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What is immediate implant?

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Dental implant is the best alternative for lost teeth. Nowadays, dental implants are widespread. In fact, dental implants are used to hold dental crowns instead of natural dental root. It takes several months to create a stable connection between patient’s jaw bone and the implant. Dental crown is inserted on the implant in second stage. In screw implants, the bone will make connection with the screw. 

What is immediate implant?
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Inserting crown should be done carefully. It shouldn’t have any contact with adjacent teeth. It is very important because it influence on the appearance of the main crown.

When inserting a number of teeth connected to dental implant in front row; functional immediate implants are suggested. It should be connected to the adjacent tooth. Foursome denture is one of the dental implant types. The advantage of this procedure is that all implants are connected to each other; therefore, dental implants are very stable in jaw bone. On the other hand, any external forces on implants are distributed between them and as a result, the risk of dental implant failure will reduce.

Connection of immediate dental implant with jaw bone may take several months. In this process, a new tissue is created around the dental implant for direct connection between patient’s tooth and the implant. This is necessary for holding dental implant in its place. It is very important to prevent any movement of immediate dental implant. In this case, success rate will increase. And also it is very important to prevent any pressure from adjacent teeth on dental implant.

What are immediate dental implant advantages?

One of the most important advantages of immediate dental implant compared to regular dental implant procedures is reducing dental implant treatment period. In immediate dental implants, the second stage of inserting implant will be performed after a shorter time of completing the first stage. It means, treatment time will reduce up to 2 months comparing to regular dental implant treatments.

The next advantage is reducing the number of surgeries to 1 surgery. In immediate dental implant, inserting primary crown and abatement is done in just one stage. There is no need to wait for several months to insert the crown.

Another advantage of immediate dental implant is no need to use temporary dentures. In immediate dental implant, the time duration for creating connection between the implant and jaw bone is very shorter so there is no need to use temporary dentures. This is a very important point for patients because it will enhance their self-confidence.

The last advantage of immediate dental implant is better harmony between the gum and the crown. In regular dental implants, a cylindrical cap is inserted on the new dental implant to form the gum tissue. But in immediate dental implant, gum tissue is shaped with the primary crown. The primary crown is similar to permanent crown in terms of shape so the harmony of gum tissue and permanent crown will be higher. It makes better results in terms of aesthetic aspects.   


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