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Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile: This occurs when the gum appears when the patient laughs, and as you see, 80% of the patients in the picture, gums can be seen while laughing. .


Gummy Smile



Oral and Tooth Hygiene part 2


This occurs when the gum appears when the patient laughs, and as you see, 80% of the patients in the picture, gums can be seen while laughing. The two major groups create a gummy smile. A facial and lip-specific group. In all of this group, the agent produces gum smile and gum and natural tooth shape.
1-Lip-up short
2- The jaw is louder than normal
3 - The upper lip is very movable so that you can easily move it.

The second group depends on teeth and gums.
1.  Tooth brushing and then to the front of the maxillary teeth
2. Over-teeth growth and lowered gums
3. Gross excess of the gum that results in poor health or breathing

According to the above, therapies are also different.
1- Orthodontics
2- Gingival surgery or gingival formation
3- jaw surgery
4- Distribute the gel and Botox to change the form of the lip

Old remedies
The reason for the removal of old restorations and amalgams of old fillings older than 8 years should be fully examined. If there are micro and micro-cracks, we should see a rosigraphy picture of old underdevelopment, then the previous filling should be replaced. The major problem is the old filling of the amalgam.
1 - Cold or hot teeth are susceptible to drinking or eating, and the teeth are painful and painful for a long time, and even teeth may crack and teeth break.
2- The under-fill is preceded by decay and this occurs in the long run.
3- Between filling and tooth spacing, there is a distinct boundary between the two that occurs in the clinic's examination of the dentist.
With this description and for the above reasons, the radiographic picture is taken from the patient's teeth, and then the old fill is replaced and replaced by new fillings.

What are the ways to replace old restorations?
There are several ways to replace this with technical advances and the production of new materials and the emergence of modern dental devices.
1-Composite filling: If the tooth structure is damaged less than 50% and there is decay, the tooth can be filled with tooth-colored materials. With a loss of less than 50% of the teeth (due to cracks or rot), about 90% of the tooth strength decreases.
2-ceramic inlays by porcelain: This technique is used when about 60 to 40% of the structure of the tooth is degraded. These alternative porcelains are more durable and resistant to composites and are made in a dental laboratory. Usually, a repair session and a previous caries are removed, and the teeth are molded and sent to the lab. Inside there with porcelain, ceramic inlet is made and inlay at the second session of dentistry adhesive.

3-Prosthetic (coating)
4- If the tooth structure is destroyed by more than 50%: The tooth is first restored, but must be protected by the coating, because as mentioned above, the strength of the tooth is severely reduced, and in the long run, the fill material or the inlay It should be kept in place and should be covered by a fixed or coated prosthesis to prevent fracture and damage to the restorative material.




 Tooth Hygiene part 2


Oral Hygiene part 2




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