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Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate Part 2

Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate Part 2 : Excessive laminitis can be one of the failures of laminitis. Applying excessive laminite force when examining it on non-uniform, low tooth abrasion


Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate Part 2

Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate Part 2

A - Laminite fracture: Too thin laminate can be one of the laminite failures. Applying excessive laminite force when testing it on the tooth (before permanent cementing). External chewing forces on the tooth and function can also cause laminitis to break.

B - Inappropriate Bonding: In the past, bonding materials were very basic and had a finer thickness, which was a defect in these types of bonding. Today, with the advancement of materials, equipment and technologies for the manufacture of dental materials, and the production of bonds of varying thicknesses and polymerization (chain reactions), the likelihood of laminite fractures is reduced. Bands with different color combinations have also been marketed to complement the polymerization process for laminate adhesion, which helps to improve the accuracy and quality of finishing work.


C-etched laminate surfaces and silane application: Fluoridric acid should be used to attach laminate to dental surfaces. This acid eliminates contamination of the inner surfaces of the laminate for better adhesion to the tooth and creates rough surfaces for better bonding to the tooth. Failure to select the time required for etching Selection of high-thickness contaminants after acid etching of tooth surface moisture and laminate can lead to failure as a result of treatment and ceramic removal from the tooth surface.

D-Keeping the order and timing of each: The dentist should have sufficient experience in ceramic tooth examinations, dental checking to remove contamination or excess composites, and adherence to dental etching and laminate use. Use bonding and silicone and enough time to mix the cement.

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