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Site Dental

Site Dental

Site Dental: Dear loved ones and patients, you can find the latest information on oral and dental diseases and their treatments at Dr. Sujoudi's dental site.  


Site Dental


Site Dental

Dental clinics in Iran are of great interest to the general public. One reason is that some patients do not have enough time to do dental work during the day due to their busy schedule. So they can go to the dental clinic that is open for longer hours and open weekends and weekends. Another reason is that the patient referring to dentistry may require different treatments. You may also need different treatment teams, including an implant specialist, a periodontist, an endodontist. For this reason, it is better for the respected patient to have his or her treatment at the dental clinic.
First: it saves time.
Second: All of their work is done in a health center and a comprehensive case file is prepared for them.
Third: it saves patient traffic and avoids dispersal of medical tasks.
Fourth: In the event of a problem with treatment, a dental clinic is responsive and the patient is comfortable.
In this article, we review the top 10 dental clinics based on working hours, having a professional website, having a full treatment team, professional environment, accountability, and so on.

Specialist Implant and Cosmetic Clinic of Dr. Sujoudi:

This dental clinic, as the name implies, provides specialized implant and cosmetic services. It has a periodontist and a cosmetic implant specialist. Because it operates exclusively in these three areas. This dental clinic also performs laser, cosmetic, gum and implant surgeries.

Dr. Sujoudi's dental clinic is open from 9am to 5pm. Vacation Dental Clinic activities are closed. Dr. Sujoudi is a specialist in implants and cosmetology. This dental clinic offers cosmetic treatments including dental lamination, veneer composite, gingival lift and a variety of beauty coatings such as zirconia, impression and more.

On site, there are options including implants, cosmetics, laser gum surgery, elderly articles, photo galleries and free downloads. The site has a total of 240 articles written in 4 fields: general dental articles, implant and maxillofacial articles, cosmetic articles, and gum surgery articles.

 The large number of articles and their variety has made it possible for the site visitor to read any material. The search option is located at the top and left side of Dr. Sujoudi's dental site so that the client can type whatever he wants and the results will be displayed at the bottom.
In the Free Downloads section, there are several downloads of patient satisfaction referring to different treatment areas. There are also various instructional videos provided by Dr. Sujoudi that site visitors can use to enhance their knowledge and awareness.
Another interesting option on the site is the wallet option. The option is designed so that dear patients who visit the specialized implant and beauty clinic of Dr. Sujoudi can donate part of their treatment cost and save it in their wallet. This will allow them to use the wallet for future reference and reduce their subsequent costs.

At the bottom of the dental site there is an online chat option. This option is for people who are remotely calling or from other cities outside of Tehran who cannot call in person. These people can ask their questions in this way and the operator will answer them.

In the gallery section of Dr. Sujoudi's dental site, you can see different treatments. From bleaching and scaling to tooth lamination and implants.
Distinguished patrons from all over the world and from Iran have provided their pre-and-after treats for their loved ones, treats and treats to see other loved ones.

Also on the site is the implant rebate questionnaire form which dear patients can benefit from by completing the rebate. Patients who travel to Tehran from other cities of the country to receive implant treatment also have a round-trip ticket, which can come to Tehran for free and provide their own treatment.
Dear loved ones and patients, you can find the latest information on oral and dental diseases and treatments at Dr. Sujoudi's dental site.
 This site has tried to increase your public information by taking advantage of up-to-date articles in this area. Together we introduce more of this site:

At the top you will see several menus that deal with various topics. The first menu is about beauty, where we explain topics such as regular teeth care and how to properly care for them. You can also find articles on how to extract and nerve teeth on our dental site. We've got good chapters for you to read that will be a no-brainer.
But in the second menu on this site we have fully explained the implant and its methods and its advantages and disadvantages and you can find good information by visiting this section of our dental site. If you are going to have an implant, be sure to read this section beforehand to get familiar with this treatment.

But for those who are looking for more information about gum disease, we also have a separate section for them that can provide very comprehensive information on:

Bleeding gums
Tooth decay
Gum Analysis
Sensitive Teeth
But you know that even primary teeth can get damaged and they need to be repaired. We have some good information for you in this section of Dr. Sujoudi's dental site. This section is for mothers who have children who may have decayed and decayed teeth and do not know exactly what to do. We suggest you read this section thoroughly.

The methods we have introduced in this section are:

Use of other modern methods
Prediction has always been better than cure, and in every context if we put this culture right in the community we can save ourselves from many diseases. The same is true for teeth and dental diseases and you can help a lot with your oral health by following the health tips. You can find good information on our dental site.
Because of the busy work of dentists, they are not able to answer patients' questions in person, so you can answer any questions you may have using the dental site because they are online consultations that can answer your questions or use information. You can ask your questions about a dental site, or in the case of a query that has been previously answered and you can read the questions and answers for the same questions. See the questions and answers.

Suggestions section:

On the front page of the dental site there is an option called Request Registration which allows you to submit your questions and suggestions in this section for the site administrator and physician to read and respond to if necessary. Or make suggestions to improve the site and make changes to its process.

By tapping on the query section you will be taken to a new page where you can specify the title of your query in the first box to make it more readable. Enter your details but if you are a member of the dental site you do not need to enter them because they are registered in the system.

View current requests:

By viewing current requests you can view and read other users' requests and suggestions to find out the status of the site. And if there is a registered request that matches your request, follow it up.

In the Suggestions section you can ask about the subject you are asking about, or ask about treatment problems and oral odor prevention techniques that are most commonly asked to help you and your doctor if they see you. Your message will respond to you by referring to this section, and if no response is given, it will put it on the agenda so that it can submit and publish your requested topic as soon as possible.

Required guidance for dental site sections:

1- If you go to the online applications section you can enter the following ways and fill out the registration form which includes your personal information to complete the registration and you will be recognized as a member of the site.
2- Once the information has been registered, you can apply to the registration section and you will be issued a special deduction.
3- Write down this tracking code somewhere so that you can find and view your answer in the Request Response section.
4- If the answer given does not solve your problem, you can explain the same problem below and tell the new one to answer it again.
5- If you have a new problem that needs to be changed, you can submit another request.
6- When you are in the details section you must enter the details such as email because if you answer a copy of the answer will be sent to your email and you will be given a link to log in so you can enter Be a part of answering your question.

Most dental sites have online accountability that responds to you within 24 hours and is readable on the website.

There is a first page on the dental site. At the beginning you will find this site and most of the new articles, news and dental information has been posted, with the help of small staff members by clicking on the read more section. Read in full and get the information you need.

The first page can contain all the different sections of the site that you will be referred to by clicking on each of them because the pages and content of the site are extensive and have a specific category to refer to.

Member Login:

One of the common parts of the medical website is login, which can be accessed by visiting this section to get a question every time you get a reply. You can also talk to other members about treatment options or answer other users' questions. Most people refer to this section to know other patients' information about the type of treatment they want to do and if they are sure to do so and go to the dentist.

Medical Questions:

In this section you can ask your medical questions and get informed about the treatments and one of the most common questions about the price of cosmetic surgeries. Be sure to get treatment if you wish.

Doctors Website:

In this section you can go to the dentist's site. Because dentistry has many branches you can follow up with any specialist to help you with your questions and concerns. Pediatric dentistry has a broad and divisive field as well as cosmetic dentistry that has become very popular today, requiring Hollywood smile and smile surgeries, implantation, lamination and filling of teeth with various materials and imaging. Various labs and tariffs and varying salaries of physicians are common questions and problems today that go to any one of your websites to meet your needs and discuss your problems with the appropriate consultants.

Dental site:

The use of teeth has its principles. Failure to adhere to these principles will reduce their useful life. Most people go to several dental sites for information on how to maintain their teeth so that they can try to control the process of tooth damage.

Using dental site materials can help a lot in maintaining your teeth, but that doesn't mean you'll never need a dentist. In fact, all the information coming to you from various sources can only be helpful in preventing serious and dangerous damage to the tooth. But if you ever feel pain and feel that you have a problem, you should see a doctor. After examining the area, the dentist can perform smear procedures for treatment.
Here are some tips for preventing pain at several dental sites to help you maintain and improve dental and oral health.

Use detergents like mouthwashes:

Mouthwashes are powerful solutions that are very useful for removing mass and stains. If you are one of those people who are overly fond of sweets and pickles, you should definitely use these detergents. The best time to use a mouthwash is usually after brushing. The detergents cause the bacteria in the mouth to decrease and reach their equilibrium. In addition, using a mouthwash can be effective in preventing some mouth ulcers and pests.

The use of toothbrushes is also one of the main factors in reducing tooth damage and caries. The best time to brush is after every meal or after eating sweets and sugars. Because, as you know, sugars cause the most damage to the teeth. Brushing should be done before using a mouthwash.
In almost every dental site, the importance of the toothbrush is discussed. But it is important when, how, with what toothbrush, and for how long. As mentioned, the best time to brush is after every meal. It is best to do this after pulling out the floss.

Brushing should be done gently and gently toothbrushes on the teeth and gums can be harmful. The gumsare very delicate and vulnerable so if you are using a rough toothbrush you should do it gently.

Using a toothbrush for 15 to 30 seconds may not meet your needs. In most cases, people are reluctant to take the time to brush because of their shyness. So only spend a brief time of less than a minute and think they've done it well if that's not the case.

As a dental site, we recommend that you visit your dentist on a regular basis to check the health of your teeth every once in a while. You do not need to do this every month but at least every six months you need to have your teeth checked.

Many people are afraid of going to the dental office and treating their pain and prefer to calm their pain in simple ways without the need for a doctor. Health care can be effective in preventing pain, but when the pain comes you can no longer use preventive techniques to relieve toothache. With all of this care, there may still be times when you have toothache if you have toothache at midnight, for example.

One way to treat (albeit temporarily) toothache is to use garlic. Garlic has antibiotic properties and relieves pain. But using garlic cannot permanently solve the patient's problem, and is only used when there is no major cure and no pain relief.
Eating garlic has many benefits, but eating can not eliminate toothache. The antibiotic property of garlic is in a compound called allicin that can only relieve pain in one case when crushed garlic. Crushing the garlic and placing it on a painful area can calm it down for a while. Of course, putting it on a tooth or gum will at first make the pain a little more severe, but after a while the pain disappears completely.

The dental site is one of the resources that can help you learn other pain relief techniques.

But there is another substance that can be as effective in treating toothache as garlic. It should be used topically as garlic.

Turmeric has been used as a medicine for many years. In addition to being used in foods, it is a powerful antibiotic that can be used to treat and relieve body aches. How to use this unique medicine is that we will mix a small amount of it with water to make it paste and then put it on the wound. In some cases, it can also be applied to cotton on the wound to give it effect.

Oral diseases are one of the diseases that have existed since ancient times and have always been a major problem for humans. Over the past few years, great strides have been made in the field of dentistry, and humanity has made great strides in this field.

In the old days, the dental clinic tried to remove the broken and decayed teeth in the mouth, so usually any teeth that were slightly decayed and damaged were quickly pulled by the dentists. But today, with the advancement of medical science in all sectors, it has had a positive impact on dentistry, which has led to a longer life span of natural teeth in human mouths. Things that are getting a lot of attention these days are:
1- Increasing personal oral health
2- Availability of antibiotics and vaccines
3- Improving the quality of diets
Overall, as people's awareness and personal hygiene have increased, average life expectancy has increased, and now I see many people over 60 still maintaining their natural teeth, which Dental science has somehow been challenged and influenced. In fact, provision should be made for this age range that is appropriate to their age.

But the dental clinic in Iran has come up with an interesting approach to this point. One of the first dentists in Iran may be called barber shops, attaras and even goldsmiths. They used to extract the most corrupted and decayed teeth in the most traditional way and in the most traditional way. They also did some artificial dentistry and tooth coating. It took years for Iran to finally pay attention to this issue and take steps towards dental education. These actions go back to the years 1297.
The first dental school in Iran was founded in 1300 and was done by doctors who had just completed their education in Europe. But it was in 1313 that it became academic and academic, and began to teach it to students, just as Europe had experienced professors at the university.
But you should know that dentistry itself has many branches, each of which has become a specialty and is taught in universities today. Here's a look at the fields of study:
1- Endodontics (Root Cure Specialty)
2- Pathology of the jaw and mouth (pathology)
3- Oral and maxillofacial radiology
4- Maxillofacial surgery
5- Orthodontics (Orthodontist)
6- Pediatric dentistry
7- Periodontics (specialty of gum disease and tooth retention tissues)
8- Prosthodontics (Specialty Dental Prosthesis)
9- Restorative and cosmetic dentistry
10- Diagnosis and diseases of the mouth
But one of the most important specialties nowadays in the community has many applicants in the field of cosmetic and dental restoration. This specialty focuses on repairing and repairing defective teeth and trying to show the shape of the teeth beautifully in the mouth. Orthodontics and all the work done in the field of dental restoration falls under this specialty. Teeth whitening to make them more beautiful is also part of the specialty.

 But one of the questions that may be asked by many dentists is whether scarring can damage the teeth.
We have to answer that question. Not only does it not cause acne, but the presence of these masses in the mouth creates an environment conducive for germs to accumulate and cause tooth decay. By flossing your teeth with a specialist, you will reduce the number of germs in your mouth and increase the health and longevity of your teeth.
Many people have a misconception that they need to cut a part of the toothpaste if the mechanism used is rotary and abrasive, and that the tooth is not to be massaged.
But after massaging, what patients say is that their teeth are sensitive to cold and cold water. The answer to this question can be given that first the teeth have a sense and it is natural to be stimulated with cold or warm water. But why this sensitivity increased after massaging was because the masses had become a thick layer on the teeth, causing this sensitivity to reach its lowest point, and now that the masses have disappeared You have the misconception that the teeth may become thinner and therefore more sensitive.
But another question a doctor may ask at a dental clinic is whether the teeth can be scraped after the surgery.

The answer is no, and you can safely scale your teeth without fear of being crushed. In fact, the presence of masses in the mouth for a long time causes the retention of bone to break down over time, which causes it to shrink, but the masses themselves may not feel right in your mouth afterwards. Scaling You think your teeth have just gotten wet.
Unlike other things that can cause pain during tooth restoration, scaling is not at all painless. The device by which the scaling is performed has a rotational impact and, by inserting very small blows, causes the mass to disappear on the teeth.

Another question that many people ask is at what timeframes should the offending be carried out?
If you get massaged once and you have good dental hygiene then you no longer need to do this. But if you are failing in your oral hygiene, this can lead to an accumulation of crime. Your teeth will need to be re-massaged after a while.
In the marketplace, we see a lot of buzz about anti-toothpaste. These toothpastes may be suitable for the early period of mass formation, but if you do not succeed using these toothpastes, you should go to the dental clinic for this purpose.
But another question that may have caught many minds is why replacement teeth should be replaced for missing teeth.

Did you know that the location of the teeth is determined by the pressure exerted by the lips, tongue and cheeks. More scientifically, it may be argued that the place where the teeth are located results in zero forces. The teeth are also growing and moving in the mouth until they reach another.
Now imagine a tooth in your mouth that you think is going to happen. Because of the empty space in the gums, the teeth start moving. This movement may not be regular and may cause other teeth to tilt and bend. Also, tooth movement will cause other teeth to become irregular and in the long run may also cause gum disease.

So the need for a tooth replacement, though artificial, instead of the extracted tooth, has become clear, and the sooner this is done, the more likely it will be to your gums and other teeth.
A dental clinic is made up of a number of staff and a number of dentists and secretaries, each of whom may be part of the department or may be part of the department staff. At a dental clinic, the beauty of a tooth is restored and treated.
Whenever any of us has a tooth or mouth problem, we can refer to the dentist and hand over any problems to a specialist who has a problem. .
If you have a toothache, you first need to examine the cause of the toothache and look for it. Or when a tooth problem occurs, such as an accidental or traumatic fracture, the patient should be treated accordingly.
We work in many dental clinics and orthodontics. Orthodontics is used for cases where the teeth are more prominent and forward than usual and in a way that negatively affects one's appearance and social life. But unfortunately orthodontics in our country's universities is not taken very seriously for its teaching and this causes a number of problems for the output of graduate students and as a result the experience in clinics is reduced and this problem has to be addressed. Self-care to be at the forefront of global dentistry.
In the clinics we visit in the field of dentistry, we often find that offices accept certain medical services, not all medical records. We can go to clinics other than public and non-governmental hospitals and enjoy the facilities that are usually available in clinics and more. Because there is a lot of public hospitals that deal with the dental and sometimes just the tooth extraction, and sometimes there are very busy or difficult times to take turns. Therefore, clinics with different needs in the field of dentistry began to receive and accept different patients.
A dentist can work both in public hospitals and in clinics and offices, but needs a license to get into the office. In Iran, there are hospitals and social security and specialty occupational hospitals such as the army, the army, law enforcement, and others, each of which has the advantages of not only dental services but also other medical services.

 The field of dentistry has many branches, each with a different world and each with its own services. There are many private clinics in our country because many dentists cannot or do not want to work in public hospitals, so they go to a private office or dental clinic, which is a clinic and clinic. There are open hours, which usually do not come to the clinic in the morning if the dentist is working elsewhere, so they treat their patients in the afternoon. Veneering, implantation, implantation and implantation of permanent and movable teeth, composite, orthodontic, gingival surgery and various smile designs, tooth extractions, especially wisdom and dental lamination, etc. are performed. To correct smiles and create a beautiful smile is one of the tasks of a cosmetic dentist that must be done with great care.
Unfortunately, the cost of dental care in Iran is very high and this has prevented many people from going to health centers and spending so much on their health.
The dental clinic has a 24/7 effort to provide a variety of services to clients. Many clinics may only be open on certain days or the dental department may at times be dependent on the schedule and location of a dentist. Fortunately, many of our dentists are well-known in Iran and around the world, asking for help in treating patients worldwide and wanting to use their knowledge and experience.

 Our need for a dentist in a variety of fields and branches has been felt throughout our lives, and this need is gradually being met and today we have the best dentists in the world. The history of dentistry in Iran is not widely known and it is not possible to guess who created it, but the construction of a dental school and university dates back to the period before Dr. Sayyah returned to Iran after his undergraduate studies.
Dar al-Fonun School built a place for dental education for students and trainees interested in the field. That is why the center provided both education and treatment and services.

Equipped clinics can tackle any problem that may arise for your teeth and make the country safer and realize that having the skills, experience and professional doctors and dentists is a must for every country.

Health care centers should strive to meet all the needs of clients and patients in order to provide them with a good work and service.
A modern, standard dental clinic includes a lathe-carrying unit, a motor-controlled dental chair, a dental lamp, and a dental assistant unit (with suction and other accessories).
Designed specifically for dental work, the cabinets are home to the various materials and equipment needed for restorative treatment and are designed to be easily accessible.
In addition, there are other devices that are needed for other proprietary tasks. The type of equipment varies according to one's specialty. In addition to all the above, the room and fixtures should be different and provide a healthy working environment for the dentist and other colleagues.

The design of the dental clinic should be such as to prevent the spread of the infection in a desirable manner and to make it easy to clean and disinfect. This is the first and foremost issue that should be considered in the design of a dental clinic.
Materials and artifacts used in the clinic's interior design must be carefully selected to perform the job optimally. The surfaces that the dentist deals with must be durable and resistant to chemicals without dyeing or damage.
These surfaces should be easily cleaned without the cost of cleaning and During frequent cleanings maintain their properties and be resistant to accumulation of contaminated material and do not clog the fine materials on their surface.
Sometimes it is very difficult to provide beauty and achieve these things together. But the first thing that is always considered is its functionality. It is only reasonable for a dentist to sample any material used for surfaces, etc., and try it out to be resistant to the chemicals used in the clinic. Replacing the work surface due to the staining can be very expensive.

Dental Clinic Services:

In addition to the above, a professional dental clinic requires multiple drivers and other ancillary services. Electricity, gas, compressed air and water pipes must be delivered to different locations. Sewage and suction systems must be installed.
In addition, telephone lines, internal communication systems and computer information and network lines are required. We will discuss the details and how to present each of the above in the following sections.

Units Carrying Lathes:

All clinics must have a dental unit. This is one of the main and most important tools in this field, and it can be said that almost without it dental services, though it may halve the quality of work.

The unit carries the lathe, provides the dentist with the necessary vehicle tools. It has at least one air turbine, micromotor, and triple syringe. Other devices will include propellers or motors, an ultrasonic clamping pen, an electrosurgical handpiece, an optical fiber, and a light curing device for polymerizing resin materials.

The unit supplies as needed, controlled compressed air, cold water, optical fiber, and electricity. This is done via the cut-off switches. These keys turn on the device when in use and control it with a foot pedal.

Another thing to consider when designing and designing a dental clinic is that the equipment is designed in a variety of ways and all of them have been tried to be as ergonomic as possible, in other words, the design of these systems is That is easy to work with and does not make one tired. It is generally advisable to use a system that is consistent with the method and taste of the dentist working with it.

Items can be removed from the dentist's chair, cabinet near the chair, adjacent tray chair, behind the chair, or over the patient's head. The most common form of lifting off a chair is in a tray or arm.

It is imperative that the unit be designed in a dental clinic to minimize the spread of infection. All unit surfaces should be easily cleaned and disinfected.
Handpieces must be sterilized and any component remaining on the unit such as a micromotor must be covered by disposable grains, or easily disinfected.

The dental unit delivers cold water to the handpiece, which may be the main source of infection transmission. Stagnant water in unit tubes can be a good place to store micro-organisms.

One of the problems with cold water flow is that the control valve is embedded in the unit and connected to the handpiece through hoses and flexible tubes. The pipe expands slowly under water pressure and when the valve is closed, the water is cut off due to the flexibility of the pipes.
However, it should be noted that when the dentist lifts his foot from the pedal, the flow does not stop immediately, but drips for a few seconds. To eliminate this defect, most units have a suction valve back door. This creates a negative pressure in the water pipe, which drains rapidly and does not drain the water.
The major drawback of this system, however, is the suction of contaminated water from the handpiece so that contamination is introduced into the unit and when the unit is operated again, the contaminated water is discharged.

It should be noted, however, that all of the above are specific to older units, but these units are still used in many places. Equipping the dental clinic with a modern and up-to-date dental unit is extremely useful and effective in quality work.

Some units have a source inside which disinfectants are poured. It is mixed with cold water to help reduce microorganisms. In any case, the long-term consequences of breathing such aerosols should be investigated by staff who snake at the dental clinic.

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