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White Fillings

White Fillings

White Fillings: If teeth are not brushed well and use dental floss, over time, food or sweets can lead to tooth decay. Visit the dentist every 6 months.


White Fillings



White Fillings


If teeth are not brushed well and use dental floss, over time, food or sweets can lead to tooth decay. If you visit a dentist every 6 months, you will find that your teeth are rotting and you will be able to repair the teeth as soon as possible. If the treatment is too late, it may come to the nerve and the tooth will need root cure. In the repair of the teeth, the caries are completely removed and with a good hair strain prevents the tooth decay.
Restoration of the tooth can be done either with amalgam or with a composite. This depends on how much the tooth structure has been damaged and the jaw and eye position to be considered.

Amalgam restoration:
It is repaired with various metal alloys, or mercury compounds, or mercury or mercury that is used most for posterior teeth. This material is very resistant and is suitable for posterior teeth that play the most role in chewing.

Composite repair:
This repair is made up of materials of the same color and harmony with the color of the teeth. Mostly used for the anterior teeth that are in the smile line and in the beauty zone. Today, for posterior teeth, coarse materials or very good composites have been introduced that have a high chewing strength and are special for posterior teeth.

Nervous or endo
Removing the tooth nerve and replacing the gutta material with the percutaneous duct can be called neuromuscular or endodontic tooth replacement.
If tooth decay is very advanced, the tooth can be involved and the patient gets severe pain. In this case, the patient will have to tease her teeth.

Some teeth have pain or root infection after several years of neurology. All reinsertion procedures must be completed by removing the stuffed root and after filling the infection again.

One of the dental disciplines that is used to rotate the teeth apart and disassembled. A specialist doctor uses a special tool to rotate the teeth, which is a time-consuming treatment, and it takes years for the teeth to be tidy and tidy.

Tucking teeth
Toothless teeth are fed over time due to artificial neuralgia. It is very fragile and is fractured by impact and pressure to protect the teeth against shocks and shocks.

: Post
Post is a root and an artificial crown that is made with a special alloy by the laboratory, replacing the root and the walls of the tooth to allow the dentist to coat the teeth with it.



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