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Bone Augmentation

Bone Augmentation

Bone Augmentation: Due to the material used for bone grafting, we have to differentiate between the various options. All materials can be divided into five different categories


Bone Augmentation




Due to the material used for bone grafting, we have to differentiate between the various options. All materials can be divided into five different categories:
1. Automatic bone graft or auto-gene bone graft
2. Automatic bone graft or allogenic bone graft
3. Xenograft bone graft or xenogenic bone graft

4. Alloplast bone graft or alloplastic bone graft

Autograft transplants are considered as "gold standard". This method is defined as the transplantation of a place from the body of a person to another place of the same person's body. This is basically the way to get your bone from a donor and place it elsewhere on the body at the recipient's place. The best success rate in bone grafting is due to autograft transplantation because this kind of transplantation is associated with living tissues with intact cells.
In this way, no immune system reaction occurs and there is a complete compatibility with the microscopic structure. The only flaw in the autograft method is that the bone should be removed from another part of your body, which usually means more complications and more complex surgery. For most of the links, the goals of the practice are limited to the oral implant that we can use from another part of the jaw (for example, or the back of the jaw) as an acceptable parturient.
In this way, we continue the surgery inside the mouth and avoid wounds and injuries outside the mouth. But sometimes, when there is not enough bone in your mouth, we have to take the bones out of the rest of the body (usually the femur or femoral bone (leg bones) or from an alloplast, allograft, or (xenograft).

Allograft is defined as a tissue transplantation between individuals of the same species (for example, humans) but is defined by a heterogeneous genetic combination. Usually the source is the bone of the body that is available in large quantities. But this bone needs to undergo various therapeutic steps to neutralize immune responses and avoid contamination with host disease. These treatments may include irradiation, drying, freeze-drying, acid washing and other chemical treatments.
In the United States, information about all donors is shown for infectious diseases, even before their bones are accepted in tissue banks. Subsequently, bone processing virtually eliminates any risk of infection.

Xenograft is defined as a tissue transplantation between two different species (e.g., the bone of the origin of the cow). Tissue banks usually choose these bonding materials, because in this type of transplant, in comparison to human-derived bones, extraction of more bones and microstructures (which is an important factor in bone growth) is possible.
Alloplast usually contains any synthetic derivatives derived from animal or human roots. In identifying the oral implant, this bond usually involves Hydroxyapatite or any formulation dependent on it.
Usually any bone marrow material is created with a specific purpose or advantage than that in mind. Some of the claims that tissue banks have about a specific bone marrow material, which can sometimes be even with a piece of salt, until independent reviews can validate these allegations. Usually, the main purpose of the recent use of the three above substances is to avoid secondary surgery to remove bone, autogenesis. Your surgeon will decide on bone grafts, which is based on your individual needs and the latest research in that area.
Dental implants are being done at the specialist dental implant center with new techniques and advanced bone remodeling. If the cost of implant dental implants is important to you, you can refer to the doctor's implant clinic.







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