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Implant Maintenance

Implant Maintenance

Implant Maintenance: How to properly brush your teeth is very important in the way that your dentist will explain when brushing your teeth correctly on your teeth or on your teeth.


Implant Maintenance


Periodontal Disease Signs



How to properly brush your teeth is very important in the way that your dentist will explain when brushing your teeth correctly on your teeth or on your teeth. You should do this for your dental implant. In dental implants, you can brush your implanted teeth like your natural teeth. However, you should not use dental floss or toothpicks on your implant, because using a toothpick causes you to feed the food you want to go from between the two implants down and toothpaste underneath the implant Guides.

Use dental floss or toothpicks better than toothbrushes for patients who have done dental implants. Due to its advanced design, waterjet teeth have a system that can cleanse your teeth with water pressure. These toothbrushes are like water spray that dentists use when they wash the mouth of the patient and have it. Which cleanses between implanted teeth and can easily wash food between them.

When you eat, sugary foods and food accumulate on your teeth, as well as your implant, and if this does not clean up, it will cause swelling of the gum. Over time, this process causes the gums to stick to the teeth, which in turn makes the bacteria and the mass more concentrated underneath the natural teeth or dental implants, and as your natural teeth or your implant continues to flow. The first step after dental implantation is to prevent infection and reduce postoperative pain, which in most cases does not hurt the patient and cares for dental wound care, such as oral mouthwash (chlorhexidine), Do not smoke, brush, etc. Note that brushing is one of the important points for the health of natural teeth and implants.

Required items after implant

After the implant surgery and the base of the bases in the surgical site, check the chewing pressure and eat with the other side, as well as try to use soft foods for a week, even if you are looking for the other side, you should mention It is very important for the first two to three weeks that the pressure is not applied to the working legs.
Washing with serum or mouthwash will play an important role in improving the gum wound and also prevent infection, so please rinse your mouth regularly from the hours after surgery and do this several times a day (4 to 5 times the minimum) Do it daily, but use mouthwash according to the dentist's order, which is basically two times a day.
In the first 24 hours, no food or hot drinks can be used, you can eat everything just cool and soft.
The risk of bleeding from the site of surgery from 24 to 48 hours after surgery is normal and you should not worry about it. In open sinewy surgery, the possibility of bleeding from the nose is also possible.
Stop wiping the mouth with pressure and if the mouth water and even the blood of the abbey are collected in the mouth, please hold the napkin in front of your mouth and gently empty the contents of your mouth and avoid emptying it with pressure because the movement of the wound causes bleeding. It turns out.
Drug prescriptions are prescribed by your dentist, and in the case of prescription antibiotics, please take all the prescribed prescriptions instead of discontinuing the drug after 2 or 3 days, which is generally for 1 week every 8 hours These drugs should be taken.
The site of surgery may swell after 24 to 72 hours, which is normal, you can use ice cream after surgery. Note that if bone grafting is done for you, the risk of this swelling will be much higher and No worries. After a few days, it will be overcome.
Gingivitis can be changed after a few days, and if you want to become white or greyish, do not worry about it, and do not think that the infection has been caused because it indicates wound healing.
If blood from the surgical site secretes, it becomes a severe bleeding, you can take a piece of sterilized gas from the pharmacy and make it up (with your hands clean) and wound on it and gently gassed after a while. Blood If you do not, contact your doctor or go to a clinic or hospital.


Overall, implant implantation is very important and it can last for long.




Periodontal Disease Signs


Periodontal Disease Signs




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