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Composite Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers

Composite Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers

Composite Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers: Both are for the beauty of the tooth and both treatments have their own characteristics and benefits. In both treatments, the goal is to tidy and tidy the teeth that can be responsive to the patient's need.


Composite Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers


Composite Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers


Vinyl composite and laminate are both for the beauty of the tooth and both treatments have properties and benefits. In both treatments, the goal is to tidy and tidy the teeth that can be responsive to the patient's need. But the two methods are very different, the beauty of the workmanship, the quality, durability, resistance and elegance of the composite veneer is most of the work of the doctor, with special materials that are the same color of the tooth. The dentist will change the color and shape of the tooth. In the teeth composite, the teeth are cut short and the co-finer materials are placed on the patient's choice of the tooth for the patient according to the color of the patient or brighter, and the dentist forms a special tool for the teeth and forms the uvew beam These materials become rigid.

In composite over time, it is possible to change color and it may not be very color-coded with color and there is a difference in color. In veneer composite, the color of the teeth is not very transparent and will become cloudy over time. In some cases, some patients also become allergic to composites. The sensitivity of the teeth is high in the composite. There are no disadvantages in laminating.
In the lamination of the teeth, after a short cut, there is no damage to the enamel of the tooth. You will then be present at the office from your teeth and then sent to the lab. Most work is done by the lab. At this stage, the patient can choose the color of her toothpaste and can even change the tooth shape. In the laboratory, with special materials that are ceramic and very resistant, teeth are made and after completion of the teeth, which are individually constructed, they are attached to the teeth with special materials.

Because of its ceramic lamination, it is very transparent and yet very resistant to any kind of color variation on them. You can easily eat. By eating coffee and tea and colored ingredients, you will not have to worry about color changes and give you a beautiful smile with clear clarity. In both beauty treatments, if the patient has gum problem or gum analysis or need orthodontic treatment, there is no possibility of this treatment and should take the above treatments, then he will take a beautiful treatment.

Beautiful Smile Effects on Enhancing Charm
The face of each person is the focus of the other on the face, and the focus of attention is to the middle of the face. That's why a beautiful smile with tidy teeth is very effective, but a smile with dirty, broken, crooked, distorted teeth, yellow and ... does not give a good sense to the opposite.

Lack of adequate support
The teeth are a very important foundation in the lower part of the face, if the teeth fall into the basement, there is no foundation and therefore the lips are dislodged and the lips do not show their true size and the person opposite Thinking that the size of your lips is gone, and eventually the chin bone is drowsy.

How to prevent this?
You need timing with your doctor to take a visit that your doctor will keep your teeth fit. When you lose a tooth, the backbone's logical tissue disappears and becomes drowsy and shows an older face. The facial form can be relaxed and only a beauty specialist can help you.

How is it treated?
With brilliance, veneer, sheaths and dental-shaped materials arrange both sides of the tooth and restore the chin bone to a balanced and proper shape, reposition facial expressions and improve the amount of lost lips. Most dentists have better tooth-to-face height by using lining up to the shape of the lips.

What is the treatment for?
When your teeth are arranged, your smile will not be blocked, which will make your smile more effective, with more lips highlighted and more beautiful. And in general, your face becomes younger.

What is the most famous sign of aging?
Those who suffer from tooth decay and tooth decay, in most cases the surface of their teeth is reduced, when it is done, the jaw is closer to the bottom and the face appears to be shorter.

How to prevent this?
If you unconsciously rub your teeth together or brush your teeth, ask your hairdresser to prescribe the plaque for you to use when you sleep that habit is lost.

Treatment method
The best way to treat Brilliance, Vener, is to cover the height of the mouth to its previous height, the teeth are the pillar and main body of the face, which, by sorting and correcting them, makes the face much younger.




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