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Important Points in Dental Implant

Important Points in Dental Implant

Dental implant should be performed by an implant expert and prosthesis expert and/or gum surgeon. Of course, general dentist can also perform dental implant if he/she has passed special implant training courses and has received its certificate. 


It is highly recommended to be sure about your dentist’s expertize before starting your treatment because some people claim to be a dental implant expert after passing a short and invalid training courses or gaining invalid certificates. This will cause irrevocable damages for patients.
The cost for dental implant is calculated based on dental implant type, quality and Manufacturer Company. The costs are definitely higher if the patient needs bone graft or sinus surgery before dental implant treatment. Dental implant fees are not paid by health insurances.
Dental implants are made of Titanium that is compatible with patient’s body. In this case, the possibility of rejection of implant by the body is very low and we always have successful results. It is worth noting that for increasing the success rate of dental implant; it is necessary to observe oral health points and regular examinations by dental expert. If you have lost your teeth and don’t take actions for implant treatment; adjacent teeth move toward the empty space of lost tooth so that the order of teeth will be lost. 


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