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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry: One of the most important branches of the field of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. This term is used to enhance dental function.  


Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry

Beauty dentistry is really about the beauty and appearance of your teeth. That you can give your face a beautiful smile apart from the health of your teeth, which is also one of the arts in dentistry. And dentists try to give people a beautiful smile in addition to the health of their teeth. In the field of dentistry, there are disciplines that are related to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Otherwise, cosmetic dentistry is not an official discipline and those who work in the field are looking to sell their products.

 In cosmetic dentistry, the most commonly used method is to whiten teeth. Teeth whitening is more effective in dentistry and the materials used by the dentist to whiten yellow teeth and will also provide longer shelf life than the materials sold to whiten teeth and any individual can Use it alone at a lower cost than dentistry.
To improve the appearance of the teeth by changing the shape of the enamel, it removes the ups and downs of the teeth, which sometimes cause minor fractures in some people's teeth, which can be used to correct the fracture. It should be borne in mind that tooth enamel has never been reversible, and in some cases it can be seen that dentin grapples with dangers. This method is also known by other names.
The shape of the tooth is referred to as the tooth, which is made by millimeter brushing of the tooth. This is itself an emergency treatment in dentistry where the dentist removes broken, crushed, curved teeth as well as overlapping teeth. People who use orthodontics also use this method for them to know that this method is irreversible. That is, by reshaping the tooth, it actually results in a change in the appearance, length, and position of the tooth.

Composite filling method:

In this method, dentists apply a combination of enamel-like materials on the surface of the teeth and then apply the form to it and polish it after it has retained its strength.

Tooth bridge: In some cases, the artificial teeth are attached to the jaw and in other cases they connect as a bridge. By this method, dentures are attached to adjacent natural teeth using a hook, but this is an old method because they are visible in the mouth, so they are not very popular.
The tooth bridges have a beautiful appearance and are quite effortless, both of which are prominent features of this method. It is so easy to use these bridges that one sometimes forgets that he has an artificial tooth in his mouth. And in some cases, the teeth are used to repair teeth.
Adhesive bridges: In cases where the columns and pedestals of the healthy tooth are free of any fillings, the adhesive bridges can be used to enhance the beauty and appearance of your teeth. The major difference between this method and the bonding method is that very little enamel is shaved. This method is also effective in maintaining the health of adjacent teeth and will not harm them. Next, they attach the bridges to the places where the teeth are carved.


Porcelain laminate is a thin, thin layer that adheres directly to the teeth in cosmetic dentistry. Laminate applications are used when the teeth are intermittent or discolored. They are such that they do not respond well to teeth whitening techniques. The use of this method to create a beautiful smile is very popular among people.
Using a variety of methods such as those mentioned above to remove irregularities or discoloration of teeth to restore teeth and gums and to create beauty in your smile has only one purpose and to maintain dental health and order. On the other hand, it can be said that modifying the smile design or repairing the teeth even though it is costly and time consuming to visit a cosmetic dentist can be said. It is also a hassle. So we recommend that you take good care of your teeth to prevent them from being damaged. Although you have taken the necessary care, but your teeth still get damaged, you can go to the dentist immediately and have your teeth treated to prevent further damage. And the patient must know that the dentist is his friend and his teeth and his sole purpose is to serve, and the dentist must also know that the patient needs his or her teeth to be a trusted person.

In addition, every person should keep in mind that in addition to caring for their teeth, they should visit their dentist at least twice a year to ensure the health of their teeth.

One of the most important branches of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. The term is meant to improve the performance of the teeth as well as improve the aesthetics of the teeth to achieve this goal. In fact, it can be argued that a dentist must be an artist in addition to having sufficient knowledge. A combination of science and art at the dentist can lead to quality work at the outlet. In addition to the goal of dentistry is to improve oral health, the next goal is to enhance the beauty of laughter.

Of course, we do not have specialized dental cosmetics and there is practically a group of dentists working in this field. In America, for example, this discipline was never recognized as an official discipline at the university. There are two very important specialties that cannot be linked to the beauty of teeth. These two specialties include orthodontics and dental prostheses. In order to specialize in these fields, you must first have a dental degree and then study for three years.

Bleaching or teeth whitening treatments can also be mentioned in cosmetic dentistry. Of course, today there are many drugs for whitening teeth in the pharmacy, even without a prescription, but what a dentist does is much more specialized and long-lasting.
One of the things that is done in cosmetic dentistry to make your teeth look better than they used to be and that they are low and tall is to shape the enamel. It should be noted, however, that the tooth enamel is irreversible and that removal can sometimes cause serious tooth decay. So this must be done by a real dental professional. But another thing that is done in cosmetic dentistry is the design. In fact, the idea is to re-shape the teeth. The tooth may be deformed due to erosion and fracture of the teeth, and a cosmetic specialist may need to be used to restore the original shape. But another work in cosmetic dentistry is called composite filling. In this method, an enamel-like compound is applied to the surface of the tooth. After this compound has been applied to the tooth and has become firm and hard, it is possible to polish it to give it a proper shape.
Maryland bridges are artificial teeth that are inserted between the two dentin to fill an empty tooth. Those two dentines attach the artificial tooth to the two lateral teeth. This method is used for those who have lost one or more teeth. This type of denture, like other dentures, cannot be removed or inserted. In low-pressure areas, such as the front teeth, Maryland Bridge is used. Pedestrian or Maryland Bridge bridges correct bite and talk. People with these bridges require serious oral hygiene; however, these teeth last for ten years or even longer.
Even though you have witnessed changes in science and technology at every moment of your life and you have seen advances that are nevertheless a category beauty that has always been of paramount importance to this day. And including these beauties, having a beautiful smile brings you to all walks of life, including emotionally and socially, better job opportunities and significant success. And the reason is that teeth and smile play a key role in a person's beauty, increasing the attractiveness of the person and thereby enhancing their self-esteem.

For those who are deprived of this beauty in their teeth, with the advances in dental science, there is a solution that these cosmetic dentistry solutions have the ability to address the beauty problems of your teeth. Get rid of it.

The cosmetic dentistry smile modification is designed so that they can be evaluated with regard to the symmetry of the teeth at the two sides of the mouth as well as the length of the teeth as well as many other fine points to be applied to the techniques. By removing any of these flaws, you will create a beautiful smile.
There are various types of cosmetic dentistry treatments, the most basic of which are the following:
Tooth lamination, which is divided into two types of ceramic and ceramic.
Surgery to beautify the gums by removing the length of the crown of the teeth as well as the height or shape of the gum.

Bleaching or whitening of teeth

In this article on cosmetic dentistry, we describe some of the beauty techniques of smile design in cosmetic dentistry:
Gum lifting is one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help shape and lift the gums. And this is how they appear beautifully and symmetrically by forming the layers of the teeth. Many factors such as taking certain medications, cosmetic orthodontics and gingival inflammation can cause abnormal enlargement of the gums. The biting method is applicable to people whose teeth lead to wear, which may be due to acid reflux. Applying this technique on their teeth by a cosmetic dentist gave their teeth volume and then again and gave a beautiful smile to the person. In some cases, the wrinkles that appear around the corner of the lip can be removed by applying this method. And the person's discomfort to get rid of this wrinkle and to feel young.
Broken tooth restoration is a common practice that was not possible in the near future, and although it was not possible to adjust the color of your teeth with the part that was repaired, it is currently advancing in science. Dentistry with fractured teeth can no longer be seen apart from the tooth and it is recognized that the tooth has been restored. Previously, dentists used ceramic materials to repair broken teeth, which also cost a great deal. And this was done in such a way that these materials were stuck to the teeth. Or with some kind of glue on the teeth that they just need to apply some of that glue on the broken tooth. And filling the teeth with adhesives helps tooth beauty and makes the teeth look natural. Regarding the life of the repaired teeth, it is worth mentioning that there are various factors that can be mentioned, such as bacteria in the mouth, saliva composition as well as nutrition and oral hygiene.
Materials used for cosmetic dentistry: In the past, teeth were used to fill teeth made of various metals, including amalgam, gold, and in some cases porcelain. But at present, only porcelain that is free of mercury is used for filling teeth. This way the teeth look natural. The way it is applied to the teeth is that it is bonded to the teeth by resin adhesives.
After filling in the damaged parts of the tooth, there may be blemishes again, so the top surface of the tooth should be completely covered.
 At the moment, dentists in the field of cosmetic dentistry offer a variety of materials for tooth restoration, which are very close to the natural color of the teeth, which people consider to be the same.

How to get a Beauty Dental Specialty:

After obtaining a Dental Degree after being admitted to the residency exam for a period of 3 years, he or she will be able to specialize in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

The largest dental association in the world, called the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, is comprised of professionals, general dentists, dental and oral health technicians, and lab and student technicians whose focus is on enhancing their ability and knowledge. In the field of dentistry is beautiful. Although their work began in 1984, it has attracted a large number of people in the United States and elsewhere today.

As you know in recent years, the need for dental care has led people to think of a solution. Therefore, a science called dentistry has gradually been developed to relieve pain in the tooth and prevent tooth decay and in addition to being effective in repairing the tooth. But it was only for the things that were necessary to do, and not doing them would make things worse. But in recent years there has been a science called cosmetic dentistry. The purpose of creating this field is to bring beauty to the individual. In this field, there are things that, unlike the field of dentistry, do no harm to the patient, but they are useful for the beauty of the person and boost confidence in people.
This discipline of need arose just like any other discipline because of human need. We live in a world today where having a beautiful face and a pleasant smile is no longer an advantage but a necessity. In today's modern world, almost all people in the world have access to health care to keep their teeth healthy, and every country and city has dental care. In today's digital and modern world, in order to have a good job, we have to have a beautiful appearance and a beautiful smile on our lips. Many people naturally have this divine blessing, but many people unfortunately have irregular teeth and, although they respect oral hygiene, they do not have a pleasant smile, which makes them different from what they see. Really are to appear.

Nowadays, this problem is completely solved for people and they can make their appearance beautiful and have a pleasant face with the help of dental dentistry.
What makes a person laugh a lot and show a kind face to everyone is the order of their teeth and their regularity. So this field deals with the arrangement and arrangement of teeth. As you know from adolescence and childhood, people are told not to put tongue in place when a tooth is in their mouth because it causes it to tilt. This claim may have scientific roots and is completely true. Maybe not so right. It is out of the question to address this, but the point is that the arrangement of the teeth and the shape of the teeth begin to form from the time a person first acquired the tooth.
At that time the teeth are milky and very short lived and any cosmetic operation on the tooth is completely wrong and abnormal because it is an extra cost and with all the toothache the doctor has done to eliminate the tooth. It will be wasted. Therefore, it is not recommended to do any cosmetic surgery on the teeth.

In the field of cosmetic dentistry there are several points that vary from person to person. One of these is genetic and hereditary factors in humans. Genetics are very effective in teeth formation. Oral jaws and stainless steel are all due to one's genetics and genetics. Even the sex of the teeth, their color, and strength, and in some cases even the shape of the teeth and the extent of their growth, depend on the laws of inheritance. For example, people whose parents had weak and weak teeth are likely to have poor teeth. Or, if they have good quality teeth, they may be inherited from one of their close relatives. In any case, genetics is one of the most important factors in smile beauty.
Doctors try to keep the teeth in the mouth and teeth well and repair the other half according to the teeth. It is very important how the teeth are arranged. Sometimes the layout of a tooth may not be so nice, but its symmetry may make it look a lot less popular or even beautiful. In many cases, the teeth may also be arranged in regular intervals, but may not have the desired appearance because the jaw is not symmetrical. This will happen a lot. But cosmetic dentistry is trying to solve all these problems. In this field, anyone with any genetics can correct their oral defects. As mentioned, this field is only suitable for people who have reached puberty and are no longer supposed to head to the tooth.

The subject matter is one of the most important things to consider in cosmetic dentistry and it is a very detailed and, of course, a little complicated discussion. In addition to what is said about the cornea of ​​the teeth relative to the other side of the mouth, there is another kind of cornea that should be considered. This is the balance between the upper and lower teeth. Overall, the field does not try to increase the efficiency of the teeth and focuses solely on the beauty of the patient's mouth. Of course, this does not mean that everything is sacrificed beautifully. If the balance between the upper and lower teeth is done correctly, the foods will be better chewed and more food will be placed on the teeth. In addition, when all the teeth are aligned at the same time, no healthy and so-called healthy food will be removed. But this is not the case in teeth that do not fit perfectly.


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