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Drsojodi's dental implant & cosmetic clinic

Professional Dental Implant Clinic

Professional Dental Implant Clinic

Professional Dental Implant Clinic: In order to improve the well-being of patients and patients, we regularly and regularly perform dental check-ups at the Implant Specialized Clinic for free. And is done by an implant surgeon.


Professional Dental Implant Clinic


Professional Dental Implant Clinic

Unique Implant Clinic Features
For the well-being of patients and patients, we regularly and continuously provide dental checkups and counseling at the Implant Professional Clinic. In a specialized clinic, the implant is implanted by an implant surgeon who uses fixture and consumables that are used by the best and most prominent winners of the day in the world. The beauty treatments of a specialized clinic, including dental lamination, dental implants, or dental implants, are restored ... After consulting sessions and seeing our portfolio albums, clients can treat their beauty at their specialty implants clinic according to their taste. Do. All services provided in the specialized implant clinic include one year of quality grants and any problems with the services provided. The Implant Professional Clinic will be responsible for the satisfaction of the respected person.

The latest advances in dental implant problems in the Implant Specialist Clinic
3D Image of Oral and Digital Planning
Dental implant surgery using a computer is a precise and highly advanced method for dental implantation. This method, which has just arrived in Iran, has succeeded in implant surgery of up to 97% because of the smoother, faster and more predictable tooth decay than ever before. With the advent of the 3D image to the specialized implant clinics, this transformation has undergone a major transformation. With the help of these images, dentists can easily check the patient's jaw without surgery, which makes it possible to save time and money.

Reconstructing and increasing bone volume (sinus lift) in the specialized implant clinic
After the teeth are drawn, the bone begins to rebound. This is done over time, and the jaw bone decreases. In some people, from the beginning, there is no space or volume sufficient for dental implant to lower the cavity and can not hold the implant. Fortunately, today, with the advancement of science in the implant clinic, these can be easily solved and the dentist will rebuild bone with different methods to repair the bone. Having enough bone is both quantitatively and quantitatively important for the long-term success of implant implants.

Assistant surgeon in the Implant Specialist Clinic
One of the important factors in implant surgery or any other surgery is having skilled and experienced assistants. In a specialized implant clinic, all surgeons or surgeon assistants should have a high degree of experience in their use of different treatments during surgery. The surgeon's assistants must be able to sterilize the surgical setting and surgical complex during surgery to prevent the patient from becoming infected and to prepare suitable surgical and surgical suits.

Surgical assistants in the implant clinic should adjust the unit during surgery to make the surgeon and patient as easy as possible.
After doing these things, the patients around the mouth should be sterilized using sterile gas impregnated with iodine.
When the surgeon starts his surgery, the assistant must, from the same area as the physician is undergoing surgery, bypasses the lips of the patient to suction the mucous membrane and blood vessels in a way that is correct and ideal.


Professional Dental Implant Clinic - more video


Professional Dental Implant Clinic - free travel




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