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Correction of Smile Design

Correction of  Smile Design

Correction of  Smile Design: These days, smiling faces may be one of the concerns of many in the community. Everyone wants to have the most beautiful smile.  


Correction of  Smile Design


Correction of  Smile Design

In order to have a beautiful smile, you need to design a smile with beautiful treatments and modify things like crowning, tooth implantation and replacement of missing teeth, whitening, orthodontics and so on.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

This treatment is optional and is tailored to the individual's wishes, with the exception of teeth whitening, all dental damage is corrected and is a general process and complete restoration is performed on all teeth. Modifying the smile design should be done to correct the gum tissue, tooth appearance, tooth width, tooth distance, lips and all of these components should be restored to create a beautiful smile and can be done with various treatments. One way to find out what treatment is based on the individual's desire is to ask him or her what features of his or her teeth he or she is not happy with and wants to be corrected and treated accordingly. To do.
By replacing the composite to fill the canals filled with colored materials, they discolored and stained the teeth to become a white hand and by evaluating and recognizing other methods Used to change the color of the tooth and refresh the old look of a tooth and make the face and face younger. Because teeth whitening and coating have a direct effect on the design of the smile, this color should be chosen based on the color of the person's hair and the color of their skin. Perform the assessments and make a beautiful balance between them to make the teeth look bright and vibrant in color.
For the evaluation and aesthetics of smile design, other methods and features must be evaluated in order to do well:
Tooth length: Teeth that are longer give a more beautiful appearance and look younger and reduce wear and tear, with teeth that are smaller and produce a gingival smile with less quality. In order to treat these types of teeth, composite techniques and ceramic coatings should be used to increase the length of the teeth and some laser treatments by a specialist. Increasing the length of the teeth affects the entire shape of your face and can be seen with shorter, taller or square teeth. Laser treatment of the teeth should be enhanced by laser procedures.
Dental fit: The examiner should determine the fit of the teeth by examining them, and that the front teeth of the maxilla are central and have a ratio of 4 to 5 in width. The expert must have aesthetic skills to balance the design needed to achieve a smile design.
Dental Texture: A dentist with sufficient skill in the appearance and modification of a smile design can combine them with a coating and repair to make them masculine or feminine and to look more natural.
Method of treatment: Before cosmetic work on the appearance of the teeth, the teeth should be examined for the proper treatment of the gums and the structure of all teeth and if the teeth are rotten and repaired if necessary. They are orthodontic and if they are fractured and limp, they are molded and coated with the appropriate composite or if you lose a tooth that has an impact on the smile line, all these problems are resolved and then the appearance of the design Smile.
One of the treatments that should be done on the teeth is to fasten them over to the whole tooth. All restorative procedures should be performed on the teeth, which may take longer but are associated with patient satisfaction. And to have teeth that look good, you need to do all the healing and repair work, and this requires time-consuming work to make this improvement. Because other dentists have to do the necessary things such as nerve endings, fillings, jaw and gum surgeries, then go to the cosmetic department and be prepared to make these changes. For example, if you want to schedule a treatment for a person, Biden will evaluate the oral health examinations, which can then be performed by specialist technicians or temporary plaster castings. Desired to satisfy the desired smile.
Shelf life: To maximize the longevity of the teeth, good oral hygiene should be ensured so that the teeth are not damaged, and brushing and flossing should keep both teeth white and white. It keeps teeth healthy because if used with a coating, it will not reduce its appearance due to the lack of care or the impact of eating hard foods such as eggs and discoloration of the teeth by eating colored drinks. The coatings on the teeth should be replaced after 10 to 15 years. To make a smile design, all the technicians and materials used by the dentist are included in the treatment and affect the durability of the treatment. You must carefully choose your cosmetologist so that you can achieve the best you can.
These days, smiling faces may be one of the concerns of many in the community. Everyone wants to have the most beautiful smile, but sometimes they are deprived of it because of problems such as irregularities in their teeth or bad color. In fact, it can be said that a beautiful smile is the result of harmony between the components of the face and the teeth. Sometimes due to the lack of coordination, changes in the form of the gum and even the length and distance of the teeth need to be made to achieve the necessary harmony.
The beauty of a smile is no accident, and if you look at beautiful smiles, you will find that the harmonious set of facial, gum and teeth components have made this scene beautiful.
Designing a smile is a specialty and if you are thinking of having a beautiful smile, we recommend that you use the best and most experienced experts in the field. In fact, a qualified dentist is the one who can identify the components that are most effective in making your smile more beautiful and harmonious.
The details of a smile can be described as cosmetic treatments. The above treatment consists of several parts such as bleaching, lamination, composite veneer, etc. Many believe that smile design is done solely for people with irregular and discolored teeth. The above treatment can also be applied to people who have even clean, whitened teeth. These people will try to achieve a beautiful smile by making changes to their face.
But like most other things, it certainly has its own rules and principles, and by adhering to these principles you can hope that your smile's beauty will be as perfect as possible. Observing all of them will give you a beautiful smile:
1- A beautiful smile that crosses the edge of the maxillary anterior teeth should be parallel to the lower edge during the smile.
2- The upper lip line should pass through the gingival to the teeth during the smile.
3- In a beautiful smile, the depth of the interdental spaces at the edge of the teeth should follow certain proportions.
4- Normally, the edge of the maxillary anterior teeth should be 1 to 1.5 mm in front and lower than the edge of the mandibular tooth.
5- The value of the edge of the maxillary anterior teeth at lip resting is 2–3 mm.
But it is interesting to know that smile design comes in a variety of different models that we will address below:
The first model is known as the wise smile. The edges of the anterior teeth in the above model should be in a straight line. In fact, this is the wise smile that signifies intelligence and maturity.
At a young age, because the teeth are usually not the same size and are small, so the edges of the teeth do not line up. But with age and the edge of the tooth being eroded, it can be said that almost the edge of the tooth is in a parallel line, indicating a maturity of reason. The next model commonly used to modify a smile design is called a young smile. To describe the above model, it can be said that in the younger smile model, the two front teeth are clearly longer than their two lateral teeth. This smile is also known as a sign of boldness. The above model has special warmth and intimacy. For those with more prominent lips, the model may look a bit more beautiful than others. But one of the beautiful smile models can be called a sports smile.
In fact, the Sport model is in between the two previous models we have described. The two front teeth are taller than the lateral teeth. This smile indicates being unofficial and unofficial.
Here are some of the things that make your smile beautiful:
1- The shape and shape of the face will definitely be a determining factor in the beauty of your smile.
2- The second may be our personal expectations of how beautiful our smile is.
3- And the third most influential case is age and gender and being male or female.

To correct the smile design properly, the consultant should make the best decision in light of all the things we have stated and given the specifics of your face shape. These days, there is a warm marketplace for smiley design advertising in virtual environments. We urge you not to be fooled by the appearance of many of these ads and be sure to consult with qualified and experienced doctors. The fact that no one seems to be able to conceal it is to have a beautiful smile. Almost everyone dreams of having the most beautiful smiles for themselves.
As mentioned above, having the right size, shape, and shape of the tooth and facial elements will help to enhance the beauty of your smile. But in reality, one has to admit that it is rare to find someone who has naturally created all the necessary coordination between the teeth and the form of the gum and face without problems.
But with the coating and implantation of teeth and teeth whitening and composite technique can greatly help to improve the smile design. The difference between a smile design and a tooth restoration is that the former is completely optional and the latter is necessary. But if you want to make the smile design as good as possible, there are several factors that can be involved to make it happen. From the color of the skin to the appearance of the face as well as the appearance of the teeth and how they are arranged, as well as the size and size of the lips and the type and shape of the gums will all have their own effects.

What is a smile design:

As the smile becomes more attractive, the general health of people in the community is increased and the underlying problems that are the main causes of tooth decay such as caries are treated to increase the attractiveness and health symptoms. The dentist, after undergoing the necessary treatments on the teeth and restoring the health of the teeth, begins treatment methods to beautify the design of the smile and performs one of the methods to achieve the best results.


One of the common methods used to replace missing teeth is implantation, which has a natural and effective appearance on the face with its treatment and repair.

Tooth crown repair:

Teeth that are cracked or fractured and lip-shaped should be crowned with a ceramic coating method by cutting and adjusting the tooth and adhere to the appearance of the tooth.


Teeth Whitening:

One of the most effective ways to beautify the appearance of teeth is to change their color to white, which is done with this important treatment method and to maintain a consistent color, personal care must be taken to improve oral health.


A faded or discolored tooth is the best cure for ceramic porcelain coatings, which is tailored to fit the teeth of the patient with a narrow, tooth color, and is an ideal method.

Teeth Smoothing:

They used to spend a lot of time on orthodontics for the beautiful smile, and had to have metal wires to fix the teeth, but nowadays, invisible orthodontics can be used in many different ways. Straighten the teeth without the need for wires and plates on the teeth, giving you a more beautiful smile to keep your teeth clean for a few months.

Who are the applicants:

People who want to design a smile should be in good health for their teeth and gums. Most people are dissatisfied with their smile and want a good smile line, and after visiting an esthetic dentist, they should tell the doctor what they need to do the treatment that he or she wants and provide enough satisfaction.

Soluble Oral Problems:

To have a smile line, you need to modify your smile design and perhaps solve problems that include:
1- Tooth decay and discoloration
2- Lips and cracks on the teeth
3- Tooth decay and burnout of the tooth resulting in deformity or inadequate teeth.
4- Teeth being tilted and deflected
5- Distance between teeth
6- A gummy smile that has a bad appearance
These defects are corrected using a smile design.

First of all, one should consider oral health and after beautifying the teeth, because of the problems with the first mouth, diseases and complications need to be treated, and other measures taken afterwards.

Gum disease:

With gum problems, problems such as bleeding, inflammation, and stench of the mouth occur, and if the gum is left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss and accompany the loss of vision in the jaw. The specialist must first perform the cleansing to treat gum disease and perform the initial steps by massaging and straightening the teeth.


People with high levels of stress and stress are scarring their teeth and this should be treated before the smile design treatment begins. Teeth grinding with jaw pain, jaw and joint disruption, and ultimately damaging to the tooth structure because they are eroded by grinding teeth and can destroy the result if beautified before treatment. And makes a beautiful smile unpleasant.


If you already have a decayed tooth that is untreated, the cavity of the decayed tooth must first be filled because it will prevent damage to the tooth by filling the tooth and will cause bacterial transmission through decay in other teeth. The decayed teeth must be filled, and if the caries has reached the nerve, end the treatment by performing a nerve retraction, filling or coating.
Severe irregularity of teeth:
To have a beautiful smile line, all teeth must be in order, and if there are severe jaws and teeth related to occlusions, they should use bracket and plaque orthodontics, invisible orthodontics and dental color braces. Makes it possible.

Tobacco Usage:

One of the main goals for beautifying teeth and having a beautiful smile is to remove stains and colors on the teeth because they are caused by smoking and smoking, and over time they produce an ugly appearance on the teeth. If you want to get treatment, you have to quit smoking beforehand, otherwise the treatment will fail and the expectation and expectation you are expecting will not be achieved.

Correct expectations of treatment:

Before starting treatment, one must have a good understanding of the outcome and do the necessary digital imaging to develop the attitude that one should use appropriate remedies to correct and treat their disadvantages. Make complete satisfaction and take the necessary steps with a beautiful smile designer for the beauty of laughter. We deal with a lot of people every day and we may not notice the clothes or the shoes or the watch or the many things they carry with us and we don't even think our opponent has a branded shirt or a casual shirt on Is wearing. Either the belt is originally packed to the waist or it uses a cheap sample.
But people's faces always matter to everyone. In everyday encounters, one cannot talk to anyone without paying attention to his face. Therefore, the face is one of the most important points in a person's social interaction. Among the components of the face, the lips as well as the teeth are of great importance. Imagine meeting someone for the first time. If this person has beautiful teeth and a pleasant smile, he may be more effective than you to have bad teeth. Nowadays, having a beautiful smile can be effective even in finding a friend or a job.
We all smile throughout the day, but it is very important what our smile looks like. In the field of dentistry there is a discipline that is referred to as modifying the smile design. With this science you can correct a smile and have a nice laugh. It goes without saying that no one can question the importance of having a beautiful face and a charming laugh. Having a beautiful smile will help one's PR and make him a happy and lively person. The good thing about having a good smile is that one has healthy teeth. Healthy teeth need health care. Brushing and using timely and in-place dental floss and mouthwashes can prevent some dental damage.
If you do not take care of your oral hygiene, over time, you will lose the beauty of your teeth. The acids produced by food can damage the tooth and appear as the mouth opens. So the first step to having a beautiful smile is to take care of our teeth. Once we are sure of the health of our teeth and we take care of them regularly, it comes down to the order of the teeth and the front and back teeth. Certainly, the teeth can create a more beautiful laugh if the teeth are arranged neatly and perfectly aligned in front and back.

Modifying a smile plan by specialist doctors requires a lot of information. Information such as recognizing the shape of the nose, smile and face styles, and the like.
In many cases, the type of smile a person needs to be corrected should be appropriate to other organs. You can't design and implement a smile without your lips and nose. People who have occupations that require a special and attractive smile can achieve this with modern and modern style. For example, it is very important for moviegoers what their style of face is when they are laughing. No matter how powerful an actor, he can not eliminate the gaps and deficiencies in his face. By modifying your smile design, you can achieve what everyone wants. Having a good face can give you many job opportunities or bring the people we want to be in our lives. The term smile design covers all the things that may help improve and make your laughter more beautiful. Any defect will be eliminated to bring you beauty and confidence and make you more attractive and attractive to your friends.
Among the factors considered in this procedure are the type of patient's jaws. We have no authority over our teeth and jaws, and if we are unhappy with their appearance, we can easily do so.
People whose upper jaw is slightly forward and undesirable, or whose lower jaw is backward, or whose teeth are not properly aligned, can help correct all these problems with a smile design. To solve. There may be very few cases where someone has inappropriate jaws and may need to make changes. But in today's dental science, we are going to deal with the disproportionate arrangement of teeth, which has made this science so widespread. Different ways may be used to make the patient have a beautiful smile. In general, working conditions for both patients may be different. In some cases the patient may need an anterior tooth implant, while in other cases the procedure may be different and the knot may be opened by orthodontics.
In general, for a physician to be able to design a beautiful smile for his or her patient, he or she must have a great deal of knowledge in the field of dentistry. The dentist who intends to do this must be thoroughly familiar with such things as orthodontics, implants, teeth whitening, etc. to be able to advise and assist the patient as often as possible. So the doctor's expertise in this area is one of the most important things because the health of the patient's teeth is in his hands.
Today, having a laugh at socializing with people is not ineffective. The need to have a beautiful laugh as well as a smile design has made this field come to fruition. Perhaps you are one of those people who would like to have a fun laugh and you have always been wondering if there is a way to do it. Until a few years ago, there was no way anyone could change the shape of their mouths, teeth and laughs, and they had to go the same natural way. But nowadays, there are ways that people can enjoy a unique and unique smile and their mouth and laughter form is unique to that person and no one else does not have.
But what these methods actually are and whether they do harm is the question for many who decide to do so. If we are going to get into this topic and explain exactly what is being done in this way and how some of the changes will make you laugh, we should use scientific and medical terms, but simply put, smile design This is done with little change in the mouth and teeth. As you know, teeth are not always very good shape. In fact, most of the time the teeth are not completely perfect.
Of course, the goal is not to have a perfect mouth and teeth, as it can give the face an artificial look and reduce its beauty. But it is not bad for the teeth to fit together in a neat and orderly fashion. The better and more beautiful the teeth, the better they will be. In this context, there is something called symmetry, which is the basis of smile design, without which having a beautiful smile is impossible and impossible. Symmetry means that the lower and upper teeth have the same rules and principles and have their own order.
But if each tooth has the same shape and some face upward and some downward, the beauty of the teeth may not be full-blown.
Forming teeth means giving a person a laugh so there is a lot to do in this area. One of the most important is healthy teeth. The teeth can only be worked on and made beautiful if they are in good health. A tooth that is not strong enough or in need of repair cannot be used at all. Before any action is taken to make the teeth beautiful, therapeutic work must be done first. Once the treatment is done and the dental health is confirmed by a specialist, it can be made even more beautiful.
Dentist skill in smile design is very important. All of these steps occur only when the physician is skilled enough to perform these tasks. The skill of the physician is important because, for example, if the dentist misdiagnoses and considers the tooth to be in good repair, he or she may begin cosmetic procedures on the tooth, and then after a while There will be pain and all the things that are done in the area of ​​tooth decay will be in vain.
Or the gum may not be able to hold the teeth as it should and may not be able to detect the problem. Then, if no gum treatment is taken and the doctor goes straight to smile design, the gums may worsen after a while and all the work done to beautify the teeth will be in vain.
But the goal of designing a beautiful smile should go beyond the teeth.
In general, the shape of the teeth will change greatly with the arrangement and arrangement of the teeth, but the point is that in addition to having a regular tooth, the kindness and affection of the teeth should also be reflected on the face. So not everything is done by stereotyping teeth. In order to have a loving laugh, the teeth need to be coordinated, in addition to being symmetrical with the other facial features. For example, it is important how the person's face color is and even the shape of his nose is more beautiful and so-called smiling smile. Keep in mind, however, that many things depend on the person themselves, and the taste and smell of the person can be as effective as the tooth symmetry.

After the necessary treatment is done to repair damaged teeth and inadequate gums, and the necessary infrastructure is examined by a physician, a period of beautification or the same smile design begins. There it takes about a month. During this one month, the doctor will tell the patient what foods and drinks to avoid and what ingredients to eat. Another point is to respect health. Health care should be increased after the beautification is done, and points that have not been addressed so far should be further explored. So health not only does not decrease but it should also increase dramatically in the post-smile design period.


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