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Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement: Dental implants are one of the best things to do with dental problems. Those who have lost one or more of their teeth and difficult to use artificial teeth, can treat dental implants.


Tooth Replacement



Dental implants are one of the best ways to fix a dental problem. Those who have lost one or more of their teeth and difficult to use artificial teeth can treat dental implants. The first stage of dental implant treatment is a doctor's examination. The doctor specializes in the diagnosis and control of general conditions and oral health status of the patient to plan for the treatment of dental implant treatment. If necessary, the doctor also prescribes radiography for the patient to make it easier to identify areas to be implanted.

The next stage, which begins the process of one-stage implant treatment, is that the selected implant is prepared according to type, quality, and price for the patient. The implant is inserted into the patient's jaw bone and this action is without any complications. After placing the implant, the doctor will give the patient a rest period for correct implantation of the implant. During this period, the patient does not have teeth, she can use a temporary prosthesis to not question the beauty of the patient. Of course, this will cost the patient a separate fee. After this stage, the patient is prepared to place the prosthesis on the dental implant. In this way, the dentist will prepare a patient's teeth and then, at the same time, with the implant of the tooth in the jaw of the bone, begins to make the mold from the prosthesis.

The main task of these prosthetics is to maintain the strength of the tooth structure that has been lost, and maintaining beauty is also the most important advantage. The patient can choose the color of the prosthesis implanted on the implant, however, considering the coordination of the color of the prosthesis with the patient's natural teeth, from the dentist's duties. These prostheses, also called lacquers, are actually used to overturn damaged teeth through the decay or thinning of the wound or broken teeth, in fact restorative and reconstruction work is done by these prosthetics. The coatings that are currently used in the Iranian market and are well adapted to the teeth are Chinese and Zirconium coatings.

Implant coating is done in a 2-stage implant inside the laboratory. After preparing the doctor, it is placed on the abutment (one of the implants). At this stage, the patient checks the color of the prosthesis and its comfort and, if satisfied, is permanently placed on the implant. The implant is almost complete, and the last step is regular visits to the dentist and examination to keep the dental implant healthy. To maintain the implant and increase the life span of your dental implant, be sure to observe your oral hygiene as well as the health of natural teeth. Avoid eating and chewing hard and harmful foods. Do not forget the toothbrush, dental floss and regular mouthwash.







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