at night, which is why the patient is unaware of the abrasion of his teeth. The dentist decides to repair the area with a view to seeing the tooth and hearing the patient's description. If the area has a rotting defect, it must be repaired. The use of an excellent adhesive or a mild term of the area (age-matched plastic) is applicable. If the area has gum inflammation (for example, a plaque attached), the area should be restored. Otherwise, gingivitis will progress.

If the beauty of the area has a vital position in beauty, it should be restored, especially if it is in the anterior region. If the area with a cut is too sensitive, the use of dentin bonding agents or dentin sensitivity can be used. If the area has a large or deep incision, the strength of the tooth in the collar may be compromised, and with the extensive restoration of the area, the tooth can be strengthened and the beauty of the area is also provided.



 Tooth Hygiene part 2


Oral Hygiene part 2




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