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Types of Dental Implant

Types of Dental Implant

Types of Dental Implant: Many companies produce dental implant components and dental restorative products, including crowns and abutments. Implantologists have different choices than your implant treatment.


Types of Dental Implant


Types of Dental Implant


In the world, many companies produce dental implant components and dental restorative products, including crowns and abutments.
Therefore, implantologists have different choices for treating your implant.
Implants are ranked according to their position, method and form for replacement in one or two stages.

Subpriavetelyte implants
Anastoled implant

Subpriavetelyte implants: Used for single-stage surgeries that are applied to the jaw bone and inside the gum tissue. The gingival post is higher than the crown or abutment on it. One of the benefits of this implant is its ability to hold the dent firmly in people who do not have enough bone height.

Anostoled Implants: These types of implants are used in two-stage surgeries. This type of implant is placed directly on the jaw bone and is the best alternative for bridges or dentures. This type of implant is in various forms, screwed or threaded, bladder and cylindrical or flat.

Two-stage dental implants
Two-stage implants are one of the most common surgical procedures in implant implants. In the type of implant surgery, the implant is placed under the gum on the jaw bone. The placement then stitches the gum to protect the bones when healing. After healing, a second stage surgery is done. The surface of the gum (where the implant is planted) opens to attach the abutment.

Single-stage implants
In this method, because of the use of a taller implant and expectoration after surgery, there is no need for second surgery. After the healing period has elapsed, an abutment and a crown can be inserted without the need for surgery on the implant.

In the research conducted by the experts, it has been determined that the success rate was the same in both the single-step method and the two-step method. You can ask your dentist, implantologist, which method is best for you and what are its benefits and disadvantages for you.

Placement immediately restored
In cases requiring very high precision, implants and restorations are performed simultaneously at one surgical stage. Implant is immediately inserted into the surgical procedure after insertion of the implant tooth and a crown is placed next to the abutment.

Types of dental implants in terms of surface and body types
Most implants are made of titanium, but the surface materials of the implants are different. Materials used to make implants are one of the most important factors in the long-term stability and durability of the treatment and durability of the teeth.

The perforated surface, in contrast to the surface of the titanium, makes the bone more involved. Other items on the surface of the implant include scratched acid, scrubbed, substrate, hydroxyapatite coating, plasma spraying, and titanium level.


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