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Drsojodi's dental implant & cosmetic clinic


Patient implant 4

Patient implant 4

The 56-year-old patient referred to the implant and beauty clinic for 6 implants for the treatment of an implant and 6 implants were treated for implant treatment. Implant treatment before and after delivery can be taken into account.

Patient Implants 2

Patient Implants 2

45-year-old patient for the treatment of dental implants and cosmetic implants (4) in the upper left his clinic doctor complained Sojoodi And for their dental implant treatment before and after delivery Grdyd.tsavyr veneer can be seen here.

Patient Implant 1

Patient Implant 1

33-year-old patient for the treatment of implants and implant clinic cosmetic doctor Sojoodi complained to his upper right canine tooth implant treatment before and after Grdyd.tsavyr see them here.


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Ways to access Dr. Sojodi Dental Clinic:

Address :Unit 2 , Plaque 4 ,Golbarg 1th Sharghi, Fakhar Moghadam St, Between Farahzadi and Falamak, Dadman St, Shahrak-e-Gharb, Tehran, Iran
Phone : +98 21 88 08 29 41 | +98 21 86 12 89 96
Email :
Access path: San'at Square-> Farahzadi Boulevard-> Atieh Hospital-> Dadman St-> Fakhar Moghadam St