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Scaling Teeth

Scaling Teeth

Scaling Teeth: If you've got yellow teeth and massages, you may wonder if teeth whitening can be helpful or harmful if your teeth are well-groomed.  


Scaling Teeth


Scaling Teeth


What is tooth mass and what does scaling do?

You've probably noticed by now that the people you deal with throughout the day each have different teeth colors. Sometimes you may not even think about it, but if your teeth are beautiful, well-groomed and well-groomed, it will catch your eye, and it is just as if it were drawing your attention like a traffic light. Exactly the opposite is the case, and you have certainly encountered this issue. People who don't care about their oral health and try to get away from them in any way because their teeth look bad and smell bad.

When people do not care about the health of their teeth and do not brush after meals, they sit on a toothpaste. These very thin and invisible layers are the same masses that are safe at first and do not form the appearance of the tooth at all, but only a few days pass for these thin layers. Slowly it starts to produce bad odors and nutrients that are no longer nutritious become acids that cause cavities in the teeth and so-called worms.

The word tooth massing also comes from here. If the toothbrush is not brushed for several days and the toothbrushes sit on the tooth, brushing will eliminate them all, but if the time and life span of these layers reach a few months or a few years, it will not be easy to get rid of them. Was. Their yellowing will remain on the teeth and give an ugly appearance.

In addition to people who are caring for their teeth, there are other things that come to mind. Smokers and drug users are much more likely to need tooth decay than others. In addition to smokers and drug users, those who drink too much tea also get tooth decay.
It is interesting to know that in addition to food, even saliva itself increases the mass of teeth. So even if we don't eat for a while, the masses still sit on the teeth.

Since people do not have enough information about tooth decay, it is quite natural to believe theories and rumors are false. One of these rumors is that by performing a scaling operation on the teeth they will be removed. This belief is completely wrong because doing so will not cause any tooth decay. After the mass settles on the tooth, the acid created by the mass causes some parts of the tooth to be destroyed and therefore the tooth appears to be loose.
But the ill person will not notice this because the mass is so large that it surrounds the tooth and the person does not feel that he has lost a part of his tooth. But after the tooth is fully massaged, the masses disappear and there is no longer any mass to fill the space between the gum and the tooth. So many have the impression that teeth grinding will be missed. This is not true at all and there is no scientific justification for it.

How to get charged

There are generally two types of scaling-up, the first being manual scaling, in which the dentist uses a tool to defragment manually. This method is not suitable for everyone, and only people who have a small mass on their teeth can meet their needs through this method. This style is also called surface scaling. The second type is the scaling by machine. In this type, ultrasonic instruments were used. The doctor will spray all the masses with a spray of water and the device. In this way, the device removes the mass by repeatedly blasting the device, and after repeated use of water by cold water spray cleans the mouthparts and cools the device.

If you are one of those involved in the use of the second case and are planning to research this area, you should know that this method is not painful because there is no layer on the surface of your tooth during the dental process. to be picked up. Generally the detoxification process does not hurt, but it should not be immediately consumed by cold water or hot water and tea.

How often does it take to be charged?

It all depends on how much you care about the health of your teeth. Many people only lose weight once they have accumulated a heavy, stacked mass on their teeth and then start taking care of their teeth and no longer have the basic need to do so. And they can use the manual if necessary, but what is clear is that everyone needs to do this once a year so that non-erasable toothbrushes with stronger tools such as dental tools than Go away. The more care you have over your teeth, the easier, faster, and unnecessary.

For those who brush regularly, it is not important to do this once a year, but it is very good if they do it by doctors.
If you've got yellow teeth and massages, you might be wondering if teeth whitening can be helpful.

Before we begin to answer the question, let's talk a little about tooth mass so that you know exactly what it is. Every day there is a sticky layer on our teeth, and if we forget to brush for a short time, we'll see these layers stack up together, and they won't disappear just as easily with just a toothbrush and floss.
If these layers are not removed by brushing the same day, you will find that after some time it will become white and yellow lime deposits, and no more brush work and no matter how much you brush. These calcareous sediments are the same masses that we are going to talk about in this section. The masses created on our teeth are well visible, but the masses around the teeth may not be as easily visible. And they are the ones that are far more dangerous than other crimes. The masses that form above the gums on the teeth are visible more often around the tooth. But the masses that form in the areas below the gums are far more dangerous.

The mass that forms on the teeth is similar to the mass around the inner wall of the samovar. However, the compounds are more complex and slightly different. Our saliva typically contains many minerals that have the ability to precipitate.
These minerals usually precipitate in places where food and toothbrushes are less in contact. The deposition of these minerals is accompanied by the formation of a suitable substrate for the replacement of naturally occurring microbes in the mouth and its growth and proliferation.
The addition of proteins present in food and saliva as well as the carcasses of dead cells of different oral tissues increases the volume of these sediments and increases mass. These masses are full of different germs and do not get cleaned by brushing.
The gum tissue that clings firmly to the tooth is gradually destroyed and the vital gingival tissue is destroyed and the tooth base is loosened. Be. By massaging and cleaning these masses formed on the tooth, we prevent the process of gum destruction.

It is a mistake to believe that tooth massaging is the root cause of this kind of thinking because the masses formed on the tooth gradually degenerate and replace itself.
This happens over time and the patient does not notice the gum retreat and the gum retreat is replaced by mass. The empty space between the teeth that is caused by the retreatment of the gum that is created by the patient.
When the patient comes for massaging, when the masses are cleansed, the gum is exposed to the patient's vision, and it feels as if the tooth massing has caused the gum to disappear if all this has happened. It had been done before, but it was hidden from the patient's perspective.
So we conclude: It's a crime that hurts, not a crime.

How often should we take offense?

Be sure to include the offense in your health plan once a year. Of course, depending on the saliva of the offenders, it may be necessary sooner or later. Remember, with the right brushing method, you will minimize mass formation.
If you find that there is blood coming from the area of ​​your gums when you brush, know that the area is in trouble and see your dentist. Brush more to the area where blood comes from and don't be afraid of bleeding. Be sure that brushing well and brushing more will reduce the bleeding significantly.

If you have a lot of mass and don't worry about cold or heat-sensitive teeth after your teeth have been massaged, it will soon be removed and you can use toothpaste or anti-allergy mouthwash to reduce allergies faster.

Is it useful to use toothpaste?

No, the mass cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and dentists should be assisted for this purpose. Also, toothpaste, which has been introduced as an anti-mass, contains large amounts of abrasives and only deposits and stains on the teeth. They are called Stain and are not recommended for regular use.
These toothpastes, due to their high abrasives, create very fine scratches on the surface of the teeth and provide the basis for greater aggregation and adhesion of the microbial plaque. Over time, eating certain foods on the teeth creates a mass that needs to be massaged because they form a yellow layer and do not look good when smiling and you can mass at home Do a tooth extraction and destroy the masses. Burning is a burning problem, so it is important to disinfect the mouth and use a strong detergent one day to prevent mass re-forming on the tooth.

Method of fixing teeth at home

A strong dental dentist can be used to remove the yellow mass from the tooth and scratch it on the teeth, but you have to be careful about the gums because if the gums are damaged It causes burning and pain. As time goes by and the food and snacks that come with the additives are massed on the teeth, and to avoid this, one must repeat this one day in between using mouthwashes and mouthwashes. To prevent the growth of crime.

The masses that occur on the teeth cause periodontal gum and mouth disease which can affect the maintenance of teeth and should be referred to a dentist if this is the case, to ensure that the teeth are scanned.

Equipment needed for crime at home:

baking soda
Container or cup
Hydrogen peroxide
A sharp tool used in dentistry called Dental Peak
Disinfectant mouthwash
Step 1) Pour the baking soda into the container or cup then mix with the salt and brush to water to soak and mix the two powders.
Step 2) Apply a mixture of salt and baking soda on the teeth with a toothbrush and gently brush the toothbrush and re-apply the toothpaste and rinse the mouth with water for five minutes. Be.
Step 3) Combine the hydrogen peroxide solution with warm water in half a cup and keep in the mouth and vacuum for two minutes and then rinse the mouth with half a glass of cold water.
Step 4) By performing the above steps, the masses on the teeth are softened over time and can be easily scratched using this tool. Professional Dental Peel Massagers should be brushed on the teeth and scraped off the masses but not damaged by gums.
Step 5) In the final step, rinse your mouth with a mouthwash and do this one day in between to control the masses on the teeth and eliminate them altogether.

What is tooth decay?

Most people do the scaling just to get rid of the yellow and unpleasant masses to make their teeth look more beautiful and the question is whether or not they are damaged or damaged by enamel scaling. Not?

What is crime?

Sedimentary layers on the gums and teeth that cause bad breath and threaten the health of the teeth and gums, causing oral diseases and eventually leading to tooth decay. If you are one of those who consume a lot of coffee and tea, you should know that there is more tooth decay and some way to get rid of it. According to dentists, saliva releases many minerals that penetrate into the gums and teeth, creating oral germs, and foods are added to these minerals, causing plaque and tooth decay.

If these tooth masses do not disappear over time, they will become harder to eradicate and you will need to see a dentist to start dental procedures.

Is it dangerous to commit crime?

Most people think that scaling damages tooth enamel and causes tooth decay, but it should be noted that the masses on the teeth and gums can cause serious damage to the tooth tissue and accumulate germs in the mouth. They continue to proliferate. Then the mass in the mouth is harmful, not the mass.

One thing to know is that scaling causes the tooth to become sensitive and hits the hot and cold beverages and the masses that had been on the tooth before act as an insulator to prevent allergies and If this layer of mass disappears from the tooth, it results in this condition and is perfectly normal, but this sensitivity only exists for a few days after scaling, so you should not worry about it.

Are teeth broken by scaling?

Some people believe that it was broken by teeth whitening, but the doctor says that by accumulating germs and masses that were present on the teeth and gums for a long time, it could damage the bone and preserve it.
They have been and have already been destroyed, and after massaging the teeth have been lost due to adhesion of the teeth and the patient feels that his teeth have been broken and the belief is completely wrong and it is not true that the teeth are massaged. And this has not been a problem for people who have healthy teeth after massaging and eliminates bad breath and teeth. The cleaner and the people are very satisfied.

Tooth whitening

Definition of Tooth Mass: Tooth mass consists of microbial plates that are hardened on the tooth by the deposition of mineral salts and there are several factors that cause tooth massing in this context of tooth massing. We state:

Microbial plaque on the tooth, if not brushed and flossed, can lead to the massing of the teeth.
Decrease in saliva secretion, and in fact, dry mouth, makes the teeth mass.
High concentration as well as adhesion of saliva can cause tooth mass.
The irregularities in the placement of the teeth together will also make them mass. The use of cigarettes and other tobacco substances can affect teeth massaging.

Tooth masses can be divided into two types:

Type 1: The first type of mass is a mass under the gingiva that is attached to the gingival groove and is attached to the root of the tooth and firmly attached to the root surface.
Type II: The second type of tooth mass is the mass above the gum which is found in the collar area and in some cases on the surface of the tooth.

The most common cause of tooth massing is the formation of a mass in the inner surface of the lower front teeth. The most important cause of mass in this area of ​​the teeth is tooth brushing and oral secretion.

Do the teeth need to be massaged regularly?

To answer this question, it depends on the diagnosis of the dentist, but in general it can be said that teeth whitening is necessary only when the teeth are massed. Normally it can be said that if you have a dental procedure then the teeth do not need to be re-repaired after regular dental care. Unless the dentist reappears at specific times. It is said that teeth being massaged once every 6 months is not scientific basis for everyone and there are only a few people who, with the diagnosis of a specialist dentist, need to have their teeth massaged every 6 months.

For many people, the question comes to their minds: Wouldn't dental surgery be harmful to the teeth? The answer to this question can be said that no teeth will be harmed while teeth need scaling and scaling is done correctly. Previously, scaling was done manually by machines, which took a long time and was difficult. And now the dentist is performing ultrasonic scaling using high precision.

Removal of micro-organism from dental environment

The most important step in preventing tooth decay is to remove germs on the teeth. There is no other way than to brush and floss regularly. And microbes are no longer allowed to work in the mouth with toothbrushes. Putting this on a regular basis does not cause any other tooth decay.

Among the benefits of brushing in this context are teeth whitening

Prevents tooth decay, prevents tooth decay, removes bad breath, keeps teeth looking healthy and healthy, increases appetite for food, gum disease Prevents, and the overall purpose is, brushing the microbial plaque as well as cleaning the teeth and gum surface.

Types of toothbrushes

In today's market, there are many different shapes and types of teeth for different uses that you should know that no toothbrush can be used. The features of a good toothbrush to prevent tooth decay on the teeth as well as to prevent caries are as follows:

The size of the toothbrush is chosen according to the size of the individual. For example, for an adult, the size of the toothbrush varies with the toothbrush used by a child. The toothbrush is also a matter to be considered while the toothbrush should be nylon and not rough. It is preferable to have a round toothbrush and use of toothbrushes, especially in children, will cause the teeth to collar and also cause gum irritation.

The shape of the toothbrush should also be taken into consideration so that a good toothbrush for adults should be such that it can be comfortable to work with and brush its teeth well. And for children, toothbrushes with straight strings are also recommended. New toothbrushes are now available in the market, the top of which is detachable and replaceable.

Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are a good toothbrush when used properly, and teeth clean. And there is no difference between them and the toothbrush to clean the teeth. But children are keen to use them and can be encouraged to brush.

However, until people consider them to be important for oral health and do not believe that this can prevent all dental abnormalities. They cannot prevent tooth decay. And give their teeth health.

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