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Everything about implants
Installment implant A special package for patients all over the country with a free trip? What is a dental implant? Dental Implant Prices? Cost of implanting teeth? Best Implant Specialist in Tehran? Best Implant Specialist in West Tehran? Types of dental implants? What is the best Implant brand? How is dental implant done?

all about implant
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Everything about implants
Installment implant A special package for patients all over the country with a free trip? What is a dental implant? Dental Implant Prices? Cost of implanting teeth? Best Implant Specialist in Tehran? Best Implant Specialist in West Tehran? Types of dental implants? What is the best Implant brand? How is dental implant done?
These are the questions that are recorded by the most respected patients on Google. Implant prices and dental implant advertising, and the variety and variety of implant brands make confusion to dear patients. Immediate implantation, implant implantation, implant implant in 10 minutes, implant-free implant is one of the questions the patients ask after visiting a specialized implant clinic. Therefore, we decided to answer all of the above questions in this article so that your loved ones Make the best implant treatment with complete and comprehensive information.

What you will read in this article:
Installment implants

Implant Questionnaire

Implant prices on March 96

A special package for patients all over the country with a free trip

What is an implant?

Best Implant Brand

Implant cost

Difference between implants and artificial teeth

What is the benefit of having a dental implant or dental implant?

What is the duration of implant implantation?

How long does it take to get teeth after implanting?

What are the implantation stages of the tooth?

What is an implant?

Is the implant planted at the moment the tooth is pulled up?

What age is suitable for dental implants?

Who is eligible for implant treatment?

Does a dental implant like a natural toothpick need care?

What is the success rate of teeth implantation or implant?

Should a special photo be taken for the implant?

What are the costs of implant implantation?

Does the implant have any complications?

Installment implant
Today, the need to treat dental implants is more important than other treatments. Because of the lack of adequate knowledge and the lack of maintenance of teeth in the past, many beloved patients have lost their teeth and are now seeking tooth replacement.
Because implant therapy is a very long-lasting treatment that does not harm the jawbone and other teeth, the first choice of all implant specialists for toothless dentures is dental implants.

On the other hand, given that implant therapy costs high and may not be affordable for some of the patients, it is not possible to pay the cost at all, the specialist doctor of Soodoody, this allows for curable patients to pay more easily. Payments will be made to other centers and at the same time to a longer period (in a way that does not create financial pressure on the patient).
 What is an implant?
If someone loses their teeth, the implant is placed in the same size as the root. Implants are natural-sized teeth. Implants are controlled by very precise instruments and made by highly accurate devices.

The material used to make dental implants is titanium, which is in fact a good quality metal. These are titanium components that have a biological fit with the body and do not have any allergic reaction to the body. Titanium creates a protective layer against corrosion and analysis on its surface. Its non-magnetic properties, and resistance to oxygen, and acid and salt compositions provide the necessary conditions for its use in the dental implant structure.
Because of the characteristics mentioned for dental implants, it is not in the patient's jaw, it is not considered an external object and is compatible with being placed in the patient's jaw. Implants also cause bone growth along the tooth and prevent jaw bone analysis.
Best Implant Brand
The best brand or brand of dental implants is that its implant components have the best quality available in the market and its durability is also high. In fact, it remains inside the jaw bone for more than 30 years.

In order to choose the best brand, implant implants should be carefully selected and chosen to make implant placement with the highest possible success. The official letter of the Implant Implant, provided to the patient in writing (in the Implant Specialized Clinic of Dr. Sojoodi, is given to the patient in written form and with the stamp of the implant company) will address the patient's concerns. The explanation is warranted. And Implant Warranty at the Specialist Implant Center is a lifelong doctor and is responsive to all patients after implant implantation.
Cost of implants
Implant prices are higher than other dental services, as more responsibilities and services are more costly than other treatments, and more materials and components than other services, the cost of which is very expensive. On the other hand, most of these costs are spent on raw materials, which increases the cost of the implant, and most specialized therapies, including dental implants, will cost a lot.

The cost of implantation depends on implant standards. If using non-standard implants to lower the cost of dental implants, you may incur a lot of damage to the jaw and gum, and reduce the life of your implant.
Difference between implants and artificial teeth
When someone loses their teeth, they have other problems, such as chewing food and beauty. Tooth implants or tooth implants are more beneficial than dentures, so that there is always a place where the tooth is missing. Tooth implant or implant implant is the best solution for missing teeth. A dental implant is a screw that attaches to the jaw and is made of titanium and allows the crown of the denture to attach to the natural teeth.


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