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Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants Cost: Some dental practitioners build implants, prostheses or implants in their implants to reduce the cost of implanting or tooth implants, and then there is no need to refer to a prosthetic specialist.


Dental Implants Cost


Oral and Tooth Hygiene part 2


What is the cost of dental implants in 97 years?
Some dentists install implants, prostheses or implants in their own right to reduce the cost of implant implants or dental implants, and then there is no need to refer to a prosthetic specialist, and if it happens to be in the specialist implant, prosthetic or dental coated clinic , With implant surgery, it is better for the patient and work will be done in a shorter time and a specialized implant center will be in charge of implant-patient treatment. In addition, the patient's stress also decreases. Determine the cost of the implant or the implant implant price at the implant specialist consultation session with the patient, and the price of the implants is announced to the patient and the patient can choose and choose the right fit implant budget.
Factors Influencing Implant Prices
The cost of an implant or the cost of implant implantation depends on the various factors we will see below.

A. Implant Country: Some countries have a long history of implant manufacturing and have been active in the field for many years, and this is an important factor in determining the cost of implanting.

B-Unique technology: Some countries have special technologies and styles for the production of implant parts in the countries of the implant, and are not willing to sell this technology at all costs. In fact, this issue has now become a competitive factor in the world, and this is effective in implant prices.

C-Quality of the parts: The better the quality of the implant-made parts, the higher the cost of the implant. In fact, the cost of implant production is higher for the implant, because it uses the finest materials used to make implant parts, which will increase the shelf life of the implant parts for the patient.

D-Component Warranties: This is the most important factor in determining the price of implant implantation. The implant's guarantee indicates that the Implant manufacturer is 100% sure of its Brand and Implant brand. Some manufacturers of implant companies provide a letter of guarantee to the implant specialist and implant specialist. This is a very important factor in determining the implant's cost or the cost of implanting.

E-Research Funding: Some implant manufacturing companies are very important in implant research. In fact, the main part of the company's budget is dedicated to this matter, which is why every day we see qualitative improvement in the production of implant parts. This also has a role in determining the cost of implanting.

What is the role of lasers in dental implants?
Laser tooth implantation is a new treatment that causes less damage to the gum and bone tissue, and the duration of the implant's buckling is also reduced. Laser use in dental implant causes the site of implant surgery with minimal damage. Prepare for gum and bone tissue.
What are the benefits of laser dental implantation?
In fact, we will have atheromatic surgery (without damage) in laser tooth extraction. In the laser toothpaste, we will be able to remove only the tissues we need and do not harm healthy tissues around them. Harvesting soft tissue and hard tissue with minimal damage. The precision of dental implantation in this method is much higher and there is no bleeding like a surgical technique with a blade. Another great advantage of laser implant surgery is that it will speed up the wound healing of the target area. We only separate the target tissue from the rest of the tissues and do not harm the adjacent tissues. This advantage improves the wound healing process. Laser surgery effectively reduces or prevents inflammatory and soft tissue inflammatory reactions. It also boosts the secretion of enzymes that play an inhibitory role in the inflammatory process. The laser also has antimicrobial properties that remove the infection. Also, the laser stimulates the healing of the gum and bone tissue. The ultimate outcome of this type of surgery is to improve wound healing better than the old surgical methods. Older implant surgery techniques do not have these benefits.

Can a laser be used to remove contaminants around an implantable inflammation?
Yes Lasers can be used to remove contaminated tissues around the implant. This is one of the most important and important roles of laser application in the implant. The laser energy has antimicrobial properties that eliminates the bacteria around the implant. Afterwards, By eliminating the contaminated tissues around the implant, we can heal and heal the hard tissues like bone and soft tissues like gums with laser stimulation.

What is the cost of laser teeth implantation?
Since laser machines are very expensive and have high maintenance costs and expensive supplies, laser dental implants cost more than conventional dental implants, making it more cost effective. However, if the patient considers the benefits of laser dental implants mentioned above, the cost of the laser will not be high. Normally, the cost of laser tooth extraction will be 20 to 30 percent higher than conventional implantation. Another is that the patient will have much less pain after implantation.

What is the cost of implant implantation?
The implant specialist must carefully evaluate the patient's exact implantation and careful consideration of the appropriate and cost-effective therapies and the cost of implantation, and the implications of implant surgery and prosthesis. Considering the appropriate funding for implant treatment.

Proper implant system for the patient:
The cost of dental implants differs from that of different implant systems and should be used by well-known systems and reputable companies in the field of implant production, because otherwise non-standard quality implants can cause a lot of damage to the patient. And the implant specialist will also be in a hurry. Some dental practitioners make implants in their implantation dentures so that part of the cost of implanting can be reduced and affected by the fact that you do not need to go to two dentistry and in this case the stress of the patient also decreases. Slowly

With free sessions that are provided to patients, they can avoid the challenge they face for the cost of implanting a tooth and take care of the individual's budget, since some patients do not have the necessary cost for this type of treatment and should Advised them and provided them with related financial advice. The suggestion of dentist specialist advisers is that patients do not lose their living to pay the cost of implanting, so you can start a beautiful smile and a variety of lives because the need for a change in life is one of the basic principles and value of a visit. Pay for dental implants that make this change one more time in your life and patients see this big decision. In order to provide patients with different treatment costs, it is possible to qualify them in making their decision to provide a way to pay for their treatment. Some patients are afraid of the high cost of this treatment, and how to pay for the cost of implanting, but this cost and payment should not prevent a person from changing and taking away the treatment, and by conducting free consultations, the result can be Payment received Until the person chooses the treatment and starts treatment with the necessary knowledge and estimation.

What is the cost of implant dental implants:
Reducing drug costs in the Ministry of Health has reduced the amount of equipment and by eliminating the dealers in the field for import of dental and medical equipment, as well as repairing the price of these equipment saw improvement. According to food and medicine managers at the medical universities of the country, there are steps taken to reduce the cost of dental implants and other treatments and, in view of the subsidized mechanism, to lower the prices, to amend the price of the basic medical equipment, to this The pressure on foreign companies is to be increased. In Iran, some of the equipment imported is higher than their final price in foreign countries such as Europe and the United States, and the main factor is the foreign importing companies, which are priced at such a purchasing power of all countries equally. Or sell equipment at a higher price, and this difference in price has been very impressive.

These problems are due to lack of information from the managers in the medical equipment sector, and that import prices are high and that the cost of tooth replacement is compensated for by the patient, and if they bring in the medical equipment at a more reasonable price and correct the price of the base Reducing future costs can be reduced, and the direct cost of treating patients decreases. The value of domestic medical equipment in Iran is $ 400, but the import of this equipment from the ARJ and the foreign company is double that of $ 800, which makes the cost of medical and dental work heavy because about 60% of the equipment used is imported. .
Among dental treatments, the cost of implanting is much higher than the rest of the cost, and it has caused a lot of complaints, and it should be said that the greatest cost of implant treatment returned to the cost of the product and the salary of the doctor was negligible. Accordingly, there are measures to reduce the cost of dental implants and this cost has been confirmed by quality and by conducting consultations they are trying to try to reduce the cost of the implant because if anyone wants to treat the implant He must do it.

Currently, some of the medical equipment that is needed are stored for the next two years, and hospitals do not have a shortage of equipment, but they have to buy one year later. Considering the diagnosis of equipment imported, it is highly contaminated, but as far as possible it has been tried to ensure that contaminated and non-quality equipment is not imported and all of these equipment have international certificates and that they have standards Areas of health are toughened.

Why is dental implant high?
This type of treatment is different from traditional treatments in dentistry and includes a variety of costs, given that the cost of the implant is separate or its prosthesis parts, the cost of the laboratory and the implant, and the cost of personnel wages and The specialist has been isolated and has increased.

How much does an implant cost?
The dentist must tell the patient, using the necessary examinations and advice, about this different cost and treatment, and what needs to be done and the price will vary according to the price. And by paying a good fit with the appropriate cover, it is up to 2 million.
Success rate implant implant:
The sex of the jaw and the individual gum and healthy body can be effective in the success of tooth implantation and estimate it up to 95%. The cost of implanting differs from dental implants and should use validated dental systems to reach the final price because non-standard and non-quality systems can inflict a lot of damage, but if a standard implant has a long life span and Quality also has. The health of an individual is effective in the success of the implant. The sex of the jaw and gum of the individual also affect the success rate of the implant. On average, the success rate of dental implants is 95%.
Highest quality dental implants in the doctor's office; The best way to get to know your possible oral and dental illness is to visit a dental clinic and visit a dentist doctor. Perhaps, if you think about the cost of implanting, you will surely find that it is the best way forward. There is specialized dentistry that is only for the purpose of identifying and eliminating abnormalities and diseases of the mouth and teeth.
Oral and dental illness may occur in the following ways:

1 small pest
2-Buggy species
3. There is a bad smell in the mouth continuously
4. Mouth drying abnormally
5. Make oral changes with age
7-Blind teeth
8. Cancer of the mouth


The above items should all be reviewed by a dentist and the final opinion. We would suggest that you show your doctor if you have one of the above, by referring to your dental clinic. Be careful if your expert doctor has a positive opinion about dental implants, it seems best to listen to his expert advice. Of course, many of your most important concerns are that the cost of implanting may be very high, which may be difficult for some to pay for this cost.

But in this section we want to talk about oral pests. The ulcer is a wound that is created in the mouth and is very painful. Types of pestilences that can occur in the oral mucosa are large and small and can be infected. The appearance of the wounds is round or round, or oval, and appear on the sides of the tongue.
Usually people before the age of 40 are likely to become infected one day. But the highest incidence of the disease is reported in the second decade of life. In the meantime, according to statistics, women may suffer from this illness more than men. This wound will give you an emotional look like a needle in the desired location before it comes into existence, and it will take up to 7 to 10 days to heal well after it has appeared. If you want to know more about the cost of dental implants and how to do it, as well as other details, we suggest that you contact us to help you with this.

But the best way to understand the cause of this disease in any person is to first go to the dental clinic and visit a dentist under the supervision of a dentist so that he can comment on the cause of it. In the old days, because of similarities between the wound and the herpes ulcers, they thought that they were a viral scar. But later, with the sampling done, their microbial susceptibility increased. But after a closer look, they suggested that these germs are present even in healthy mucus. Dental implants are, of course, much more approved than many older methods and in medical societies, but we also say some may want to do this because of its high cost. However, the best suggestion is that you can first consult with a specialist in this area and then make a decision.
Some patients say they have started falling apart after they went to the dental clinic. Does using non-sterile products cause scarring? Must be answered no good at all. According to detailed studies, germs and viruses are by no means the cause of pests. The factors that can contribute to the formation of this disease are the presence of stress and trauma. But there may also be factors that make you susceptible to pests. As we mentioned above, stress and emotional excitement are among the most important causes of multiple wounds in the oral mucosa. Perhaps it's related to dentistry that the patients cause these drops in their oral mucosa due to the fear and stress they are overcoming.

Dental implants can not be left to any dentistry. Be sure to first consult a qualified and expert physician before you can think about paying for a dental implant to do the best possible dental implant surgery. But this is all about pest, we will tell you a few lines about the treatment. Our first suggestion is to first consult a dentist doctor to treat him under his supervision. Of course, it is worth noting that if you do not want to go to the dental clinic for this, you should know that after a while, these wounds will heal themselves.

Usually the treatment and referral to the dentist is because:

1. Reduce possible pain.
2. It is necessary to undergo a therapeutic process in order to prevent wound healing after secondary infections.

For example, people who are usually ill or have a long period of healing and they should be referred to a dentist to be specially trained. Sometimes it's all for us to bite our species from the inside of your mouth. Of course, this may have happened more when you started to plant a tooth. These bites usually cause scarring, and if the amount of bubbling is high or continuous, it can cause a wound to become larger, making the lime find it a bit long and difficult. Be sure to know the changes in your mouths and if you find that your wound is changing color and has not been healed for a long time, be sure to refer to a doctor and discuss the subject.

Biting species from the inside may be used by children and young children when they are referred to the dentist and the doctor uses local anesthetic, and in this case it may be possible to bite your cheek because of the curiosity of the baby. Parents must surely be careful at this time to take care of their child's behavior that is not such a condition. But the next issue of oral diseases that may occur after dental implants can be attributed to having bad breath. Bad smell in this case will not be lost by brushing and washing the mouth, which will cause many problems for the patients. From social suffering to mental disturbances that they may suffer. Various factors can be used for this purpose, which should be considered under the supervision of a dentist doctor in order to make a detailed opinion.

We have listed below some of the common causes of bad breath:

1. If you have a condition in your respiratory tract, it can definitely be a bad smell. Diseases like sinus and mucous membranes of the nose, and trachea and lungs
2. Your digestive system can also be the cause of bad breath. Hunger and empty stomach, and even the smell of eating some foods or eating alcohol.
3. The deficiency of some vitamins is in a bad condition that will cause such an odor in the mouth.
4. In the end, the age and gender of the male and the female will also affect this.
The cost of dental implants in Iran is one-third of European countries, at a cost of 1.5 to 3.5 million USD, which is a third of the cost of dental implant implantation in European countries. The cost of implant dental implants varies with respect to the materials and materials, as well as the prostheses and labs, and the wage that is required by the dentist and dentist, and this basic price in Iran is estimated at 1 million USD, and in some cases Centers and clinics with 1.5 million salaries. Prosthodontic implants require materials and tools to make and vary according to the type of implant and its type, and the cost of dental implantation in the laboratory section is also calculated, and the lowest cost to be borne by the patient is related to specialist wages.

Currently, the cost of implant implants for the dentist and its medical personnel is low in Iran, and a number of people have come to Iran to carry out this treatment to carry out the treatment on their teeth. The materials used for implants should be imported from abroad, and we have to make them to build from other countries, and this cost of implanting is expensive due to these, and for ordinary people, the cost of implanting is high and each Nobody can do it.

Health coverage
Implant making There are no central nerves in Iran and no insurance will pay for this type of treatment, but in Sweden, they pay for teeth for 4 teeth and are free. And in Iran, toothpaste can be covered by insurance and if a person is covered by insurance, he will pay less and due to lack of financial ability the cost is compensated. Dental associations are working with the Ministry of Health to provide ways to reduce the cost of dental implants for patients so that the majority of people can do this. The audio and video organization Sima and the chairman of the dental community committee have requested that they use expert and expert input for public information in order to provide the people with the correct medical information to the people and not to be invited to anyone to speak in front of the cameras Come to pay attention to the fact that they have to pay for the program. Because it makes people confused.

According to experts, the higher the cost of dental implants, the higher the cost of implanting, is not due to its quality, or its cost is not due to poor quality, and given that the cost of implant construction is high in all countries of the world But the implant that is made and presented is not fully reliable. Each year, associations and congresses are organized in several countries around the world to exchange together the latest technologies of the world and present them with the latest achievements in specialized fields, with the participation of experienced surgeons and experts.

By implanting a tooth implant, a person will have the chance to enjoy the foods he loves again and to smile or talk more confidently and have no other problems before. By solving such problems, such as new therapeutic systems, the cost of dental implants has been reduced, and with the help of the restoration, treatment has been made faster, easier and less costly to complete all stages, and patients Fee less.

Solutions that increase the life span of the tooth:
Tailing and implanting using implants can be a good solution to increase the longevity of the teeth that have been lost, and is the only way to prevent bone loss and somehow rebuild it. People who have implants can feel it as a natural tooth and act in the same way and have no difference. And after inserting an implant, a person can and will enjoy his favorite foods in the same way. It resembles the same healthy diet and acts like natural teeth, and you can well brush your teeth or toothpaste and take care of natural teeth to increase their lifespan.
Repeated visits and fees for dental implants
For dental treatment and dentistry, you have to go to dentistry many times to reach the desired treatment outcome, and you may need to go to several doctors and each of them will contribute to your treatment, and each of them will be treated with attention. The efficiency they perform will cost the separation until the treatment is completed.

Performing an implant without surgery:
Some specialists, given their diagnosis, only have to open the gum and do not need surgery, which speeds up the planting process, reduces the pain and complications, and prevents bone loss. There is no bone graft and bone graft cost, and less and shorter treatment has been performed, and the underlying gum and bone surface have not been tampered with. One of the biggest questions for patients in counseling sessions is the cost of implant dental implants, as is the common question of people and worried about prices, and it should be noted that due to the variability of the circumstances, everyone has the cost of implant implanting and its type is different and should be done With the advice of specialists, this stress has been reduced.
Implant history
For many years now, human beings have always sought to replace their missing teeth, and this is what we see today as a dental implant. There were ethnically-named "Etruscans" living in Italy that used to make dentures from male bones and another group of races called "Mayans" from artificial teeth made from oysters that replaced teeth Insignificant disappearances were used.

In ancient times, many of these etudes were used to plant a tooth that began in the 19th century, including the implantation of another in the mouth, and then placed it in the mouth of someone else who was doing this. Infectious diseases increased and the disease had serious consequences. Otherwise, these failed experiments include the implantation of teeth from silver, lead, gold, and chinese, which did not receive a good result from these cases, and later in the 20th century in 1931, One of the discoveries by one of the doctors of that time was that the Vitalium alloy was used to make implants and artificial teeth, and in this century, another discoverer in 1947, was able to extract an alloy of tantalum metal Which was used for this work, and later in the same years and in this period, chromates and cobalt alloys were also invented.

Implantology is a science in the scientific branches, in which many research teams have been formed in this science, which indicates the importance of the current dental implant, including the Swedish research team, This item got a lot of information. The team was run by an orthopedic surgeon who microscopically worked on dental tissues that was applied to a rabbit, which is linked to the thigh bone, which after a long time the thigh bone has a good link with Bone was obtained from titanium alloys. This was an important event in the science of implanting osteogenesis.

In general, the implant replaces the root of the tooth, and in this replacement is bolted to the bone and that it does not cause any problems, and it can be said that these implants are no different either in appearance or in terms of quality The tooth does not have a natural tooth and this tooth can do both well and work the previous teeth well. But in some cases, it can not be fooled. It's pretty good that it should fix this by creating a number of other implants.

In terms of appearance, implant and implanted tooth can have the beauty of the natural and previous teeth, and with the implantation of the tooth you can maintain your charm and beauty and apparently have no problems. This method of implanting does not cause any complications, and in terms of quality is also excellent. There are many benefits to this type, including the normal return of the jaw, preventing the damage to adjacent teeth, impassability (not being torn in the mouth and not fitting it), reducing the pain of the tooth, Being fixed and preventing further troubles.

By drawing a tooth after it, it is immediately better not to ignore the implant, so we will not have to wait for the jaw and the bones of your face to wait a long time, and this will come to an end as soon as possible.

The function of the implanted and implanted teeth can be described in such a way that the dental implant with the jaw bone is easily attached and is one of the most important tasks in the implantation of the tooth. In this case, it can be said that by bone strength and Coverage around and the whole of it are other uses that heavily treats and heals many patients. There are grooves on the surfaces on the implants, which can be that these grooves are screwed up in the jaw bone, and after a long time, this implant becomes stronger by increasing the bone mass of the tooth and increasing its crown portion Made natural teeth. The number of implant implants depends on the position of the tooth and its density, but generally, an implant is sufficient for a missing tooth.

What is suitable for dental implants?
Dental implants for people with complete health, in which case, if the person they are looking for is a smoker or a drug addict, a good result will certainly not be implanted in the tooth because both the platelets of the teeth and the tissues of the gums They are gone and they are eventually destroyed and analyzed. Most dentists refrain from implants and dental implants for smokers and those who use smoke altogether.

Having healthy teeth gives a person a sense of satisfaction and raises the confidence of the individual. Because of the industrialization of sugar, the growth of teeth in the teeth began to increase in people who are now witnessing the fact that with the age of their teeth, they are overused so that the person is obliged to kill them and in the absence of one or more And at this stage, one has to resort to a method to replace the teeth that there are many ways to do this, including tooth implantation, linting of the teeth, and the use of artificial teeth, each of which Methods have disadvantages and advantages. For example, in dental implants, the cost of implanting is high for a person, and very few people do this, because in addition to the cost of using this method, it is very difficult and tough.

In order to prevent tooth decay, it is important to note that sugars are the most important factor in causing this decay, so that the germs in the mouth have a strong interest in the sugars, which, if used, helps to strengthen them and this opportunity They are given to start tooth decay. To avoid this, it is important to reduce the use of these materials and reduce the amount of industrial sugar used to reduce natural sugars, such as dates, and use a toothbrush when using sugar, or wash your mouth as much as possible. Make a difference. This prevents the presence of sugary materials in your mouth and does not allow the microbe to feed them. Another factor contributing to dental caries is the reduction of oral salivation.

From the past to the present, humans have been looking for a way to replace their missing teeth, and to accomplish this, different ways and materials were used to finally make the implant. The titanium titanium implant is today the best way to replace one or more dentures that have been lost. Placed in the form of a root in the patient's gum, and an artificial denture is attached to the other head.

People are unclear when they decide to plant a tooth and they can not decide because there are different costs for dental implants and do not know the reason for this difference in cost. And some people evaluate quality on the basis of high cost, but it should be noted that the cost can not be evaluated by quality and the whole implant is made in two types of high and medium quality. And they can be evaluated according to their quality. Because, for example, an implant constructed in Switzerland and a good quality implant made in medium quality in Switzerland, it is better to be depending on the materials used in the implant, not the brand and design implant.

Comparison of different teeth:
1- Loss of 1 tooth: If you've only lost one teeth, there are several ways to plant a tooth with different dental implants. But one has to consider which alternative is better and the implant implants do not affect the teeth adjacent to that tooth. If you use bridging method to replace the tooth, this method of discomfort, such as gradual decay in the adjacent teeth, is due to the formation of the tooth and the jaw bone is analyzed over time. The best possible solution for replacing your missing teeth is a dental implant or dental implant that, by using this method, you can get a permanent teeth if you observe oral hygiene and have adjacent teeth in full health and Jawbones will not be analyzed in this way. And the cost of implantation in this method depends on the material used and the quality of the implant.

2. If you've lost more than one teeth: A commonly used solution is the use of an animated plaque that also includes disadvantages that can be attributed to the disadvantages mentioned below. cited. The portable plaque, due to the pressure and pressure applied to the base teeth, causes them to flow, and the tearing of the teeth is accompanied by gradual decay. And in this situation, the best way to implant a tooth or tooth implant, though the cost of dental implants will be higher in this way.

- If a person has lost her entire teeth: the solution that they use most of them is the use of full movable prostheses that with this type of artificial teeth, the person is having trouble talking and flavoring. It will not feel food and will be disturbed in speaking. Dental implants or implant implants can also be used to resolve this problem.
One method is to use four implants with a diameter of two millimeters, which is used in people whose jaw bones have been degraded and the implant has been shaped into a bowl of the tooth after being placed on the jaw 4th head of the balloon. Artificially holds itself as a base. Of course, the cost of implanting is higher in this method. In the other method, eight implants are used, and in the lower jaw are also six, with prostheses placed on these 14 implants, where the cost of implanting is different in both cases. When planting teeth, laboratory costs should also be calculated, which adds to the cost of implanting. The cost of implanting depends on the type and quality of the implant. If you use a better quality implant, the cost of implanting will be higher. Because the cost of making implant parts is higher for the implant manufacturer.

What is the nutrition after implant surgery?

Nutrition after implant surgery
All patients after implant surgery need to take care of their teeth and mouths so that the surgical teeth can recover faster. For most patients, it may be asked what kind of diet should be used after dental implants and how long they should take the necessary care. After implant placement in the jawbone, the jawbone cells attempt to attach themselves to the implant to become a normal root, and after a time, the connective tissue is bound to the normal bone. Due to the implantation of the implant in the early stages after the implant surgery, new tissue damage may be damaged, the implant's legs become loose and cause the implant to die out.

The first hours after implant implantation
In the first hours after implant surgery, it is very normal and predictable to feel the swelling, pain and bleeding in the implant surgery. The best option is to use soft foods at this time to not damage the affected tissue. Try to maximize the use of fluids to make recovery quicker.
The first week after implant implantation
At this stage, it is recommended to continue to use a diet rich in soft foods. Also, try to refrain from chewing a soft meal, especially at the implant site.

Three to six months after implant implantation
Bone graft during implant surgery is a process that progresses slowly over time and on average over a period of six months in patients. The implant is located behind the mouth and partly on the jaw, and it takes a long time to fully weld jaw. In cases where the quality of the patient's bone quality is not appropriate, the length of bone and implant bone is longer and, in some cases, it can take up to nine months.

Useful food for implant treatment
By looking at the picture below, you can plan your diet to help your dentist and implant's health.

Harmful food during implant treatment

1. Avoid eating sugary foods that are the main source of nutrition for bacteria that cause tooth decay.
2. Avoid using fast, sticky and slow-cooked foods.
3. Do not eat hot foods and use lukewarm food.

Useful food for implant treatment

1. Soup: Soup is soft and smooth, it is a very good nutrition for the first days after implant surgery. But since the use of lukewarm foods should be followed after surgery, be sure to note that the food is not hot.
2. Fruit: Millet and banana, pear, peach or mixed fruits have a significant amount of vitamins that can be used during recovery after implantation surgery. Also avoid acidic fruits such as oranges and grapefruits.
3. Vegetables: In the early stages of postoperative improvement, toothpaste is easy to use, softened potatoes that have been diluted.
4. Dairy: Dairy products like yogurt and milk increase body calcium and are good nutrients.
5. Drink: Drinking tea will improve surgical wounds faster. Honey consumption as a natural antibiotic also helps to reduce the risk of oral infection.



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