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Dental Veneers | Dental Laminate in Iran

Dental Veneers | Dental Laminate in Iran

Dental Laminate in Iran: Having a beautiful smile and having a fit between facial components is not a coincidence, and proper dental function and a proper set of different stages of treatment should be carefully evaluated.


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Dental Veneers in Iran
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What is a digital smile design (DSD)?
Having a beautiful smile and having a fit between facial and smile forms is not a coincidence, and proper dental function and appropriate set of different stages of treatment, including diagnosis, the patient's goal of creating and designing a smile and as a result of the final treatment should be carefully evaluated. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a new and specialized branch of dental science that uses the technology and digital technology of the day to make the beauty of the patient.
Patients who seek to improve their healing or aesthetic smile, DSD technology allows patients to express their wishes and intervene in the treatment process, therefore, the use of this Technology has had great results all over the world.

Patients who are referring to their smiley design, DSD Design, allow the patient's wishes from the outset, and the beauty specialist will have a good understanding of the smell's implementation. In the design of the Smile (DSD) ), The patient is given the opportunity to participate in the final treatment plan from the beginning and see his final smile form from the beginning.

How important is digital smile design (DSD)?

The Digital Smile Detection (DSD) allows you to make the final form before it is made and implemented, corrected and retrieved, in spite of the patient's dissatisfaction. For this reason, this technology has been expanding ever more and more throughout the world. And beauty professionals today will get a lot of benefits to this patient with this technology.

What are the benefits of smiling digital design?

The Digital Smile Design (DSD) has many benefits and benefits to the patient, including the following:
1. Ability and improvement of diagnostic quality through analyzes and assessment of the status of internal and external oral structures.
2. Improve communication between the members of the health team, including a laboratory technician, a beauty specialist and a patient
3. The possibility of a better review of the treatment process from beginning to end of treatment
4. Making Changes When Performing a Smile Design Digital Design (DSD)
5- Prediction of the final result and as a result of improving the clinical outcome through digital technology.
6- Possibility of changes in the initial stages and according to the patient's opinion and taste


Having a mouth without biological problems today is not the sole criterion for the satisfaction of dear patients, and they want a beautiful smile with natural harmony in harmony with the facial features, all of which are embedded in the Digital Smile Design (DSD). The beauty specialist, with the introduction and use of digital smile design (DSD), provides more patient satisfaction.

Is the patient involved in the Digital Smile Design (DSD)?
The Digital Smile Design (DSD) involves patients morally in the process of designing and executing computer and digital smile and identifies them as the main person and designer of treatment by expressing the goals, desires and expectations that accompany the expert team. Beauty and technician of the lab.

How is this partnership on digital smile design (DSD) done?
The collaboration and interaction between the patient and the beauty specialist is done by photographs and films that are taken in several steps before and during treatment. Another important point is the expression of the patient's vision and vision, as well as the creation of the coordinated smile of the patient with the personality and the inner nature. He is nowadays a new and important point that has come to the fore.

How is digital smile design (DSD) done?

DSD dentists are satisfied with all the factors that are needed. With an artistic and visual perspective, and a set of good skills that can be applied to the specialized faculty of beauty as well as the acquisition of complementary courses around the world, the best of Draw and design the most beautiful scenario.
DSD system or digital smile design is a completely unique system, which for the first time the smile design of the patient is done completely digital and by computer and with certain software programs. Thus, the concept of DSD allows dentists to perform The digital smile that represents the patient's character and beauty is the best solution.

The overall concepts are based on the analysis of the facial components and the smile and tooth shape of the patient, and the coordination between the components of the eye, lips, eyebrows using a set of preset parameters of high quality digital photos with precise harmony. As well as the films in this regard, one can best understand the relationship between teeth, gums, lips, smiles with facial features and emotions.


Implant and Beauty Specialist Clinic Dr. Sojoodi has been able to add another service to his beauty services with the help of the Digital Smile Design (DSD), with the aim of satisfying the dear patients and participating in the final smile design. As always, the beloved patients provide Your comments and suggestions will help us to do more of this hazardous work.


How much is a laminate price?
For many patients, the price of laminate is important, but in my opinion, Dr. Sojoodi, knowledge of the specialized materials is much more important than the price of laminate. After reading this particular article, in the following article you can find out the price of lamination of the tooth.

What is dental laminate?
Definition of tooth lamination: Shells are delicate and glassy and at the same time very high, which is used to cover and improve the surface of the teeth. It does not matter to what extent your teeth have a dull appearance. You can create a blend of art and beauty for your smile and teeth with a laminate like a brilliant pearl.

Is laminate strong?
If the dentist and his lab team have a high level of expertise and experience, even the thinnest laminates will never break.


What depends on the laminate strength?
This is a very good question. The laminate strength is related to the following:

1- A thorough evaluation of the beauty specialist in the arrangement and arrangement of teeth
2- Relationship between jaw closure and teeth contraction and overlap
3. Laminate size relative to teeth
4- Use of new nanoparticles
5- Use of different lymphomas according to the dental and maxillofacial positions of each patient (no use of a laminate for all individuals)
6- Compliance with individual health
7. Scrubs to be considered for each tooth. (All teeth should not be cut in a ratio, and some do not need a cut)


What is a thin laminate?
The thin laminate can be likened to an egg skin or a very thin lens that, while still delicately, maintains the enamel and tooth performance. Like a lens that is very useful to the patient and at the same time protects the patient's eyes and cornea. .


Do not need a toothpick?
Many patients are concerned about cutting their teeth. It should be said that nowadays, with the use of new nanoscale and the type of cement or upgraded adhesives for lamination, and also the use of smiley design software, you can find out the type of treatment and size of your teeth before starting your treatment.
In many cases, if the level of expertise and experience of the beauty specialist and his laboratory team is high, there is no need to cut the teeth. By using luminescence and contact lens, contact lenses can be used to preserve the enamel of the toothbrush Refused.

What is the price of lumbar tooth?
But the most important part of this article is from the perspective of the patients !!!!!
The cost of dental lamination varies according to the type of treatment of each individual and that each individual can use a particular type of laminate. Ceramic types that are considered for different patients are as follows.

1-Aluminum oxide ceramics
2-Lithium diesilicate ceramics
3-Lucite-enhanced ceramics
4. Feldspathic ceramics
5. Mock quartz ceramics
7-Zirconia with CAD-CAM


These ceramics have varying costs due to various resistance to failure and resistance to compressive forces and various adaptations to the teeth. In this article, we have tried to conclude that, in the light of the perception of the patients, Scientific issues and then decide on the price to be considered.


What factors affect the price of dental laminate?

A) Cutting of the tooth (Minimum tooth extraction and preserving enamel)
B) The amount of time each cosmetic surgeon takes toothpicks (for example, it takes more time to cut a canine teeth)
C) the precision to make the toothpick toothpaste without damaging the teeth;
D-Symmetry of the shape of the teeth after cutting
E) Considering the type of laminate according to the type of laminate for each individual who is special.
And - Selecting the type of molding material for maximum precision and when the setting time of each material should be considered in order to avoid dimensional changes (due to dimensional changes, the laminate can not be perfectly fitted to the teeth)
Z-type of transparency and color combination in a laminate and luminosity, and the natural form and color of laminate that looks exactly like a tooth. For this purpose, the cost of lamination of the tooth can be varied from each unit, 750 thousand to 1/650/000 USD.


Dental Laminate Types and Their Differences:

The laminate is divided into two types, which are different according to sex and construction

Ceramic laminate: It has more resistance to composite laminates and has a more stable color than composites and looks more beautiful.
- Composite laminate: The color stability of this laminate is lower, but its price is cheaper, and the lesser teeth are one of its advantages.

The veneers are made of ceramics and they are made in the laboratory, they are called ceramic and the composite beam is made directly in the office, which is called composite.


What is the condition of laminate treatment:
Who can use laminate and do this beauty treat?
It should be noted that laminate removes the problems of the anterior teeth and applies, and if the tooth does not come with a lot of waste, then only the treatment is in the enamel area. One of the important conditions is the lack of oral hygiene in the patient, which can lead to lumbar teeth fractures and damage over time.


Cutting teeth during treatment and dental lamination costs?
Cutting the teeth of a person into the shape and design of the tooth and how the oral condition of the person is, and sometimes it may not be necessary to cut the teeth, but in some cases it is necessary to cut the teeth and it is necessary and should be very delicate and the volume Shave less teeth. Have side effects? Many people have questioned whether the laminate has any complications and injuries to teeth.
One of the most commonly used treatments for lymph nodes is:
1- Periods of allergy after treatment:
Laminate treatment, like any other therapies for dental restoration, is sensitive to heat and cold, and after a long period of time, this sensation is lost and lost.
2. Fracture of laminate teeth
In order to increase the lifespan of the treated teeth, the person should have the treatment conditions right from the start and be properly selected and not have any oral diseases to reduce the teeth fracture and one of the factors that increases the length of life of the teeth does not eat tasty foods. And the bangs were hard. If a dentist who has been treated and due to different causes of laceration and fracture, it can be repaired with ceramic or composite laminates.
3. Change the laminate color:
By eating drinks and stained foods and smoking hookahs and smoking, and eating tea and coffee, over time, you can change the color of the edges of the teeth, and as much as these substances are consumed, the color of the tooth is also increased and more effective and with little Eating these colored materials is important to the health of your teeth and prevents color variation.

After-Laminate Care:
Once the treatment has been completed, one needs to take the necessary oral care and prevent the damage to the tooth by observing the health of the teeth. If a dental surgeon needs to be found, they should inform the dentist that their teeth are lemonate and that they should do all the precautions if they are using the machine. The uncontrolled use of mouthwashes containing fluorides can affect laminates and advise your dentist before using the dentist to use the doctor's prescription.

Replacing laminate instead of orthodontics?
Some advertisements claim that leaning can be an alternative to orthodontics. It should be said that given the fact that orthodontics has complications on the teeth and by analyzing the root of the teeth and in some cases with the previous problems, and if the brackets on the teeth are removed, they can return to the previous state. An alternative to orthodontics is because it takes less time and is a good treatment.


Longevity of teeth?
In most cases, people are asking if the laminate may be detached from the teeth or become rotten over time, which should be said that the laminate, which is properly installed and carefully designed, will never be detached from the teeth, but if not properly installed and designed There was a possibility that it would be detached. If the oral environment is exposed to heat and cold changes, laminate is removed and care should be taken to prevent damage.

It is necessary to refrain from biting and biting boiled rice and ruminant fruits, and the necessary care should be taken to increase the longevity of the tooth. The membrane on which the laminate restores is equally rotten when the natural toothpaste is decayed and As much as the natural toothpaste is given health care, it should also be applied to the treated teeth to stay healthy.

Laminate is a cover that only covers the teeth, and if oral hygiene is not followed, it will cause microbial plaque to fall and rot and should be restored from the back. In some people, caries of the front teeth have already happened, and if applied to the front lining teeth, it will reduce the amount of tooth decay and prevent tooth decay by using brushing and dental floss.

The lamination of the tooth is actually used to create beautiful, well-formed teeth. There are so many people who have been dreaming of having a beautiful smile because of having bad teeth and their color turned into a legend. With the advent of medical science, luckily, a lot of changes have been made in the field of dentistry. Today, with a miracle called laminate, you can easily experience beautiful, well-formed and colorful teeth.

But below is a more comprehensive definition of lamination for teeth that read it is not a blessing: before we can exactly explain what lint is and who basically are needed to use it and perhaps the most important question in mind You have come up with a lot of lumbar teeth prices and .... First, let's explain if the toothpaste lime delays the teeth.

Tooth Lamination
Laminate is a dye-colored substance that is used to correct the shape of the teeth, as well as to close the parts that are too distant between them and even to paint the parts of the tooth. The laminate is actually made of two gents: either composite, made in the office or made of ceramic.

Due to the fact that the teeth are laminate to create extraordinarily beautiful teeth that have the least crimping on the teeth, so perhaps the first plan and treatment plan to eliminate the shape and form of the tooth is nothing but laminate.

But the other question is, what are the differences between the composite laminate and the ceramic model? It can be said that in fact ceramic tooth lamination has a higher resistance and also has more color stability than its composite model. In fact, it can be said that the ceramic model is more beautiful than the composite model.

The price of dental lamina these days depends largely on its raw materials and the quality of these materials. You also need to consult with a specialist dentist before deciding to do so. The composite toothbrush laminate has a less stable color and its quality is slightly lower than the ceramic model. For this purpose, the composite model is cheaper than the ceramic model.

But the key question is, who basically have the terms of using laminate? This method actually used to eliminate mild to moderate problems in the anterior teeth. Of course, if you have a particular oral habit, such as a toothpick, you should know that it will destroy or break the laminate early.

One of the most important questions to be asked is that when using dental lamination, should the main teeth be cut? The answer to the question comes from the form and form of the denture that is supposed to work on it. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the surface of the teeth, and sometimes it may not be necessary at all. In general, if you want to cut teeth, you should know that the volume is much less than when you want to cover the teeth.

In this section we have tried to name all possible complications of dental lamination:

1. Once your lamination treatment has finished, your teeth may be slightly more sensitive to cold and heat than before. Of course, you should be a little patient to resolve this problem after some time.

2. Another problem with this method is that the laminate is fractured. It should be said that the most important cause of lumbar fracture is in fact a patient. If it protects it well during its life it is unlikely that this problem would be a problem. Afterwards, You have used laminate in your teeth, you need to pay more attention to some of the things:
For example, avoid biting solid foods. Do not eat and chew ice. In any case, this may happen to anyone, and if you also agree to it, you can again reopen with composite laminate or ceramic to a broken tissue Make a payment.

3. Other problems that may occur after many years of laminating your teeth are that the color of the materials used changes. Typically, tea consumption and smoking, and factors like this, cause a gradual change in color of the laminate The more you use the materials mentioned above, the more you will be laminating your laminate during the duration of the laminate in your mouth.

But if you do this with the cost of lamination, it's best to know that you have to take steps to protect it well and do not harm it. In addition, you need to have the basic principles of hygiene Do your mouth and teeth well. You should do this carefully and carefully if you use a massaging machine. Be careful if you are using oral mucosa, you should know that some of these substances have a negative effect on dental laminate materials. We suggest that you consult your doctor for this purpose and before using any mouthwash.

Some advertisements claim to be able to use the lymph method instead of orthodontic treatment. However, if the patient does not have occlusal problems, as well as his or her growth in jaw, it would be hoped that Laminate is used instead of an orthodontic toothbrush. It seems that with proper medical precautions, it is safe to use dental lamination as an appropriate replacement.

As you know the treatment method for this beautiful shell, you need to use a toothpaste on a tooth to laminate the tooth, and at times it does not need to do this, and does not leave a layer on the tooth, but in most cases it has to It works to make the surface of the teeth polish, and if it is dark, it should be completely removed from the tooth.

How much this treatment complicates depends on the patient's type of tooth and the treatment is done. The dentist will reduce the complications by making the appropriate coating on the tooth and help keep the teeth intact. However, if the laminate does not fit correctly on the tooth, it will cause early decay and the treatment plan should be completed so that the lamination can not be touched on the tooth.

The common question asked is whether the laminate stays over time?
It should be noted that the laminate shell is like a natural tooth and colored food is consumed by eating, but these types of conditions are directly related to the genus and laminate, and if it is made of good and suitable materials, its harder color changes. The type of treatment that has been done is also effective and after that, personalized oral hygiene is the underlying principle and it can be prevented by observing the health of the teeth.

If a person smokes or has coffee or colored materials in his or her mouth, there is no doubt that she has a profound effect on skin color changes, and she needs to do good day care, and she should visit her doctor each year and if it does, prevent and Healed.

Tooth Lamination:
One of the most important laminate beauty treatments that covers the front surface of the tooth. If the teeth are fractured, defaced, cracked, torn, and deformed, this can be used to resolve such problems. In some cases, it can be used instead of orthodontic lamination and can be treated safer and less costly and faster. Did.

Dental Laminate Types:
1) Ceramic
2) Composite

Ceramic Tooth Laminate:
The laminate of the ceramic tooth is made up of a thin layer of about 2 mm made with porcelain porcelain that is made of a ceramic, and after it is pasted on it by shaving the tooth, it is made in the lab after the molding and in the front part Tooth is located.

Composite teeth laminate:
To use this type of shell, there is no need for molding and the lab and may not need to shave the teeth and directly bond the composite using the radiation on the tooth and put on a protective layer on the enamel. In cases where teeth are fractured or cracked, the use of laminate of a composite tooth can prevent damage and act as a shield against damaged teeth and is useful for enamel.

To enhance the longevity of the luminosity, high-quality dentistry techniques are applied to provide a natural and high-performance effect, since after the treatment, the teeth are very well-formed and tidy, and have a special luminance It smiles and speaks when it is very visible and has a special beauty that is very different from the previous appearance.

Composite teeth laminate price:
This thin shell can be made with two special materials to be placed on the outer surface of the tooth and then bonded. If composite laminate is used, then the same color must be used to fill the tooth and the duration of the treatment is increased so that it can work on the teeth to match the shape and form of the face, and according to the experience of the dentist Can treat teeth in a treatment session and then treat it with oral hygiene, because in the short term, the treatment will fail and will stain with teeth and cause Caries and possibly not using high quality materials in this type of lamination of the tooth.

Ceramic Laminate:
This type of shell is made of ceramic and porcelain and is installed with special bands on the tooth surface that is being cut. This dental lamination is made in the laboratory and after the tooth is molded. This type of laminate has a very beautiful appearance and reflects the light on the tooth. One of the benefits to be mentioned is its robustness against food and because of its glossy surface, it has less stain.

Application of laminate tooth:
- If the tooth has a lot of color changes and the face of the tooth has become ugly and this color may come from food and cigarettes, or drinking coffee, or defective puncture or nerve damage.
- If the teeth are cracked and have broken edges, they should be used to smooth out and arrange them.
- Reduce the distance between the teeth as needed.
- Correct the smile pattern based on the patient's request.
- Treatment of partial dislocations of the teeth of the mandible can be applied to the lamination of the tooth.

It should be noted that if you do not use laminate for treatment and if you need it, it only has a beautiful appearance due to the erosion of the teeth, which is difficult to solve because of the difficulty with the surface treatment. The tooth is protected from enamel and is a thin layer.

Price of teeth laminate:
This kind of beauty treatment has two different kinds of ceramic and composite laminate, which are made with certain materials such as ceramic or porcelain and composite, based on the materials used in them, their quality also varies and the cost of lamination changes the teeth . To understand this type of tariffs, you must be a contractor of different organizations, institutions or health insurance, and this will change depending on the dental services.

Cases that affect the cost of lamination for teeth:
- Different organizations and insurances that are contracted
- Dental tariffs
- Lists and schedule of doctors
- The experience and work experience of the dentist
- Equipment and quality of materials and materials

The cost of lamination depends on the percentage of teeth injuries, depending on how much you need to spend on the treatment and how much skill you use to vary greatly.

Non-use of laminate:
- Patients who have toothache or chewing gums.
It has unhealthy teeth and can not choose the correct lamination, or there are problems with gum infections, or a large amount of teeth are rotten, and before that, teeth problems should be resolved, and then It has put this shell in place, and the same treatment has changed the price of lamination for the tooth, and each of the repairs and treatments are individually determined.
- If the tooth enamel is heavy, the lamination is broken and only the cost of the treatment is lost and the choice is not right and if the toothpaste is applied, the oral hygiene should be performed by the patient and before that, consider the maintenance necessary. Teeth to be given.

- By adhering to the principles of hygiene and the proper use of toothbrushes and the use of dental floss and toothpastes and mouthwashes that are prescribed by the dentist, it can help to maintain laminate.
- Avoid insertion of the impact and the pressure and breaking of the objects with the tooth that has been treated and hard materials such as seeds and ice and nourishing the nails should be avoided because damage should be done in case of damage and the price of lamination of the tooth will increase.
- Minimal use of dyestuffs in foods and beverages
- A person with a toothache can not treat this type of treatment on his or her teeth.

Disadvantages of dental lamination:
Because the laminate is tiled in a very thin layer, using adhesive and band on the tooth surface, it can be separated. If broken, a dentist should be referred to the dentist to make the restoration necessary. The cost of lamination for teeth has increased. One of the major fears of patients who undergo this treatment is the stress of being cured. If the laminate has been removed from the teeth or washed out, it should be placed in a clean cloth and went to the doctor if it could be reinstalled.

After this treatment was done on the teeth, it was not reversible, as part of the tooth washed and did not scratch it, and its beauty was reduced. Laminate, due to the beauty of the shape of the teeth, the patient forgets the initial and previous condition of his teeth, and in some cases it is possible that he has forgotten that the skin has been applied to his teeth, and with the beautiful appearance of the smile of the patient increases and It brings joy and confidence to the person.

The Laminate Venier beauty treatments are made at different prices, and by perfecting the anterior teeth in both the natural and the color with the rest of the teeth, the idea of ​​a smile is ideal and has now become an actor to modernize it. Some Of the respondents, they tend to be aware of the laminate and the price of teeth, and the type of treatment, and what are their benefits and disadvantages and whether they are eligible for this type of repair.

In explaining that laminate or veneer is called a thin layer that is attached to the surface of the tooth and causes the teeth to be bent and make it natural and transparent. It should be noted that the natural teeth are composed of 3 parts of enamel, dentin and pulp, which is also called living tissue, and this tooth enamel is covered with dentin glass and covers the enamel of the tooth to apply the skin on the tooth. She cut it and picked it up somewhat to put it on it to give it a natural look and be crisp and polished.

Free advice for visiting a patient to apply laminate to the tooth:
When you talk to other people, if you have difficulty in teeth, your teeth appear to be tangled or broken, and their tightness, instead of your attention to your teeth, is in the line of sight. Many people face difficulties in eating and drinking together and attending the community, and maybe avoiding them. These groups of carers are seeking to cure their condition to treat their appearance.

Today, despite numerous beauty treatments and advances in medical and dentistry, it is easy to do any kind of treatment to keep all your teeth safe and to avoid getting out of the mouth and using therapies and restorations. One of these treatments is veneer on the teeth that according to the condition of the teeth, the price of lumbar tooth is calculated, because after treatment, the patient becomes dark with gum problems and creates a beautiful appearance in his smile.

Beauty is one of the most important things that are growing rapidly in this era. This beauty can even be mastered with sciences like medical science, and it will appear in a separate discipline. We now want to consider whether What is Yzy called cosmetic science like dentistry? And if there is enough durability and resistance? And do they ever feel like the natural teeth? If all of the above questions are answered in the affirmative, are these cases harmful to humans or harmless?

In answer to all of these questions, one can say yes. Nowadays, beauty can be seen by a branch called lamination of the tooth. This branch examines teeth and increases the appearance of them in such a way that in the lowest possible possible beauty, To give the person. As to how the laminate works, it can be explained that using this modern method today will put a layer on the surface of the tooth that makes it beautiful. This layer may be ceramic or composite. Ceramic example It has a much higher price and is expanding in dental laboratories.

This sample has a firm, firm, firm sex and is one of the best examples for having a white and attractive tooth. But this is just a disadvantage that has led many people not to go to it, and it's a fairly high price for a ceramic type in In contrast to those who do not want to spend so much, they can use the specimen and other sex that is the same composite specimen. The composite specimen can be somewhat responsive to the needs of the individual, with the difference that it is made of composite and the construction of it no longer requires special laboratories, and even can be produced and used in dentistry offices. This specimen also has resistance But its strength is not as large as a ceramic sample.

In order for a person to make a beautiful and appealing look for himself, it should be noted that dental health is well adhered to. It should be noted that people of low age should not use this method. Children and adolescents who have not reached adulthood do not need to wonder about the beauty of the teeth because their teeth have not yet reached a fixed position and conditions, and changes may occur in the years to come.

Price of teeth lamination
In addition, the teeth grow on several occasions and disappear again to replace the new teeth. This can happen so that the teeth begin to appear.

Some of the points to follow after lamination are:
Observing foods and foods that are consumed during the day. Sores have a very important role in the beauty of the teeth as well as in the health of the teeth. It is recommended to do research in this area or, with the advice of a specialist physician, a diet plan Choose for yourself.

In most cases, it is advisable for individuals to use balanced substances such as potatoes, breads, etc., after they have performed the tooth erosion. Since starch-containing substances have a damaging effect on the teeth. Of course, their normal and balanced consumption is not harmful. Even after the teeth have been done, the teeth should be avoided by removing unnecessary materials such as potatoes.

The lamination of the teeth consists of a ceramic or composite layer on the tooth. It is true that this layer will easily cover the teeth stains, but keep in mind that if you do not observe the health and specialist points To maintain them, these veneers will lose their life after a while and will eventually be destroyed.

You may be asked if there is a long lifetime of dental lamination if no harmful substances are used or applied in a balanced fashion and that the teeth are well maintained. The longer the care lasts, the greater the lifetime But it should not be forgotten that, in any case, these vapors will disappear sooner or later, as their life is not like the life of the tooth.

The tooth is one of the hardest and hardest materials ever discovered in the world. This solid material can last for many years, but if the food stays in the mouth, it produces acid that destroys the tooth.

Laminate coatings are made in the same size as the patient's tooth and so there is not much difference between the small and large teeth. Lumbar tooth is one of the disciplines that discuss the beauty of dentistry. Use Laminate laminate is only decorative and does not have to do with treatment.

But to keep linting better, it's better not to use drinks that are detrimental to the teeth. As you know, one of the main factors in creating a stain on the teeth is the drinks. These drinks create a mass on the surface The teeth make it dirty, and if it does not clear it at the right time, it will be added regularly, and therefore, it will require methods such as scaling and lamination to eliminate it.

Drinks such as coffee and alcoholic beverages can also affect the layer on the tooth. Laminate as a result of excessive use of these drinks and non-compliance with the health can damage you. But if so The use of these beverages is brushed every time, the longevity of the lining will increase. Laminate is applied to the tooth and the tooth surface is of natural texture and causes microbial plaque, not observing oral hygiene. If the dent that has been laminated is rotten, it can be repaired and not a problem.

If the teeth are prone to decay, they can also be decayed with lamination, and oral care, toothbrush and toothbrushes can prevent germs and plaque build-ups, and laminate can be one of the ways to reduce tooth decay. . With the advancement in science, high-quality treatments can be achieved, and they bring together the satisfaction of the people and the most satisfied with the dentists, who are advancing in the field of beauty with techniques and materials that are added every day. Treatment The best part is dental lamination and after the introduction of this kind of treatment, it is a revolutionary medical treatment, and it is considered one of the most beautiful things in the tooth.

One of the methods of lymphatic teeth restoration and treatment is talked with the most prominent physicians in this field, and we talk about them in this field. To eliminate and correct illusions, deformities, tearing of teeth, The laminate is used to make the interdental gap. The lint is made up of a chinese porcelain and uses a special adhesive toothpaste and a little toothpick to fix it.

One of the main ways of restoring beauty in Hollywood's dentistry can be laminate and after that it became known as a beautiful tooth treatment. The laminate shell is made of acrylic material and is used to filming the cast and this shell is easily removed from the teeth and is not permanent, but the lint is made of brassene and is permanently and on Teeth stick.

The actress has been one of the most beautiful entertainers among the cast of lymph treaters, which has become popular among people, and has been a beautiful beauty for twenty years ago, and has become a kind of entertainment for the cinema stars to have a smile more beautiful.

Who are applicants for laminate?
There are many people who are not happy with their dental condition and who are applying for their beauty and smile laminate treatment and are used to disassemble their teeth that are visible. No matter how much these dental collisions are, the therapeutic problems also increase. One of the main reasons for laminate demand is the laceration of the front teeth that can be seen when talking or laughing and giving an unpleasant look to the person's face.

In cases where it is difficult to clean the interdental gap and lead to decay and inflammation, it can damage the front gum and sometimes make it difficult to talk, and laminate should be used to treat this type of problem, and in some cases Afterwards, ceramic coatings or orthodontic treatments were used.

A group of people are faced with a problem between their teeth and smiles with this gap. This type of interdental gap, if of a moderate or mild type, may not be necessary, but if there is a large gap or very little distance Laying should be used to treat orthodontic treatment and after lining, and to remove patches and bad colors.

People with their teeth quickly paint should use laminate because in this group of teeth, the treatment with whitening is not successful and using laminate it can be polished and its application is in the maxillary jaw and if it is The stuffed teeth are not very good in color from the fill material, they can be removed and used to coat them uniformly, and another can be treated short teeth that can easily be removed from the laminate shell. .

Lamination Therapy:
To use the lining on the teeth, the experienced expert physician must cut the teeth to half a millimeter and grind the edges of the teeth and mold the dent that is intended and then laminate the lining. One of the ways to treat beauty is to have a beautiful smile to laminate the whole teeth that are spoken and smiling so that one teeth and one shape can be placed in a row at an appropriate distance, which includes six The teeth are front and four teeth from each jaw are up and down that are among the tooth mills.

Advantages of laminating:
The application of this shell on the teeth prevents its decay and deterioration, and in contrast to the ceramic coatings that are scraped around the toothpick and destroys a large part of the teeth, a small amount of the shell is applied to the teeth and the remainder It remains intact, and one of the remarkable things for this color-preservative treatment is that it is very persistent and, despite its slim appearance, is very resistant and will find a more lifelike oral hygiene.

Who can not treat laminate:
Doing beauty treatments is not recommended for people and if the gums are infectious and if they have analysts or teeth lengths too short or the enamel is lost and have severe caries, you can not It is damaged and laminate is not prescribed and it can not be used with this shell.

What is laminate or veneer suitable for?
Venier or Laminate is a very popular treatment in beauty dentistry that is used to correct tooth defects and make smile beautiful. Laminate is a thin ceramic shell (porcelain) that is attached to the front of the tooth.

To laminate to the teeth, the teeth must already be shaved and prepared. Laminate to correct problems such as fractures, flushing, cracking, stains and severe color changes, wear and tear, deformity, reshaping of the teeth, flattening and smoothing the surface of the teeth that are full of cavities or lines that are prominent and uneven The mild sting and the distance between the teeth are used. Although this method is very popular and widely used, but if you are planning to laminate your teeth, you should know that some people do not have the necessary requirements for lamination of the tooth.

Who does not fit a dental laminate?
You have a problem with irregularity or tearing of teeth due to lack of space in the jaw. In cases where teeth are deficient, the teeth are tilted and deformed, the problem with orthodontic treatment should be resolved and can not be treated with lint only. . You want to do orthodontic treatment. People who want orthodontic treatment should postpone the lining of the teeth after orthodontic treatment. During orthodontic treatment, small metal jeweled gums are attached to the surface of the teeth and the orthodontic toothpick passes through the teeth to the desired position. If the laminate is tied to the tooth surface, it may not have enough strength to hold the orthodontic braid brace or stretch bracket and detach it from the tooth.

It may also be problematic for its edges to move adjacent to it. On the other hand, during orthodontic treatment, the problem of inclining and teeth irregularity and the distance between the teeth are solved, so if the purpose of the laminate is to correct such problems, practically after orthodontic treatment it is not necessary. The toothache problem and tough teeth irregularity are used by the laminate to correct the mild sting of the teeth, but if the problem is severe, the laminate can not be repaired. On the other hand, due to the irregularity of the teeth, the laminate is exposed to excessive pressure and the laminate is cracked or filled with lips.

Toothbrushes or squeeze your teeth. The habit of squeezing jaws and toothpastes, in addition to rubbing natural teeth, exerts a lot of pressure on the laminate and may cause cracking or filling of the lips. Occasionally, too much pressure causes the lint to be removed from the tooth.

The enamel is thin. Laminating may not be the right method if the enamel layer is thin. To laminate the teeth, a part of the tooth enamel must be shaved to provide sufficient space for the laminate to be added, as otherwise the teeth will be bulky and larger than adjacent teeth. So, if the enamel is thin, shaving it may cause the undercoat (dentin) to appear. This condition, in addition to tooth sensitivity, may create problems with dental health. On the other hand, bonding adhesive bonding used for laminating is less dense than the enamel.

The teeth are fragile and weak. If the cause of decay, cracking or other problems with the fragile teeth and its structure is weakened, lamination may not be appropriate. Instead, you can use a denture cover that protects and strengthens the damaged tooth structure.

Gum disease. Inflammation and gingivitis make all other dental treatments difficult. Therefore, before any dental treatment is performed, the gum problem should be resolved first. Do not adhere to oral hygiene. If you do not properly observe oral hygiene, the laminate may become discolored. Laminate teeth may also be decayed, in which case the lamination treatment will fail and its longevity will decrease.

You smoke and constantly drink cigarettes. Smoking causes color changes and creates a stain in natural teeth and lint. On the other hand, it increases the risk of dental caries and gum infection. Consumption of carbonated beverages also results in similar results with the escalation of enamel erosion.


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