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Scaling: Over time, teeth do not have adequate health and coffee, tea or cigarette consumption is a layer of mass on the tooth surface. Over time, these masses have been damaged by the gum and bone of the tooth.







Over time, teeth do not have adequate health and coffee, tea or cigarette consumption is a layer of mass on the tooth surface. Over time, these masses are damaged to the gums and bones of the tooth and cause gum disease. Once every six months, using a toothpick, gum tissue can be sanitized. By removing the mass from the tooth enamel surface, tooth health helps to increase the length of the gum and toothpick, and this is a way to tooth whitening.

How can teeth whiten?
There are 3 methods for whitening teeth.
Bleaching 2. Scaling 3-  Bleaching H

1. In the method of massaging the toothache, the hat may be white and clean, but the color of the teeth does not change.
2. In the method of biliarying, the teeth are replaced by a special mutated material that passes over the teeth, and with the help of the uvew beam that shines into the material, the teeth are white and change the color.
3- Billing, billing, which can be done without uvew-rays at home without referring to the dentist's clinic.

These three methods are the best and most effective treatment for tooth whitening. The patient should rub off her teeth to clean her teeth from the teeth. Clean up the effect of the bulking material on the teeth is best done. After a scaling, the patient goes to his doctor one week later because he can not immediately bile out after scaling, since it is possible to make allergic reaction and the second is bleaching With bulk materials. The method is the first to prevent gum injury, a gingival cover, in two gums, to prevent the penetration of the bulking material and the sensitivity of the gums. This material is stiffened by UV rays. After this step, the bleaching agent is placed on the teeth and is started by a chemical reaction, which is about half an hour to 45 minutes, on the teeth. And the uterus is emitted to the teeth. After this step, the material is washed off the teeth. After doing this, the clinician's billing will also be used by the physician for a better and more durable effect on biliation. Bleaching is done in this way. A phased scoring process is performed by the physician, which, after being sent to the laboratory, is a specific one for the patient. Bleaching materials that require Uvea radiotherapy are provided by the physician and given to the patient. By teaching how to do it with the patient, the patient himself does it at home.

How to do the
Bleaching job too
The patient can lay some of the substance before bed in a specially prepared lab placed inside it to the extent that the material is removed by inserting it into the extra mouth. Put it in the mouth for up to 45 minutes for that time or until the morning can be inside the mouth without damaging the teeth, then remove it from the mouth and thoroughly rinse the proprietary. You do it up to one week each night. In the second step, once a week, you can do it until the teeth reach your desired color. If this is over, contact your doctor if you have finished your biliary care. After two weeks, use bulking materials for 6 weeks to rest your teeth. Then again, do this. You can even do this before you go to the party so your teeth whiten.



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