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What are the risks and problems of immediate implant?

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Any small movement in dental implant process will increase the risk of immediate implant breaks. Immediate crown connection should be done very carefully. The dentist should observe all the necessary cautions to make the implant stable for a time period until implant connects to the jaw bone. 

What are the risks and problems of immediate implant?
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In immediate dental implant, it is necessary to insert the implant in the jaw bone very carefully and exactly. For front teeth, it is necessary to have very healthy adjacent teeth to achieve the best immediate dental implant results. And also we will have the best results in the lower jaw for replacing all teeth, when the jaw bone is strong with enough texture. Immediate dental implant is not recommended for upper jaw because the density of bone is low in upper jaw and also upper jaw bone has less strength for supporting immediate dental implant.

There are some risks in all dental implant procedures and there are always some problems in this process. The risk of dental implant breakage will increase when more forces are imposed on it. Lack of implant uniformity against the bone will increase the risk of breakage. One of the other problems is infection of the gum around the implant. Infections will lead to some other risks in long term period. It is necessary to taking care of the areas around the implant during the early months after surgery for preventing infection or no heavy forces on it.

If the patient is not able to observe all the above mentioned points; we recommend him/her to use regular dental implant that is inserted in jaw bone in two-stage surgery. Dental implant is inserted in jaw bone in the first stage and it is covered for several months. It is necessary to wait until a stable connection is produced between the implant and jaw bone. During this time, dental implant is preserved by the gum tissue. In the second stage of the surgery, the gum on the implant is opened and then, abatement and dental crown is connected to it.

Patients with good body and oral health are good candidates for immediate dental implant. If you smoke, or your body condition influences on your body immune system, or healing takes longer than average time, or if you take large amount of Bisphosphonate; we do not recommend immediate dental implant for you. Generally, Bisphosphonate drugs increase the risk of bone cell death even after minor surgeries; especially when they are injected intravascular for cancer treatment procedures.

Snarling and crushing teeth has negative effects on dental implant because it causes relative high pressure on the crown and implant post. Patients with dental implant should observe some especial oral health points otherwise, infection will engage the gum tissue around the implant post that is similar to gum disease. Obviously, when the infection is not cured completely, dental implant treatment will fail. 

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