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Esthetic Problems Part 2

Esthetic Problems Part 2

Esthetic Problems Part 2 : The large area where the end of the adjacent teeth or each other contacts each other is called the interdental contact area. Rule 50 - 40 - 30 indicates the relationship between the anterior teeth


Esthetic Problems Part 2

Esthetic Problems Part 2

The large area where the end of the adjacent teeth or each other contacts each other is called the interdental contact area. Rule 50 - 40 - 30 indicates the connection between the anterior teeth, which corresponds to 50% of the length of the maxillary central incisors and is considered an ideal contact area. The contact area between the laterals and the centrals is 40% of the length of the centrals. The area of ​​primary contact between the maxillary and lateral tooth when viewed from the sides is about 30% of the length of the centrals. These rules can be corrected too short or too long and the tooth may be wider or longer than normal.


Proportions of a tooth

The central teeth must have a definite width and length ratio. The most favorable length / width ratio for high central teeth is 75% to 80%. That is, the ratio of 8 and 10 for length to width is reasonable for maxilla plants. Therefore, if the 85% width-to-square ratio is found to be square, the 65% width-to-length ratio will make the teeth look longer. It should be borne in mind that the most effective factor in anterior teeth is proportional to the size, shape, and position of the central incisors. Bite) Decide. In addition, the maxillary central incisors should be consistent with the shape of the face and be consistent with the arch. The visible width of each anterior tooth is about 60% the size of its adjacent anterior tooth and is considered beautiful, so if the lateral width is 1, the central incisor should be 1.618 times wider and canine / 618. 0 times thinner.


Dental differences between young people and older people

Over time, the teeth and enamel surface abrasion increases with age. The teeth of young people have a marked surface area, while the teeth of adults have a flat surface. This smooth structure is due to the enamel's abrasion over time, while the teeth of young people are always brighter than those of older people. As the age of the enamel becomes thinner and thinner, the color of ivory becomes more prominent.


Smile line

The smile line on the lower edge of the lip is high, which limits the amount of tooth visible. The line also follows the edges of the maxillary anterior teeth along the curvature of the inner lower lip.


When will the desired smile be achieved?

A desirable smile is obtained when the corners of the mouth are aligned with the line connecting the pupil of the two eyes and the tip of the upper bite (upper canine) gently touches the lower lip. The lower lip also shows a gentle arch upwards and backwards around the corner where it reaches the upper lip. The maxillary teeth are parallel to the upper edge of the lower lip, more noticeable in females, and almost smooth in males, but more convex in females.

Overall result

The treatment plan for beauty depends on numerous factors that we have mentioned here due to time constraints and the change of a person's smile must be accompanied by the fit and harmony of the lips, teeth and so on. The personality of the individual, the cultural and social patterns of the color of the teeth should also be integrated with the art of the dentist, and the skills of the dentist should be taken into consideration when performing cosmetic treatments. In this case, the patient not only achieves a very beautiful appearance but also increases his / her morale and confidence and has a positive effect on his / her mental health and self-esteem.

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