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Dental Laminate Maintenance

Dental Laminate Maintenance

Dental Laminate Maintenance: The tooth has two parts of the crown and the root, the crown has an outer part called the enamel and an inner part called ivory, just below the dentin there is a container called a pallet room.


Dental Laminate Maintenance

Oral and Tooth Hygiene part 2


Single lining is one of the most commonly used dental treatments that is taught in all universities of the world, and if the correct work is done and the treatment plan is correct, it will not harm the teeth in any way. All people are not suitable for lining the teeth, and they are due to the habits that they have in their mouths. For example, a frey who brushes teeth or brushes her teeth together, finally, her teeth are weakened and she lined with porcelain (Ceramic) is damaged and this causes cracking and breaking of the laminate.

Also, chewing edible foods will damage lint, such as ice, nails, and eating rigorous foods, which will cause a lot of pressure on the lining of the tooth and eventually cause them to loosen and fall, those who Unsafe organs, such as those who have active gum disease or tooth decay, and those whose teeth are weak or do not have enough enamel on the tooth surface, will be shaved over a thin layer of each lint in the tooth. The same procedure continues for less than 6 months, causing allergies and damage to the teeth.

The main difference is the lifetime and durability of composite and ceramic laminate, with a composite having an average life of 4 years and a ceramic coating of about 10 years, making ceramic laminates easier to eat, and, of course, improving the health of the toothpaste. The durability of composite veneer, like any other treatment, depends on patient's health and care, and it can not be determined for a certain time, but it can be said that if the work is done accurately and the patient follows the necessary health, it is one of the most durable Dental treatments. Many people who are interested in composite dentin lymphomas are concerned about their durability and colorability, and they often assume ceramic laminates are not damaged or damaged.

Concerning the durability of dental laminae, it should be noted that the laments, like their teeth, need to be careful and respectful of health issues, as they suffer from decay and damage as a result of not having toothache, teeth, The dent is also damaged and, of course, the lack of attention to it can reduce their useful life, while observing simple things for the general cavity of the teeth can increase the longevity and durability of the laminate and, of course, And the charm of your teeth. The durability of composite laminates depends on a number of factors, which in the first place is the method of placing and laying of lamina on the teeth. The beauty of dentistry and beautiful tooth experience can have a significant impact on what you expect and what you get from the outcome.

A skilled and experienced dentist, in addition to providing beautiful teeth and attractive and lovely smile designs, needs care, arrogance, art, and a bit of elegance for this, if the composites are unconventional and inexperienced. On the teeth may be very beautiful in the first few days, but the damage will affect your main teeth. In many cases, the dentist, regardless of the tooth enamel, injures the composite veneer on the tooth, you will notice that the major teeth are damaged and, in addition, the composites are damaged and In these cases, it may be necessary to remove the composites, so in choosing a beautiful dentist, we must have a thorough and adequate accuracy.

The care methods used to maintain teeth have a significant effect on the teeth's durability, although the dentist has done well and dental principles have shaped the composites on your teeth. It will take care of you and your health care. Composites, like teeth, can be colored, so you need to brush your teeth after eating coffee and tea. Toothbrushing has a significant effect on whitening teeth. Your care from laminated teeth can last up to 10 or more.



 Tooth Hygiene part 2


Oral Hygiene part 2




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