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Advanced bone remodeling

Advanced bone remodeling

What is bone resorption?     Is Bone Analysis Important?     What is bone remodeling?     What are the causes of bone loss?




What is bone resorption?

    Is Bone Analysis Important?

    What is bone remodeling?

    What are the causes of bone loss?

    What is horizontal reconstruction of the bone?

    What is vertical bone reconstruction?

    What is a sinus lift?

    The role of laser in soft tissue regeneration

    Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)

    Ridge Splitting When and Where?

    GBR is the same bone remodeling?

    What are short implants?


What are the causes of bone loss?
Teeth may be lost due to damage, trauma, corpus luteism or periodontal disease. With periodontal disease, the bacteria gradually penetrate the gums and tissues and periodontal gums.
 Gradually, inflammatory secretions from these bacteria cause the destruction of these joints and, along with that bone, is also being degraded. There are several ways to rebuild bone. If bone loss occurs, it will lead to tooth extraction and tooth extraction.
So when a tooth is pulled up and is not quickly replaced, the bony area under the tooth is analyzed for its low stimulation due to the lack of food from that side. On the other hand, prostheses and bridge bridges (bridges) can not stimulate the bone, but on the contrary can really cause bone loss.
Therefore, one of the important issues after the tooth extraction is the loss of bone replacement. In the specialized clinic of the implant, a doctor examines various types of bone remodeling techniques.
Bone remodeling
Bone grafting is one of the commonest cases of periodontal surgery. This is used to increase the amount of residual ridge and to reconstruct bone graft areas to properly support dental implants. Because the implant remains in the long run, there must be enough bone around it.
Materials used for transplantation can be bone, bone, or artificially. Dr. Suhudi would prefer to use the bone from his own body without the need for additional surgery. He uses bone that has been completely disinfected and has been treated to improve his ability to stimulate bone growth.
Bone marrow actually stimulates the bone marrow cells, and the processes involved cause the new bone to be made. After 3-4 months, the bone marrow can not be detected because it is completely identical to the jaw bone.
Soft tissue texture
Dr. Sojoodi also uses laser dentistry for some methods. High-speed lasers with high precision create and stimulate blood vessels in the surgical area, causing less swelling and bleeding.


Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)
Platelet-rich fibers accelerate growth and recovery in soft and hard tissue. In this method, we use this technique when placing bone grafts. This method improves the quality of the reconstructed tissue and is better than other methods in the world with better results.
One of the best ways to do this is to use growth proteins available in the bloodstream. Gel-like material is obtained by rotating a small sample of blood into a medical centrifuge to separate growth factors.


Ridge Splitting
This method is proved for people with narrow alveolar rings. In this method, which is a minimally invasive method, it has many advantages in the prognosis of dental implants. One of the most common problems in patients with dental implants is the lack of sufficient alveolar bone. For those with adequate alveolar bone structure, bone remodeling is not performed, and as a result, the patient will have a prosthesis sooner.
 But when there is not enough bone width, we have to do some methods to make the jaw reader ready for implant placement. One of these methods is Ridge Splitting
In this method, we create enough bone width without the use of titanium mesh or membranes. In this method, there is less sickness and you do not need to use another area of ​​the jaw bone for a bone marrow donor or bone marrow. You also do not need to worry about swelling in the other area of ​​the jaw.
Many dentists also consider Ridge Splitting as one of the best ways to improve the width of the alveolar bone. Those who suffer from poor bone conditions and require implants can use the Ridge Splitting technique.
In this method, the jaw bone is divided into two parts by special devices, including the pizzeria, and the implant is placed between these two stable bone spaces. Bone powder can be used to accelerate the synthesis of these two spaces. And Then suture is done.
The Split Ridge method is successful for those who need a permanent solution to their lost teeth. If you have lost your teeth, you do not need to worry, because you can still get the perfect smile you always wanted. You can talk to your dentist to find out if Ridge Splitting is right for you. He explains what to do before, during and after.
Remember that the experience of a dentist is a very important factor you can take about whether you want to be in the Ridge Splitting stage. This method changes the bone structure and is usually done in a closed manner. Thin edges should be carefully opened and the dentist should have specialized training and the recognition of the correct principles of surgery to succeed in this process.
Sinus lifting
One of the methods for bone reconstruction is to perform a sinus lift. When a person in the posterior region or the teeth of Asia loses his teeth, we need this method. If a person has lost her teeth for several years, the sinus space toward The bottom is guided by the width and height of the bone. In order to be able to place the implant in this area, the sinus space should be filled with bone marrow material. In fact, we should not damage the sinus membrane and this membrane should be maintained.
Two general techniques are open and closed in the sinus lift. Both of our methods require injection of bone marrow material into the sinus space, so that enough bone can be obtained.
Use of titanium mesh ((Titanium mesh
Another advanced bone reconstruction technique is the regeneration technique using titanium mesh. This method is used when one side of the jaw bone is damaged or analyzed. As seen in the picture, if part of the jaw bone is lost It is not enough to have around the bone when implants are placed.
To do this, we can use a titanium mesh to gain enough bone. We fix it on the side of the bone that we have lost and place the implant. Implant and titanium mesh also provide the bone matrix material. We will rebuild the bone of the lost area.
What are short implants?
In some cases, we will not be using bone regeneration techniques, such as patient fears, high bone regeneration, long recovery time, and much more. Short-term implants can be used. Typically, implants in the world have a height of 10 Millimeters are made.
But some of the world's leading companies have also manufactured and marketed implants less than 10 mm. For lower asymmetric teeth, the jaw ridge or the remaining bone is close to the nerve, or for the upper jaw, the bottom of the sinus is lowered, instead of bone reconstruction. We can use these types of implants.







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