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Professional Dental Implant Clinic in Tehran

Professional Dental Implant Clinic in Tehran

Professional Dental Implant Clinic in Tehran: How to find an Implant Specialist Center in Tehran? Tooth implants or tooth implants are essential for those who have lost their teeth.


Professional Dental Implant Clinic in Tehran


Professional Dental Implant Clinic in Tehran

How to find an Implant Specialist Center in Tehran?

Tooth implants or tooth implants are practical and important today for those who have lost their teeth.
Nowadays many people find it difficult to find a specialist center for implant implantation or dental implants. They want to know which specialist implant plant specializes in quality treatment, and how the implant specialist in Tehran teeth or plant Find teeth. The best way to find an implant center is to identify dentistry through sites.

How do we do this?
You should see which implantologist has more articles about the implant. This indicates that someone with a high medical profile about the implant has a lot of experience in the treatment. The next step is to see the implantologist's sample.
Dentists, like other people in the industry, are using pre and post photos to introduce their abilities on their sites or social networks, in which case you can see as implanting or implanting treatments as well as other treatments as a patient. Get acquainted with the dentist's ability.
The next step is to see the films of patient satisfaction, which seems to be more important than other things, because if the disease is not satisfied with your dentist's treatment, it's not satisfactory to be interviewed, or if you want to be satisfied with your satisfaction To speak.
Honestly, we respect all these steps and have been used on our site and we use that you safely choose the best doctor for your treatment.

What is the benefit of having a dental implant or dental implant?

Implant is the best alternative for:

People with artificial teeth can not eat easily.
People who have their teeth fallen by accident and do not want to use artificial teeth.
People who need a bridge (fixed prosthesis) but do not want to hurt or cut their healthy teeth.
People who are interested in having the same teeth in their natural teeth.

Who is eligible for implant treatment?
Because of the advancement of technology, many people are eligible for this treatment. In fact, if an individual wants to have no fixed prosthesis and has an approximately healthy body anatomy, he can be eligible for implants.

Complications after implants
Complications that are normal and reversible When the implant surgery finishes, changes occur that are normal after surgery and temporary. After three or six months, it returns to normal.

Complications such as
1. A slight relaxation of the tooth along the implant that returns to normal after a week or a month.

2. Post operative pain is inevitable and depends on the type of surgery and the characteristics of those implanting implants. The best way to reduce the pain is by using the gauze one hour before surgery.

3. Inflammation of implant implants in some patients. In cases where bone graft is done, there is a possibility of bruising, which in most cases these complications begin one day after the implant's implantation, and after a week they are completely normal. It turns out.

4. In some cases (in patients with low jaw height), you may observe numbness or numbness along the lips that is normal and returns to normal after a while.

5. Another case of complications that occurs after fifteen years is to treat single implants related to the front tooth. The tip of the maxillary maxillary can be lowered one or two millimeters, but the tip of the implant covers, but it is resolved with a visit to the physician concerned to repair the problem.


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