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dental implant

dental implant

Implant is a kind of reconstruction and restoration of dental health because in this procedure, chewing, correct speaking and aesthetic aspects of teeth are considered


The correct definition of implants



The correct definition of implants:

Implant is a kind of reconstruction and restoration of dental health because in this procedure, chewing, correct speaking and aesthetic aspects of teeth are considered. In fact, restoration of teeth by dental implement increases the beauty of the face and on the other hand, it is a kind of treatment. But, it will prescribe for a number of people. For example; smokers with 20 cigarettes per day are not good candidates for dental Implant. Also people with osteoporosis and diabetes are not good candidates for dental Implants because it is ineffective.
The correct definition of implants
It is highly recommended to the patient to observe dental care points after having dental Implant treatment. In fact, Implants are considered natural teeth somehow. The difference between the two is that the natural teeth decay, but Implants do not decay. But the problem of dental Implants is gum disease which makes treatment very difficult.
Loosening teeth after a while indicates bad treatment and it is unpleasant for the patients who had paid high costs of this treatment procedure. Due to the high costs of dental Implant treatment; we highly recommend to patients to be careful for selecting their dentist. It is very important to evaluate your dentist before starting the treatment. You have to know his skills and receive adequate medical information of how he/she works. Unfortunately, many general dentists with no enough experience or expertise carry out dental Implants while they haven’t passed necessary courses for this. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all patients to see dentists experts; especially for expensive treatments such as dental Implant to have the best results.
Implant is called the base of the tooth. It is very important that it will not damage the jaw. We list some tips about dental Implant below.
Dental Implants that are used for securing dentures are called over dentures. They usually inserted in the jaw bone especially when the jaw bone is depleted and the patient is not able to chew food easily or have some difficulty in talking.
For dental Implant, it is very important to have enough bone in the lower jaw to secure dental Implant for fixing dentures because denture in lower jaw is moving. However, we can’t have it for both lower and upper jaw.
If the condition of patient’s jaw bone is not suitable for inserting fixed dentures on the jaw bone; we will recommend this treatment. And also for the patients who are not able to afford the costs of fixed prosthesis but they are good candidates for dental Implant; we recommend having dental Implant to provide 6 to 8 dental Implant in each jaw bone.
There are two methods for securing dentures with dental Implant. These methods are different in the way inserting dental implant. Two dental Implants are necessary for each method.

Ball attachment:

In this method, each dental Implant in each jaw will be fixed on the basement that is like a ball. Then dental Implant will be fixed with upper and lower button with click sound. The fastening can be verse; it means the hole is on the dental Implant and the prong will be on the prosthesis. This method is called ball attachment.

Bar attachment:

Bar is a slim rod connects the Implants to be placed in the jaw then denture is connected to this bar with clips.
Different parts of Implants:
Implant crown
Main body
  1. Main Body:
The main body’s structure includes of a Titanium screw that is inserted in jaw bone. The surgery for inserting this screw is performed by cutting the gum to reach the jaw bone. Then, jaw bone is opened with rails to insert the basement of the Implant into it.
One of the reasons for high costs of Implant is using Titanium for manufacturing Implant bases. These bases stimulate adjacent bones for more bone formation processes to have better connection between the Implant and the adjacent bones. This is a very smart process and finally dental Implant will be fixed and secure such as a natural tooth. This initial step is very important for final results of the treatment.
  1. Abatement
Abatement is used to connect Implant base with the implant crown after putting the main body. It is a kind of strengthening of the Implant . There are several types of abatements as follows:
  • The first one is screw type
  • The second one is attached to the main body
  • The third one is over denture for complete dentures
These connections are like buttons. They can be fixed together by pushing or separate from each other to connect them in angled or straight to the main body. Each of the method has its own application and deciding about this is due to the dentist diagnosis.
  1. Crown for dental Implant 
After molding; suitable dental Implant will be produced by laboratory. This is a cover that is inserted on the Implant. The color of it is selected by the dentist. One of the dentist duty is supervising on the manufacturing a good cover. It is very important for aesthetic aspects and providing a good form to prevent gum infections.
Inserting the Implant:
Before inserting dental Implant; it is necessary to take time for securing Titanium base in the jaw bone. This equipment has faced with wide development and many changes are considered for Implant forms. The materials are special to stimulate jaw bone for bone forming and become stronger very quickly. It is necessary for Implant to connect to the bone very quickly. Time schedule for this treatment includes two consecutive sessions to insert the Implant crown.
It may happened to you that losing one or some teeth will lead to problems while chewing food or talking. In the past, the only solution for these problems was pulling out all teeth and using dentures. The cost of dental Implant is somehow equal to the cost of one denture. Today and with thanks to many developments in medical fields; we are faced with several new technologies. If you have one or some decayed teeth and there is no way to protect and keep them; don’t worry! It is true that there is no substitute for natural tooth but you can have dental Implant.
Yes, dental Implant costs in this method depend on several factors. First, the dentist should examine you to determine the final cost. Today, dental Implant is considered as a large evolution factor in dentistry. It helped many people to get rid of toothless problems. This is a very easy treatment procedure without any negative effects.
Inserting dental Implant:
Dental Implant is a complete method that is considered as a substitute for all old fashioned methods. Both the root and crown of the tooth is replaced in this method. They are matched adequately on the jaw. If you want to know what dental Implant is exactly; please, follow the remainder of this article:
In this method a Titanium bar is used that is compatible with body cells. This base plays the role of tooth’s rood in the jaw bone. An artificial tooth will be put on the top of the Titanium rod that comes out of the gum. The cost of dental Implant is determined by considering the skills of the dentist and Implant quality. After inserting Titanium base in the jaw bone; it takes 3 or 4 months for bone forming around the base and surrounding it completely. After securing the metal base in the jaw; now, it is turn to put a crown that is similar to natural tooth. About the perfect age for dental Implant; we can say that it is suitable for women after age 15 and for men after age 18.
Dental Implant
A patient may face to this question: “What type of Implant is more suitable for me?” It is true that many types of dental Implants are available among dentistry equipment, so, you will be confused to choose the more suitable one for yourself. But, let me explain for you that all the available Implants in the market are good and suitable. You need to choose a standard Implant and then, refer to an expert and skilled dentist. It is very important for you to substitute lost tooth but by an expert dentist.
It can be said that dentist’s skill is the most important element. That’s why different dentists suggest different rates for dental Implant.
Another question may arise here is that “why treatment costs in this method are much higher than the other methods?”
One of the reasons for high costs of Implant method is related to the inserting it within the gum. In fact, fixture cost and prosthesis costs will increase the costs.
Sometimes, for replacing an artificial tooth instead of lost tooth between two teeth; the dentist should rasp the two adjacent teeth. This is the most important disadvantage of this method because healthy teeth are damaged. On the other hand, nothing is inserted in the gum to support the artificial tooth and stimulating the jaw bone. This will result in gradual depletion of the jaw bone.
But in dental Implant; you are quite sure without any concern that jaw bone depletion will not happen to you.
If you have lost several teeth in a row and a large empty space is appeared; it is better for you to use movable prosthesis. There is no need to rasp the adjacent teeth and damage them. But, sometimes bases create high pressure on adjacent teeth and gradually loosen them. This will lead to tooth decay.
In such cases, dental Implant is a better solution because it prevents damaging other teeth and also it prevents jaw bone depletion, too.
Sometimes, the patient has lost all his/her teeth. Then, movable prosthesis will be suggested to the patient but they cause some difficulties in talking or eating or even oral soars. Once again, the best solution is dental Implant. Although the cost of this method is much higher than the others; you must consider that in this way you will have a beautiful smile and more attractive face.
Dental Implant:
Another question for most of the patient is “Is it possible to reject the dental implant by my body?” The answer is: “No, not at all.” Unlike other Implants such as heart, kidney or lung and the other ones; the possibility of rejection of such Implant is very low. You may hear that some patients have lost their dental Implant. The reasons for this are as follows:
  • The first and the most important reason is unsuitable surgery
  • The second reason may be a sudden impact after dental Implant surgery
  • The third reason is unsuitable prosthesis
  • And may be unobserving oral health points
Although dental Implant is more expensive than the other methods; it has many advantages that make it cost effective in compared to other methods.
Some of the most important advantages of this method are very easy use and its high resistance. You will regain your chewing power after it and will enjoy any kind of food. In addition, dental Implant will cause to regain your beautiful smile and face. Totally, patients with dental Implant are more satisfied of their treatment compared with patients with other treatments.
What is dental Implant?
Implant  means forms or posts that are inserted within the jaw bone under the gum by a surgery. These are used for inserting teeth on them.
Dental Implants are inserted within jaw bone to produce a very stable support for artificial teeth. Some bridges are provided for Implants to keep them stable and motionless in oral cavity. This is a very important advantage for chewing food or talking. Crowns of dental Implant create a more natural sense in patients compared with slippery dentures.
Many patients don’t like slippery dentures and sometimes using these kinds of dentures is not suitable for many patients because of weak jaw bone or creating soars that limits oral functions.
For fixing such dentures; it is necessary to create bridges to secure them on adjacent teeth. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to use adjacent teeth for fixing dentures but instead bridges are used for this reason.
Dental Implant is suitable for patients with healthy gums, complete general health and no infection.
If a patient has delicate bones; she/he should observe all health points after dental Implant. And also the patient must have enough jaw bone. Some of the points that are highly recommended for patients with dental Implants are observing high standards in oral health and referring to the dentist regularly.
Reasons for dental Implant:
In the following session; we have provided some reasons for dental Implant:
  • Having all teeth in mouth will increase self-confidence to be of interest of others
  • Losing natural teeth will lead to jaw bone depletion but dental Implant prevents this negative effect and create a better appearance for the jaw
  • Losing teeth means having difficulties while chewing food. In this case, some people can’t enjoy some kind of foods or they are deprived from some nutrients. In this case they are in danger of malnutrition. As we all know, raw vegetables need to be chew completely and in absence of teeth it is very difficult. So, most toothless people prefer not to eat them. Some of them try to mix or puree them but some vegetables are still hard after cooking. These factors influence greatly on their diet.
  • Losing teeth means some changes in the way biting food or chewing food so it makes some difficulties for jaw joint.
  • Losing teeth influences on pronouncing words and this will lead to reduced self-confidence. These people can’t present themselves as before
Types of dental   Implants:
Implants are made of Titanium that is a very high quality metal. Titanium is selected for Implants because it is suitable for this usage in every respect: Titanium creates a layer on its surface to prevent corrosion and depletion; Titanium is resistant against all composition such as acid, salt and Oxygen; it is non-magnetic and very resistant.
Implant is not considered a foreign object by body, so, it is not rejected by body. In this case, patients are not faced with Implant rejection and its next difficulties. In fact, Implant stimulates the adjacent bones to bone formation.
Root Implant:
Root Implant is one of the most popular types of Implants. This is also called Intra-bone Implant because the Implant is inserted as a thick conical screw within the bone. The length and width of these screws are different. For having the best results after surgery; it is necessary to have enough space in jaw bone to provide a secure base for the Implant. The dentist will decide about this surgery by considering jaw bone, its strengths and also he/she should decide about using bridges or dentures with suitable crowns.
Ramos Framework Implant:
This method is used when lower jaw bone hasn’t enough thickness for dental Implant. In this method, a framework is inserted in rear corner of the jaw bone near the chin.
When the adjacent tissue is healed; a very this bar can be see above the gum. Then, denture or bridge should be produced to be matched with this bar. When the jaw bone is very thin or weak; it can fix it and prevent tooth breakages.
Dental requirements: Implant
The first step is finding a professional and expert dentist. He/she can tell you if you are a good candidate for Implant. The dentist will examine all oral diseases and will order for radiology for getting more useful information. To be a good candidate for dental Implant; you should meet the following terms:
  • Having healthy gums
  • Having strong bone for stabilizing inserted tooth in the jaw bone
  • Observing high standards for oral health
What is dental Implant?
Dental Implant means inserting a screw instead of lost dental root and putting a crown on it. Implant or in other words organ transplant has a long history in medical and dentistry sciences. The cost for this treatment is high. Generally, laminate is a foreign object that is Implanted as a body organ and creates a successful relationship with other body tissues.
Dentistry history stretches to the history of tooth decay. It has a long history as old as human history. It is obvious from ancient tools of ancient Egypt that people tried to replace lost teeth by metals and other materials. Ancient people tried to find solutions for decayed teeth. They used different methods for this problem. Many examples of artificial dental crowns are found that are related to ancient times. After some centuries; manual machines were invented for rasping teeth. Then, metals or other tissues were used by dentists. Then, dentistry equipment and tools that were equipped with pedals was introduced. These were very popular for many years. They were used until 19th century.
In Iran, these were used until 40 years ago; may be some older people in your family can remember them. The patients had to suffer great pain at those times because no anesthetic agents were available then. After invention of electricity; electric devices were introduced to the market. They were first available in European and American countries. Then, after about half century, they were available in Iran, too. Dentistry was a non-scientific and quite empirical in Iran before foundation of Dar-al-Fonoon School.
At that time, dental diseases were treated mainly by barbers, jewelers and others. They pulled out teeth with an instrument named “Kalbatein” without using anesthetic agents. They used herbal medicine to reduce pain. After foundation of Dar-al-Fonoon School; several dentists with PhD and latest dentistry equipment and new material came to Iran. Then, some new materials imported from Europe to Iran to be used for the first time in Tehran and then some other counties. At the present, there are 10 professional fields of study for dentistry in Iran.
What is dental Implant? Teeth will decay because of not observing oral health points, so, the patient will lose his/her teeth. After losing teeth; facial and smile beauty will be lost. In addition, the ability of chewing food will be lost. In these cases, substitution of lost teeth is the best solution. Some of the methods are considered as temporary solutions and in most of the cases, patients are not satisfied with the treatment.
The best substitute for natural teeth is dental Implant. There is no difference between natural teeth and dental Implants in terms of function. They actually connect to your jaw bone and will be a part of your body. What is the aim of dental Implant? The patient should make a decision about ending ugly toothless smiles and regain her/his beautiful smiles by substituting lost teeth. In this case, lost self-confidence will be restored.
It is very important to observe oral health points after Implant including daily tooth brush and floss. By using them, you can increase dental Implant lifespan. It means, dental Implant will become of your fixed tooth.
Some methods for preventing tooth decay in “What is Implant” article:
In medical sciences it is believed that you can prevent diseases only when you know the causes of those diseases and try to eliminate them.
Tooth decay is an infection disease which is non-communicable but preventable. Germs in the mouth and sugar will cause tooth decay in long terms. It can be said that dental plaque is a good place for germs activity because sugar which is very important for germs is abundant. It leads to breaking organic acids and minerals in the enamel and dentin. One of the ways for protecting teeth against germs and sugar is eliminating them from oral cavity. This will help to reduce dental plaques.
Preventive actions for reducing the probability of teeth decay can be shown as follows. Obeying these points will help to prevent dental decay:
  • Strengthening teeth
  • Controlling or reducing sugar consumption and substitution of natural sugar products
  • Eliminating microorganisms from oral cavity
Dental  Implant:
One of the ways for substituting lost teeth with artificial teeth is dental Implant. This is a kind of dental graft to provide a permanent tooth in your oral cavity. Dental implants have many advantages that we will explain them in the following sessions.
When you choose dental Implant in place of your tooth; it means that you appreciate your beauty and health so that you pay for them. It is worth noting that you are not the person for determining the need for Implant; in fact, your dentist should conclude that this method is useful for you or your tooth needs to be replaced or pulled out or restored or etc. There are several solutions for dental problems. Sometimes there is no need for Implant treatment and your dentist will suggest you to have another solutions. Anyway, making decision about choosing the right procedure is due to your dentist. In these cases, you have to refer to well-known and skilled dentists.
For example for a pale tooth edge; there is no need to pull out your tooth. It is better to use other solutions for these cases; for example, you can fill your tooth or use a crown or veneer or any other ways that are suggested by the dentist.
Dental Implant means inserting a tooth with a Titanium screw and a crown just the same color as your natural tooth. For this reason, a screw just like a tooth root should be made of Titanium. This artificial root should be connected to the jaw bone. The crown should have a very nice appearance. Inserting the crown is very important because it shouldn’t get out of its place.
The crown is paste in its place with special glues. This is a very precise procedure and for this reason the dentist should be very skilled to perform this very precisely. It is very important to show any details naturally. In these procedures, the most important point is expertize and skills of the dentist because this crown should guarantee the aesthetic aspects.
Dental implant
A very popular question is about inserting the Implant in the jaw bone: “How will jaw bones accept the Implant and begin to bone forming or reject it?”
The answer is very simple. Dental Implant is not similar to kidney or heart transplant. There is no choice for rejecting the Implant by patient’s body. In fact, connecting it to the jaw bone is imminent. There is no evidence for rejecting dental implant. The bone never rejects Titanium but they make firm connections. Titanium stimulates the jaw bone for bone forming and prevents bone depletion. Titanium is completely compatible with body environment.
There are some reasons for damaging Implants such as trauma. It means a sudden impact after a short while of Implant surgery or not preventing impacts, using wrong prosthesis, ineffectiveness of the crown in distributing pressure when the pressure comes more to one point and less to another point, non-observing oral health standards such as brushing teeth or flossing, unsuitable surgery or even wrong surgery.
Dental  advantages: Implant
  1. This treatment is very expensive but remembers us this proverb: “You pay your money and you take your choice”. In fact, dental Implants are very comfortable, more resistant, and more beautiful with natural look in compare with other movable dental prosthesis. On the other hand, dental Implants have longer lifespan but if you observe all oral health standards! In fact, they are like your own natural teeth. After dental Implant, it is easy for you to eat and chew all kinds of food. There is no problem while talking or eating with dental Implants. You can regain your beauty and good appearance after dental Implant and this will increase your self-confidence. The other old dental solutions such as fixed bridges or other movable or fixed prosthesis have their own problems but there are no similar problems with dental Implants. This method will help you to get rid of the problems related to old methods.
  2. Dental Implant never damages the adjacent teeth. There is no need for rasping the adjacent teeth. Dental Implant never forces any pressure on the adjacent teeth. In other words, dental Implant is completely independent from other teeth and has no dependence on the other teeth. In short, other teeth will not be sacrificed for inserting Implants.
  3. Dental Implants prevent jaw bone depletion. The root of the Implant  will connect to the jaw bone and stimulates bone formation. In this way, it helps the function of the jaw for opening. So, this method is more suitable and cost effective that the other methods. After dental Implant, your face form not only will not change to a worse one but also will be improved because the implanted tooth is exactly the same color and shape of the other teeth. This is a very important point in cosmetic dentistry.
  4. In other words; it would definitely be said that implanted tooth lifespan is more than lost tooth or even other natural teeth. In case of losing dental Implant because of hard conditions; replacing them is very easy. This treatment method has several advantages and that’s why this treatment is very popular.

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