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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile: You must have heard about the Hollywood smile. Nowadays, many people like their smiles to look like Hollywood smiles.  


Hollywood Smile


Hollywood Smile




One of the Grimm's methods used on the teeth of Hollywood actors during filming was to place acrylic coatings on the teeth of the actors being played and in a temporary shell, which, after a few hours of The tooth was removed and named after Hollywood smiles.
 After that, it turned into fun to beautify people's teeth to have a beautiful smile line like famous actors.

 Hollywood Smile -   famous actors

Hollywood Smile | Ben Affleck:

Ben Affleck was one of Hollywood's best-known actors who came to the cinema with his friend Matt Damen, who never achieved the success he had achieved, and was subsequently attracted to Jennifer Lopez and his marriage to Garner, a movie star. Hollywood television shows were hit by many films.
Ben Affleck did not perform surgery and botox injections to keep his face and limbs fresh because he said he did not need cosmetic surgery and facial surgery, and was endorsed by American experts.
But in order to make her teeth more beautiful and to have a beautiful smile and Hollywood smiles among the actors, she has begun to beautify and treat her teeth with lamination and cladding and whitening. Aesthetic treatment of affected teeth cost $ 20,000 because it had short and long teeth.

Hollywood Smile - Ben Affleck

Hollywood Smile | Catherine Zeta-Jones:

Another Hollywood smile was Miss Catherine, who improved her smile line by performing a beauty treatment on her distant front teeth and trimming stinging teeth that were very sharp and stab-like. But he denied all these rumors of his beauty treatment.
Mrs Cardin is 42 and married to Michael Douglas, suffering from a depressive illness that was treated for her husband's cancer and is now improving and continuing to live.

Hollywood Smile - Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hollywood Smile | Nicolas Cage:

One of the most popular and wealthy actors in Hollywood cinema who is relatively young and famous for his extravagant behavior, he won an Academy Award for acting in films.
To play a soldier movie, he had to cut a few pounds and bandaged his face to break his muscles, pulling his bite to make his face appear broken and then implanting Their bite teeth were implanted, eroded due to the constant use of cigarettes, and short and short, which made bleaching and ceramic coatings on their teeth for the treatment of beauty, and to row teeth. He orthodontically performed the restoration and became a Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile - Nicolas Cage


Hollywood Smile | Oprah Winfrey:

One of the richest women in the world is Mrs Oprah, whose television program attracts millions of viewers worldwide, and with her beautiful tone of speech, she has attracted a maple that is immensely popular. After gaining popularity in this supply, he modified the condition of his teeth, used invisible orthodontics for this purpose, and used invisible brackets to sort the teeth, and then used ceramic composites to laminate. Because it is difficult to distinguish these coatings on the teeth and cost a great deal, he did not care about it and took the necessary steps to have a Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile - Oprah Winfrey

Hollywood Smile | George Clooney:

Because of his habit of clenching his teeth, George swallowed his teeth and brought him a good treatment to improve the condition of his teeth. Despite his popularity, he is one of Hollywood's superstars.
With the erosion of the front teeth, he shortened the height of his teeth which increased the height of his teeth by resolving the problem with Chinese laminate coatings and by applying a laser on his gums to improve the shape and shape of his teeth and create a beautiful smile line. And the cost he paid for the treatment was estimated at $ 30,000.

Hollywood Smile - George Clooney

Hollywood Smile | Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina are hugely popular in Hollywood cinema, including actors who seem to be old-fashioned and whose sports and diets can keep him in the spotlight of young and healthy actors, with rumors that Performing cosmetic surgeries and reducing facial wrinkles and nose surgery is indifferent to the fact that the 48-year-old man received dental treatment by injecting filler for his face as well as cosmetic treatments to make Hollywood smile and whiten his teeth. And it shone, and so did the laminate coatings.

Hollywood Smile - Brad Pitt


Hollywood Smile | Tom Cruise:

Every day when we see this actress, despite being 49 years old, she is getting younger and has been rumored to have plastic surgery and removing wrinkles and facial wrinkles, but her teeth are no longer beautified because of one of her maxillary teeth. He lost, causing his smile to break, and the middle of his teeth had problems.
Because if it were lost during adolescence and adolescence, this vacuum created by it would disrupt the ordering of its other teeth, and this vacuum would fill up, destroying the jaws and destroying the smile line. . In the last few years, this tooth problem is no longer present in the cruise. And with its constant presence in cinema and the general public, it can be said that it has used orthodontics and lamination to treat its teeth, and by bleaching and whitening them it has become one of Hollywood's premier cinema smiles and costs about $ 30,000. Become a dollar.

Hollywood Smile -  Tom Cruise


You must have heard about the Hollywood smile. Nowadays, many people want to make their smile look like Hollywood smiles, but before you try to make your smile look like Hollywood smiles, you should know more about the features and features of this smile. The Hollywood smile is said to smile almost perfectly on the lips. Teeth that line up in a very orderly, white color in your mouth. But perhaps the most important question for most of you is now how to get your smile closer to Hollywood smiles?
Here are some ways to do this: 1- First of all, you should see a dentist and have your teeth examined thoroughly and carefully. After a careful examination, it is important to determine if the shape and shape of your teeth and jaw are suitable for veneer porcelain. In the meantime, if you are the only person with a large fracture tooth, it may not be appropriate for you to use this technique. In this case the suggested option for these people is to use invisible brackets.
Another important thing to consider before considering a Hollywood smile is that if your teeth are decayed or diseased, you should completely eliminate these problems before performing cosmetic surgery. But the next thing to do is to ask your specialist doctor to check your oral and maxillofacial condition and see if your teeth are in good practical pain. Before you begin the actual treatment process, you should use experimental smiles so that you can still see some of the end result and decide to proceed. Especially for a Hollywood smile, you should try the experimental model for yourself before attempting any serious action. Experimental smiles come in a variety of natural, egg, and Hollywood models, and you can try any of them depending on your needs. But if you find that you have to do the same thing to get a Hollywood smile then the next step is to whiten your teeth first. In fact, this will eliminate the shadows of your teeth and give them a beautiful appearance. In fact, your dentist should be able to determine to what extent your teeth can be whitened depending on the gender and type of your teeth.
So the next step is to start with the idea that to get a Hollywood smile, some of the texture of your tooth may need to be removed to make it look like the model you want. In this section, first the teeth will be numb, and after shaving, we will use a temporary veneer to test your Hollywood smile.

But after a few days of tooth brushing, you should go to the lab and talk to the person responsible for the type of temporary venice used for you. At this time, you should tell him the changes you are considering so he can make them for you. These changes can be related to the type and color of the teeth. But the next big question is, how many teeth do you need to cut and tooth to get a Hollywood smile? It depends on the shape and shape of your teeth.
The fact that your teeth are identified when you are laughing at some of them is an important factor in determining the shape and size of some of your teeth. Most people usually need between 6 and 8 front teeth to achieve a Hollywood smile. But sometimes some people just prefer to have four upper teeth.
But the next big question is, should special care be taken after a beauty operation for a Hollywood smile to stay healthy? Yes. You should brush your floss daily and brush twice a day, and see a health professional at least once every six months. You should also visit your dentist at least once a year to make sure your teeth are in good shape. Once you put veneer on your teeth, you need to improve your diet and avoid eating foods or eating habits that can ruin veneer.
Your dentist may ask you to use a soft mouthwash during sleep to protect the veneer and prevent it from breaking. The Hollywood smile is said to show the teeth and gums in proper condition, which makes the patient's face attractive and make her more beautiful. This beautification of the teeth was done in the 60s and 70s by an American physician to adorn the smile of Hollywood actors to play in films, and was later named Hollywood Smile.

Principles of a beautiful smile:

The way the teeth and gums are positioned and the different angles of the teeth make the smile look beautiful and having sharp bite teeth make the face and face masculine and soften the face by rounding the teeth. It looks calmer, and in women with long front teeth it looks more beautiful.
The young teeth are smooth and distinct angles, and the older ones are abrasive and their angles are rounded. Some people have a lot of gum when they brush their teeth, and their teeth are short and small, which in addition to beautifying the teeth requires gum repair to create the characteristic Hollywood smiles.

Smile Line Check:

Dentist with necessary examinations and x-rays taken with the help of smiley software to analyze the person after treatment, report problems and oral damage to the patient, name the necessary treatments, and describe the procedure of each. Also to justify the patient and to take appropriate action.

Designing a patient smile:

After necessary analysis and examinations of the patient's teeth can be done using auxiliary software such as whitening, veneering or implantation and orthodontics to simulate a Hollywood smile for him. to be displayed. In the present age, having a Hollywood smile is socially and emotionally necessary and can have a huge impact on jobs and relationships, and with a charm and self-esteem that is greatly influenced by career success and clearly seen by these people. Social and communication relationships are more successful and at work and in the community more attention is paid. In the past, traditional and painful dental procedures had to be used to repair teeth, but today with the advancement in the field of dentistry and the availability of specialized materials and equipment these techniques have been used for a shorter period of time and to restore teeth. Laughter and correction of teeth and discoloration of teeth can also be done according to the skill of the dentist. Because two sessions of dentistry can beautify the teeth and finish the work without shaving and prolonging the treatment period.
Factors that affect the smile line are the shape and appearance of the face, as well as the lip shape and the matching of the face with the type of cosmetic treatment because we generally have 5 types of face including:
- Long face
- round face
- Oval face
- Square face
- Heart-shaped face

It can be said to be the most ideal oval face shape to fit any smile. Suppose, for example, that if a person had his face drawn, he would be seen wearing a long earring and a longer and longer pendant, and by designing two long anterior teeth would have a negative effect on his face, and the smile design for each pink form was different.


How to Have a Hollywood Smile:

Many people want a Hollywood smile, and there are frequently asked questions about what they need to do to get that smile and what they need to do.

If irregular and discolored teeth are found with opaque color, they will be repaired and made more beautiful, and generally the Hollywood smile is said to have a flawless smile and teeth whitening. Increasing demand for whitening and beautifying veneers has been provided in a variety of ways tailored to people's needs.

How to Get a Hollywood Smile:

1- Teeth should be examined and the teeth positioned with the jaw closed to check if it is appropriate. And people with tooth decay cannot use veneer porcelain, and teeth whitening techniques should be used. When referring to a dentist you should tell about the gum disease or caries you are suffering from.

2- The mouth condition is checked to determine if you are eligible for a Hollywood smile. Or offer a trial smile to choose the right type and see the result before starting treatment.
There are a variety of models, such as eggs, young, natural or Hollywood, to choose from for your smile line, based on the expertise of the lab.

3- When finishing the veneer treatment, teeth whitening should be done to eliminate and improve the shade on the teeth and to assess the teeth whiteness before performing whitening.

4- Prepare various veneer models to put on your teeth to give you an experimental smile design to look at and anesthetize your teeth so that you do not notice pain and temporarily place the veneer on Your teeth will be tested to see what the Hollywood smile design you have chosen is.

5- After a few days you will be asked to go to the lab to talk to the lab technician about a temporary veneer and tell him about his type, color and design to make the necessary changes to it. Satisfy you.


Hollywood Smile - more video


Hollywood Smile - offer



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