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Puberty: Throughout the life of women, hormonal conditions affect any decision about periodontal treatment. Historically, these treatments have had a sexual orientation.






Throughout the life of women, hormonal conditions affect any decision about periodontal treatment. Historically, these treatments have had a sexual orientation. However, with the advent of new research, the effective role of its unique systemic effects on oral tissues, periodontal and implants has been presented. Oral hygiene care has provided a lot of knowledge and information about the hormonal effects associated with the reproductive process. Responses to oral and periodontal tissues may be altered and cause problems with diagnosis and treatment. Mature aging between the ages of 11 and 14 occurs in most women. An increase in production in sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) has occurred, which remains relatively constant throughout the fertility period. Also, the prevalence of gingivitis increases without increasing plaque.

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During puberty, parental or parental education is part of a successful periodontal treatment. Preventive care, including a strong, hilarious oral health program, is also vivid, with milder gingivitis examples responding to scaling and root planning, along with continuous improvement in oral hygiene. More severe gingivitis samples may also require microbial culture of antimicrobial mouthwashes and topical application of the drug or antibiotic therapy. Control visits to maintain the health of periodontal tissue injury may be excessive, especially when periodontal instability It may be excessive, especially when periodontal instability is observed.

Clinicin should recognize the intraoral effects of chronic vomiting and upsizing the contents of the stomach in the intestinal tract, since this age group is prone to eating disorder, and specifically afflicted with bulimia and anorexia nervosa. . Perimylosis The smooth erosion (enamel and dentin) is particularly variable in the lingual surfaces of the anterior maxillary teeth, in terms of tread and repeatability of this behavior. Also, enlargement of parathyroid glands. Sublingual glands are sometimes found in 10% to 50% of patients who overeat or drink laxatives in eating and drinking, so there may be a decrease in saliva flow. Which will increase the sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the mouth, redness of the gums and the ability to decay.







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