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Performance of laminate or veneer tooth

Performance of laminate or veneer tooth

Performance of laminate or veneer tooth:  Although many teeth whitening treatments and teeth whitening products can be corrected, many can only be removed by superficial and external spots.


Performance of laminate or veneer tooth





1. Whitening teeth that have a moderate or severe change in color and stain and do not whiten whitening: Although with various treatments and types of bleaching products, many teeth can be corrected, but often only stain. Surface and exterior can be removed by this method. Deep dark spots of the teeth can not be bleached with bleaching. In such cases, methods such as bonding and lamination are used. But if the teeth are tight, bonding can not cover it. In such cases, laminate is used. The laminate is attached as a ceramic shell on the surface of the tooth to allow the desired toothpaste. Internal patches resulting from decay or tooth filling are also corrected.

2. Correction of partial defects in the structure of the teeth: ceramic laminate acts in the repair of lip filling, cracking and tilting of teeth very effectively. Although bonding is also used to correct these problems, bonding is only used for mild cases and can not solve medium to severe problems. Bonding also has a low durability, and after a while its life ends, while laminate is a more durable solution.

3. Solve several beautiful teeth problems at the same time: Multi-purpose laminate therapy. For example, when you want to correct the mild sting of your teeth, and on the other hand, there are other problems, such as filling or tightness, you can fix all three problems with a single laminate, and so on with a few beams. While, if you do not use laminate, you should do so for each of these separate healing problems that do not seem reasonable in terms of cost, time or effort.

4. Closing the gap between the teeth: In cases where there is a gap between the front teeth, and if there is no other orthodontic problem and therefore, you do not need orthodontic treatment, you can do the same with the laminate Close One of the advantages of lamination on orthodontic treatment is that you do not have to wait one year to get the result, but only one or two sessions of the distance between the teeth are closed and your smile becomes more beautiful.

5. Improve the wear and teeth of the teeth: In many cases, for a variety of reasons, such as tooth decay, tooth decay and tote problems, a part of the tooth may be further washed or the teeth generally shortened. Laminate can be used to lift and measure teeth.

6. Correction of deformity of the edges of the tooth: Sometimes the edges of the tooth may have a jagged or dentine position. You can use laminate to fix this problem.

7. Flattening and smoothing the tooth surface: Sometimes the tooth surface has small pores and tufts, or in layered layers. Sometimes the surface of the teeth is rough. The roughness on the tooth surface causes the reflection of light on its surface to be diffused, and the color of the tooth is matte and different from other teeth, while no spots may be present in it. In addition, this feature, in turn, creates a laceration at the teeth surface. Laminate can be used to fix this problem.

Note for laminating should have good oral health. Before performing beauty treatments, gum and tooth health should be appropriate. Otherwise, the faulty structure must first be treated and then the lining must be done.






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