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Esthetic Problems Part 1

Esthetic Problems Part 1

Esthetic Problems Part 1 : Nowadays, dental examinations are performed with the aim of motivating the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has undergone major changes in the lives of many patients.


Esthetic Problems Part 1

Esthetic Problems Part 1

Nowadays, dental examinations are performed with the aim of motivating the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has undergone major changes in the lives of many patients. In the past, dental examinations were based on the need to repair or relieve pain for patients; nowadays, people also seem to care about their teeth. It should be noted that not all patients require extensive treatment, and some actually achieve the desired results with a conventional treatment such as bleaching of composite veneer and porcelain. All stages of dental treatment, including orthodontics, gum surgery, and prosthesis, can be within the scope of cosmetic dentistry because these treatments can be done with minimal polish and improve the aesthetics of the teeth.


The purpose of modern dentistry

The goal of modern dentistry is to rebuild or beautify the teeth to achieve beauty, convenience, function, speaking and chewing, which also cover the above cosmetic dental treatments.


Smile and common problems among patients

This study addresses all the problems that patients may suffer and the correct ways to treat them.
A: This problem arises when the patient may have a pharynx between his teeth and the pharynx creates space between the incisors.
B: The patient may have a tooth extracted at a younger age, which may also cause a gap between the anterior teeth. Removal of the pharynx with the help of gum surgery and space closure with a veneer or laminate composite

Midline Definition: It is a line that is centered on the face and perpendicular to the line passing through the two pupils and is defined as a perpendicular line passing through the forehead, nose, midline, and chin. The best and most ideal midline is a line that traverses the upper and lower centrals (to match) and maintains its face. Pink and dental midline disruption affects the dental complex and in many midline patients the upper and lower teeth do not match. Midline is actually considered as one of the indicators of evaluation of beautiful smile, and midline which is deflected (sloping midline) is involved in creating unpleasant smile.


Inisal Edge Length

The incisal edge of the maxilla plant is the most important determinant of a smile. Determining the location of the incisal edge is particularly important because it determines the balance between the lip and the gingival surface. Sex, age, high lip length and curvature of the lip determine the length of the incisal edge. Here are some of the cases that are mentioned and the treatment of each is described:

A: Young patients whose teeth are not fully erupted are treated with a semi-permanent composite restoration to allow the patient to use laminate at an older age.
B: Patients between 30 and 40 years of age who do not see the centripetal lips but smile.
Treatment of anterior teeth is a composite veneer or laminate (the longer the anterior teeth are, the younger the smile will be.)
Then it is important to see the edges of the central teeth when resting on the lower jaw and lips, and the natural muscle contraction and skeletal structure are also important.
C: Shortness of centrality and difficulty in speaking, speaking, and whistling when speaking S
Treatment Checking the letters M, F, V and the relation of lip position and position of the edges of the incisal


Fit gums and teeth and fit the bottom lip line

The gingival line should be parallel to the pupillary line. The upper gingival portion of the lateral tooth is usually 1 mm below the gingival margin of the centrals and guanine. The gingival line should pass through the upper part of the central gingival and canine gingiva and be in a straight line. If the tooth migrates and deviates slightly, it changes the gum tissue and causes gums to appear and short tooth appearance. The correct relationship of the gingival surfaces creates a small, low-angle inverted triangle.


Gummy Smile or gummy smile

This problem may be due to maxilla growth or low to high altitude or short tooth crowns and excessive gum. Treatment - Performed with orthognathic, orthodontic and bone surgery, along with teeth whitening (lamination).

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