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All on 4

All on 4

All on 4: The history of using dental implants to replace missing teeth is up to 3000 years ago. From the beginning of man, it was thought to use different means to replace lost body members, especially teeth.


All on 4





The history of using dental implants for replacing tooth lost to 3000 years ago. Since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been thinking of using different means to replace lost body members, especially teeth, and in the meantime, , Stones, metal, and even teeth that were left behind, but dental implants have been used for nearly 30 years, approved by various international associations and introduced in the world of dentistry. The all on 4 technique is suitable for patients who:

1. Have a high age.
2- Need to remove the bone from the pelvis and the rib and its bond in the jaw.
3. Need to rebuild bone, but they are reluctant to do so.
4. Have lost a lot of bones.
5. Need surgery in the hospital.
6. There is not much time to do this.

7. Do not want to pay a lot of bone remodeling.

So for these people, we use the all on 4 technique. We use 4 implants for maxilla and 4 implants for the lower jaw and attach them to the implants through the bridge.

What is the advantage of all on 4?
It does not take much time to do this. In many patients, the implant surgery can be done on the same day and the patient's prosthesis is delivered less than 7 days. On one day, maxillofacial surgery is done and the patient will feel comfortable. It will save you time and the patient will have fewer visits to the office. To do this, we only need expert advice and specimen implants, and after implantation, implant surgery can be done.

In this way, there is no need for advanced and admitted hospital restoration. The cost of surgery is far lower and the patient does not have post-bone regurgitation pain and discomfort. In older methods, due to implant-level structures, the treatment time was longer and, as a result, the delivery time of the prosthesis was a longer process for the patient. Today, with the development of nanotechnology technologies and significant advances in implants, the length of this treatment period is very short. In the past, for each missing dental unit, at least one implant was used, but in new treatments, the patient and the dentist would have a smaller number of implants to replace the missing teeth. This way the patient will be able to.

Replacing missing teeth on each jaw by placing 4 to 6 Tc implants. This is true for patients who have lost a number of teeth and still have a number of teeth. The dream of using the tooth on the very same day is soon to be confirmed by the fact that it is reliable. The patient's surgery is performed early in the morning by an ovulation surgery. Then the molding is done that morning and the rest of the denture is done in a special dental laboratory. The patient is given diet and hygiene instructions and the patient is discharged for rest. The patient then returns to the office to receive the final prosthesis that same day. This technique is currently being used in many advanced countries such as the United States and Europe due to clinical and scientific acceptance. Over the past three years, more than 300 scientific articles and scientific publications have been published in this field and its brilliant results have been reported throughout the world.






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