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What are dental implant disadvantages and complications?

What are dental implant disadvantages and complications?

Nowadays, dental implant can solve some problems such as toothless or bad appearance of the teeth. These problems are so bothering and have negative effects on patient’s self-confidence. Patients with dentures also face many problems such as inadequate appearance, lack of comfort, problem while talking and poor hygiene. Dental implant introduced to the market to solve such problems. Dentists use dental implants to help patients to get rid of such problems. 


When the patient has lost one or more teeth because of several reasons such as tooth decay, gum disease, impact, breakage or accidents and so on; dental implant is a very suitable way for replacing lost teeth. Dental implant plays the role of tooth root to hold the crown as a replaced tooth. Dentures need a support and then, dentist can use dental implant to secure dentures.

Dental implant means a part that dentist insert it into the patient’s jaw bone to hold the tooth crown. In this procedure, there is no need to rasp the adjacent teeth. Therefore, the other teeth remain intact and this is a very positive point in dental treatment.

Dental implants are made of Titanium or its alloys and/or ceramics with bone-like textures to be compatible with human body’s tissues. Based on the reports, dental implant is the best way for replacing lost teeth. Dental implant is similar to natural teeth in terms of size and shape.

Patients with dental implant are comfortable in daily works such as chewing food and talking. Dental implant process should be performed after complete bone growth. Proper age for dental implant is after 16 for women and after 18 for men. One of the problems for dental implant treatment decision making is its high price because its fixture and prosthesis parts such as abatement and crown are expensive.

Dental implant has no considerable implications. We are going to explain all necessary points here.

  1. Dental implant high costs
  2. Dental implant is time consuming
  3. Relative loosening of adjacent tooth
  4. Relative pain after inserting dental implant
  5. Dental implant surgery risks such as infection, bleeding, treatment failure, damages to the nerves and sinuses
  6. Requiring regular checkups by dentist
  7. Possibility of dental implant restoration in long term period
  8. Lip numbness in some cases of dental implant
  9. Possibility of partial inflation after implant insertion
  10. Possibility of upper jaw bone rupture
  11. Possibility of damages to nerves in dental implant insertion
  12. Loosening healing crown in some cases
  13. Bone fracture or contusion in some dental implant processes
  14. Possibility of swallowing some small parts while inserting implants
  15. Sinus problems after dental implant

Dental implant fracture  








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