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Veneer Teeth

Veneer Teeth

Veneer Teeth: Dental lamination is one of the new therapeutic and beauty treatments that are used to fix the appearance of the tooth and restore the beauty of the smile without orthodontic surgery.


Veneer Teeth



What is dental laminate?

Dental lamination is one of the new therapeutic and beauty treatments that are used to fix the appearance of the tooth and restore the beauty of the smile without orthodontic surgery.

Dental lamination for people who do not have time to perform long-term treatments, including orthodontics, is a good option, which is of course the cost to those who are considering it. Laminate has a lot of effect on the smile design of people, which will have a very surprising result. In fact, the Hollywood smile is done by dental lamination method, which we'll cover in this article.

What is a digital smile design (DSD)?

The toothpick is actually the same as a ceramic or china toothpaste laminate. Laminate is a material of the same color as the teeth are placed in the form of thin ceramic layers on the teeth. The color of the laminate should be in accordance with the individual's teeth, and this is one of the very important points that the physician should focus on.

Vanniers are made of two different sexes. Composite is one case that an internist can make and the next is the ceramic that should be made in the laboratory. Generally, the lamination thickness of the tooth is about 0.5 mm, which varies slightly depending on the condition.

Difference between teeth lamination and tooth decay

The main difference between the laminate and the tooth coat is the amount of surface covered. The laminate surface is thin and has a lower surface area than the tooth cover, but covers the whole tooth cover. The teeth that you need to toothpaste are more coated. The thickness of the coating is also higher than the teeth lint.

The main difference between ceramic and composite laminate

Ceramic laminate resistance is higher than composite laminate. The color stability of the ceramic laminate is high and it has a beautiful appearance. Composite laminate has lower color stability and its main advantage is ceramic lamination, cost and less toothbrush.

The lamination of the tooth was originally intended to correct the appearance of irregular teeth in adults who did not have orthodontic conditions. This action is done with partial anesthesia with the aim of improving the appearance of the teeth in the shortest time. Ceramic laminate installation methods are different. In one of these methods, anesthetization is not injected and the teeth are not drilled, which is done with the help of very thin products such as luminescence. Ceramic laminate has very little thickness, so in this method it is possible to install them on a tooth without cutting, and since it is not used, it does not require numbness.

When installing laminate on your teeth, carefully look at their color and match their natural teeth, and at the same time, change the color of the paint using the color of the cement used. When the laminate is installed using the adhesive on the teeth, there is no longer a possibility to change the laminate color.

Prior to installing laminate, the tooth should be cleaned with special chemicals to provide better lining adhesion. At the end of the installation, the laminate was used to further consolidate the light beam of cement.

Applications of dental lamination

Covering the color of the tooth: Typically, whitening dyes or whitening composites will over time. In contrast, the beauty of the ceramic surface created by a Veneer is generally longer.
Minor defects and partial defects of the teeth, such as teeth erosion: Often, teeth that are slightly abrasive, flaccid, or imperfections (such as chamfering or nodule), or relatively small amounts of abnormal growth (growth of the anterior teeth to The shapes of conical toothbrushes can be repaired and treated with ceramic laminate.







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