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Porcelain Laminate Veneer

Porcelain Laminate Veneer

Porcelain Laminate Veneer: All humans love beauty and have been visiting clinics and dentistry offices for beauty of their teeth for several years to make their teeth more beautiful and more beautiful.


Porcelain Laminate Veneer


Periodontal Disease Signs


All humans love beauty and have been visiting clinics and dentistry offices for the beauty of their teeth for many years to make them more beautiful and more delicate. Today, with the advancement of science in the field of dentistry, there are many ways to solve these problems for patients in clinics and clinics. One of the most practical and definitive treatments for dental laminate patients. In your dental lint, you will have only regular white teeth in regular teeth, regular interval teeth, which, unlike other therapies, do not require a length of treatment, and you will be treated for the shortest time.

Laminates are divided into two categories:
Ceramic laminate
Composite Laminate

Composite Laminate
The difference between the two is in the construction and the length of their life. The composite laminate will be made by the doctor in the office and will have a longer life span than ceramic laminate and will take more time. In this treatment, your doctor will visit you and give you free advice. If you agree with this treatment The treatment is done in two to four sessions, which depends on the number of teeth that you want to make the composite. This treatment is completely based on the strength of the design and the science and experience of the dentist, because all the steps that have been taken are documented. In the first stage, the dentist separates the tooth with his or her tool. The most important thing in a composite is that the teeth should be laminated individually, and until the first teeth are finished, the teeth can not be removed. The dentist begins to work with the rubbing of composite materials to the teeth, and when the work is completed, Uvay rays rigidize the composite material, and this stage is applied to the individual teeth when all the teeth are finished. With polish, they form and form composites, but form and shape are done to the patient's own taste.

Ceramic laminate
The laminate is made of ceramic made from your teeth and perfectly compatible with your teeth.

Recommendations for this treatment:
Bad teeth
Irregular teeth
Distance between teeth
Smile pattern correction
Add crown length to the tooth

Ceramic laminate is made by the device on the side of composite laminate. The luminosity of this laminate is more than a composite laminate, and it is said before designing the laminate design selected by the patient himself for medical reform to design such a smiley design.

Ceramic lamination treatment steps
After a free consultation and consultation with the dentist, selecting a smile on your teeth, you will have a very thin cut and molded from your mouth, then send the mold to the laboratory to be made with your specialized laminating machine. In the second session, the lamination is applied to your teeth and the work is completed.



Periodontal Disease Signs


Periodontal Disease Signs




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