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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Gum Surgery: The main cause of gum disease is the microbial plaque that causes tooth decay, periodontal disease causes the same decay of a bacterial infectious patient that begins with swelling of the gum.


Cosmetic Gum Surgery


Cosmetic Gum Surgery


Gum disease and periodontal disease: The main cause of gum disease is the microbial plaque, which is the factor that causes tooth decay. Periodontal disease causes a bacterial infectious disease that begins with swelling of the gum and gum swelling does not progress if it is prevented by gum and gum surgeon and becomes a periodontal open-ended disease that only Gum and gum surgery can be done by scalp and gum surgery. If you have the following symptoms, refer to the gum surgeon and the gum specialist:

1- Swelling of the gum
3. Gingival bleeding
4- Itching and bleeding gums
5. Unpleasant odor

Increasing the length of the crown of the tooth is one of a variety of gum surgery that increases the length of the crown of the tooth by removing the gingival tissue and shaving the surrounding bone tissue to allow continued treatment on the tooth. This work is lost by the teeth due to the fracture and decay of whole or part of the crown or it extends greatly under the gum and renders it difficult to repair. In this case, gingival surgery or Increasing the length of the crown of the tooth.

In practice, gum and gum specialists (periodontist) usually remove some soft tissue from the toothbrush and attach it to the gum line at the damaged site, which is referred to as gingival bond surgery.

Flap surgery occurs when the gingival envelope is created, the envelope is the ultimate outcome of inflammation and infection that results in loss of tissue adhesion to the teeth and is one of the most common outcomes of periodontal disease (gum). The purpose of the flap surgery is to eliminate or reduce the periodontal envelope and reconstruct the periodontal tissues and re-attach them to the tooth and create a more normal form and beauty of the gum if the depth of the periodontal envelope and their reconnection to the tooth more than 5 mm Gingival flap surgery is used to reduce the depth of the envelope.

With the loss of the bone, the tooth loosens and lags behind, the teeth are the worst complication of periodontal disease because it is almost irreversible and may lead to tooth decay, in addition to the loss of the gum The larynx causes the root of the tissue that is vulnerable without protection and support in the mouth. It also eliminates the inflammation of the weak strands that binds the tooth to the gum and bone, and the gums stick to the tooth and loosen and A deep envelope is created around the teeth that cleanses it with periodontal disease after age 30 and The prevalence is higher in men than in women, and the likelihood of developing this disease is exacerbated in any person with plaque and mass on the tooth.

What are the solutions to prevent the disease?
1-2 times a day brush with a toothpaste containing fluoride every 5 minutes.
2- Use dental floss every day.
3- Go to the dentistry routine for checking and scaling.
4. Use the correct and balanced diet.
5. Avoid smoking.



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