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Types of Gum Surgery

Types of  Gum Surgery

Types of  Gum Surgery: Gingival Flap Surgery uses gum surgery for most people with moderate to severe periodontitis. In cases where the pockets on the patient's gum line are deep.  


Types of  Gum Surgery


Types of  Gum Surgery



1- Gingival Flap Surgery is the first method of gingival surgery. For most people with moderate to severe periodontitis, they use gingivitis. In cases where the envelopes on the gum line have a high depth (greater than 5 mm), the gum dentist should perform gum surgery to reduce and remove the gum packs. For gum surgery, the dentist first creates gaps in the gum tissue to separate the teeth from the gum. These gaps make the dentist clear the masses created in the envelopes with a manual and mechanical massaging tool.


2- The next method of gingival surgery is gingival. In the gums, extra tissue will remove the gums that have grown on the teeth, making it easier to clean teeth and cure.
In the gum, the dentist initially anesthesia the person's gums, then it makes the cuts and thus extracts the tissues from the gum.


3- The next method of gingival surgery is the repair of gum plastics. The application of gum plastics repair replaces the shape of the healthy gum tissue around the teeth, which makes the appearance of the teeth look prettier.
 This method of gingival surgery is used for patients whose gums have fallen back and have no gum on the teeth. In these cases, there is another way that it is gingival grafting, this is done with the help of the tissue of the mouth of the mouth, and at the end of the suture tissue. Laser can also be used for this soft tissue that is transplanted onto it.


4- Gum cosmetic surgery is also one of a kind of gum surgery. Apart from gum surgery that is used exclusively for the treatment of periodontitis and diseases, gum surgery can also be used for beauty. For example, a gum smile or meat smile is one of the problems that overwhelms the beauty of a person and requires gum surgery to improve appearance.
This gum surgery is called gingival hemorrhage, in which the same technology used in the treatment of gum disease is used. In the gum, the condition and balance of the patient's gums are improved and the patient gets a good smile.

 In this method of gingival surgery, extra tissue of the gum is removed and the appearance of the teeth is taller and more beautiful. As a result, the patient's teeth are shown in a smile other than the gums.




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