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Comparison of composite, laminate and tooth coat for smiling faces

Comparison of composite, laminate and tooth coat for smiling faces

Comparison of composite, laminate and tooth coat for smiling faces: The laminate is a thin, coarse ceramic teeth that is attached to the front of the tooth. Laminate is used for beautifying teeth.


Comparison of composite, laminate and tooth coat for smiling faces





Laminate or veneer is a thin, coarse piece of ceramic tooth that is attached to the front of the tooth. Laminate is used to repair dental problems and make teeth and smile beautiful. In some cases, the support of the upper lip and the showing of it and the balance in the lower half of the face can also be achieved using lamination of the front teeth. To laminate a tooth does not need to shave a large part of its healthy structure. Usually laminate is made in the dental laboratory based on the teeth prepared mold. It is then glued directly to the tooth surface with a special dental adhesive and is finally polished and looks like a natural tooth. Laminate life is more than composite and its strength and strength is higher than composite, but the process of lamination of the tooth is longer than the composite and may require several sessions to visit the dentist. The cost of laminate is more composite and laminar. However, its resistance to a change in color and stain is greater than the composite.

Laminate difference with composite and tooth coat
Composite is actually a composite resin material that is directly applied to the surface of the tooth to hide or repair the teeth defects. The composite is used to fill small surfaces, holes and cracks, and small teeth filling. Dental coverings are used in situations where dental problems are extensive and large, or the structure of the tooth is weakened and needs to be strengthened. After the nerve eruption, the teeth are coated to protect the structure and prevent the teeth from splitting away. Laminate life depends on oral hygiene and dental care. Since the laminate is tighter than bonding, its resistance to color and staining, as well as to the filling lobe, is higher.

Shape - Laminate or veneer tooth
• Only two sessions of lumbar dental problems are corrected
• In terms of the health of the teeth, the laminate is more conservative than the coating, and a smaller portion of the tooth structure is shaved.
• Laminate longevity is more than bonding and is estimated to be about ten years
• Laminate is made of biocompatible material and does not create a problem for the gum
• Laminate looks completely natural and looks like a natural tooth and nobody notices it
• Laminate has a high resistance to color and stain
• The cost of laminating is less than the coating
• Laminate covers problems that are more severe than the condition that bonding can cover

Composite advantages
• Composite can be used to repair rotten teeth and fill the holes and dental caries.
• Composite is performed in one session only, and the length of the treatment is much less than that of the laminate
• The cost of composites is lower in two ways
• A composite can be used to cover the protruding root of the tooth
• Toothpaste is very easy to make
• In terms of tooth health, it is a completely conservative method and does not need to shave the teeth for compositing.
• Since there is no need to shave the teeth, there is no need for anisotropy except to fill the teeth during which the toothpicked parts of the tooth should be shaved and drained

Advantages of Covering
The tooth cover is a white cap that surrounds the crown of the tooth and covers it completely so you can not see any part of the dentures that are covered. The advantages of the coating are as follows:
• Protects the damaged and weakened structure of the teeth
• It is highly resistant to color and stain
• Strong resistance to jaw is high, and the probability of cracking and filling the lips is less than other methods
• Many dental problems that can not be repaired with bonding and lamination can be corrected with dental coverings.
It looks like a natural tooth
• It has a long lifespan and will last for 15 years if taken care of







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