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Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate part 1

Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate part 1

Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate : Inadequate tooth shaving may be due to inadequate shaving or sharp edges or inconsistent tooth shaving. The lathe is also in the right place


Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate


Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate


1. Inappropriate tooth polishing: Inappropriate tooth polishing may be due to inadequate tooth polishing or to the edges of sharp edges or non-uniform teeth. Finish Line Placement is also an important issue in preventing micro leakage in the right place from the tooth crown.


2. Dental Implants: Not knowing the principles of smile design Considering the fit between the teeth and the gums should be considered by the dentist in a complete and consistent manner. The position of the edges of the anterior teeth should also be taken into account for the soft tissue reconstruction and the harmony between the facial and tooth components. If the dentist is not aware of these cases, the patient will not be satisfied.


3. Selecting the right lab: If the lab does not help with the latest materials or techniques for differentiating teeth, advanced diagnostic imaging will help to achieve a beautiful result. Perhaps the right color for a patient of the same age but with lighter skin is the wrong choice.


4. Technician: It is very important for a dentist to work with a talented, committed and knowledgeable dental technician. The technician should use sufficient porcelain powders to allow enough time for the ceramic materials to be laminated edges preventing the repetition of the ceramic materials, which should always be considered in order to satisfy the patient and avoid wasting time.


5. Patients: Patients themselves can also be the cause of laminitis failure. Patients who have unreasonable expectations from their dentist for cosmetic dentistry and patients who want to cover other defects in other facial features will be dissatisfied with their treatment. Had. For example, patients who see pictures of an actor want to have lips or prominent teeth while their face is small, or patients who want a beautiful smile that does not match the skin color lines of their skin and hair and their dentist It puts pressure and as a result their treatment can lead to undesirable results.


Reasons of Break the Dental Laminate - more video


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