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Common Myths About Mini Dental Implants

Common Myths About Mini Dental Implants

Common Myths About Mini Dental Implants: There are always some misconceptions about any therapy, rumors and beliefs. Some of these misconceptions are wrong, and others are the result of inaccurate understanding.


Common Myths About Mini Dental Implants

Common Myths About Mini Dental Implants

Leave false beliefs about the mini-implant
There is always a case for any treatment, rumor, and false beliefs. Some of these false beliefs are wrong, and others are misunderstood. Here you will get acquainted with the incorrect beliefs about the Mini-Implant:

You can not even have a mini implant if you can not use an implant
First of all you should know that in fact, a mini implant is used in situations where there is no possibility of using a conventional implant. Many people can not use conventional implants because of low volume or bone density or lack of funding. But this does not mean that the mini implant can not be sown because many of these people have the right conditions for the implantation of a mini implant.
The implantation of the implant is painful, and postoperative recovery is very long.

The standard method of implantation implant placement in the jaw is very clear and distinct. This operation is much less invasive than the usual implant and undergoes mild anesthesia. On the other hand, because tissues are less manipulated, the recovery period is relatively short and there is less likelihood of complications. Most mini-implant implants are done within one hour. Any pain and discomfort after surgery will eventually be resolved within 48 hours. Within a few hours you can eat as usual.

Those who can not use an implant should use artificial teeth
With many advances made, there are many ways to replace missing teeth. If you can not use an ordinary implant, you do not have to use a conventional denture instead, but you can overdenture with a mini implant that is fixed on the mini implant. This way, your teeth are no longer moving, and it's completely solid. So, without the need for implant implantation and with a mini-implant, you can have teeth that you can easily eat and talk with.

Mini-implant does not last a long time
When the mini-implant is embedded by expert, skilled, lifelong, long-term, and even lifelike solutions. As long as you care about oral hygiene and follow the dentist's instructions, there's no reason why a mini-implant has a problem and needs to be replaced. Most of the problems and long-term complications of the mini-implant are due to lack of proper care or lack of proper treatment.
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