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Special Points about Dental Implant

Special Points about Dental Implant

To put it simply; dental implant is made of Titanium and is inserted within the patient’s gum to play the role of lost or pulled tooth. Dental implant is a part that remains forever.



All people who have lost their tooth for any reason can use dental implant method. In fact, dental implant plays a support role for lost teeth so that, there is no need to rasp adjacent teeth.


Dental implant can create stability for dentures and people have no problem with them while talking or eating.

Dental implant is recommended for people with oral health. Having healthy gum without any infection and bone with high quality and observing all oral health conditions are among influencing factors on implant treatment success.

People with the following conditions are not good candidate for dental implant: patients who have suffered a stroke months ago or severe infections; patients addicted to alcohol or drugs; patients with weak immune system and also peoples with mental disorder. 


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