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Super thin laminate

Super thin laminate

Super thin laminate: Do you want to keep your teeth 100% healthy while you have beautiful teeth? Do you want to have a Hollywood smile? Do you want your laminate to last a great deal?


Super thin laminate


Periodontal Disease Signs


Do you want to keep your teeth 100% healthy while you have beautiful teeth?
Do you want to have a Hollywood smile without tooth decay?
Do you want your laminate to last a great deal and last for over 15 years?
Do you suffer from a sweet smile?
Are you afraid of anxiety injection?
What is laminate veneer or ceramic laminate?

The laminate is a ceramic thin, yet highly durable. Porcelain veneers are one of the most beautiful beauty treatments developed by our profession. Ceramic materials are brittle in nature alone, but since the bonding of ceramic materials to the tooth structure has provided enough power to toothpaste and durability, patients' concerns have been resolved.

Why does the ceramics not break down too thinly?
The reason for this is that the ceramic is significantly strengthened when it is covered by its strong underlying structure.
Let me give you an example. Ceramic laminate may be compared with a ceramic floor tile. A strong man may be able to break a piece of tile with his hands, but when he laminates it to the floor, he can not break it, because it is supported throughout the entire earth. Ceramic material support can be very strong. The fact that we can now attach these materials to the natural tooth structure allows us to eliminate the metal substitution, and as a result, the tooth is converted into an underground support structure, and the lamination of the tooth causes a strong regeneration. To be
Today, with the changing taste of patients, very thin ceramics have opened a new therapeutic way. At the same time, these ceramics have high strength.

What are the advantages of a very thin ceramic (lens connector)?
1 - Without a cutter or cutter at a level of 0.3 mm in the thickness of the eye lens
Very high strength
3. Shelf life more than 15 years
4- Maintaining 100% enamel
5- No need for injection
6- Complete toothpaste and prevent teeth
7. Superb beauty
8. No color change
9. Select a variety of bright colors to choose the patient
10- Lack of prominence
11- Lack of protrusion
12. No feeling of excess body on the tooth
13 - Brightness like pearls

Can anyone use this laminate?
Different laminate treatments can be used based on the shape of the teeth and the jaw of each individual. The use or non-use of this type of laminate is only specified during the examination of a beauty specialist.

What is the cost of different types of laminate?
Due to the different types of dental lamination and the use of high grade materials and high-quality materials and the experience of a beauty specialist, and the accuracy of this treatment by a restorative and beauty specialist, the price of laminate can vary from 750,000 to 1/650/000.

Is it possible to design a smile before treatment?
Yes Before lamination of the tooth with PMMA materials, the patient's shape and size of laminate can be designed and the patient's expectations become known.




Periodontal Disease Signs


Periodontal Disease Signs




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