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Dental implant methods

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Dental implant methods In dental implant treatment plan; it is necessary to consider several factors such as relationship between the team members and their collaboration, choosing the right patient, precise planning for implant treatment, implant quantity, implant location, implant diameter and height, necessity of surgery, preparation of bone and oral soft tissue before main surgery, determining the best prosthesis for implant and coordinating all the above mentioned steps with technicians. 

Dental implant methods
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Dental implant methods

In dental implant treatment plan; it is necessary to consider several factors such as relationship between the team members and their collaboration, choosing the right patient, precise planning for implant treatment, implant quantity, implant location, implant diameter and height, necessity of surgery, preparation of bone and oral soft tissue before main surgery, determining the best prosthesis for implant and coordinating all the above mentioned steps with technicians.

Surgeon’s duties before starting implant treatment:

  1. Medical necessary examinations
  2. implant radiography
  3. Oral examinations
  4. Suggesting initial surgeries
  5. implant type review
  6. implant number review
  7. implant location review

implant surgeon duties during treatment, first surgery phase, the interval between two implant phases, second phase of the implant and restoration treatments are as follows:

  1. Performing first phase of implant surgery
  2. Pre- and Post-Surgery medical cares
  3. Examining patient’s condition between first and second implant surgery
  4. Second phase of surgery; opening the implant head
  5. Referring the patient to the prosthesis experts for buying final prosthesis

Dental implant surgeons’ duties after implant treatment (surgery and prosthesis):

  1. Soft tissue examinations
  2. Bone texture and implant examinations
  3. Review and compare the radiographs in predetermined intervals
  4. Necessity of surgeries on soft tissue by periodontist

Patient’s mental condition should be examined to determine any systemic conditions or psychopathy. The patients with certain conditions such as Parkinson, cardiovascular diseases and uncontrolled diabetes and so on are not good candidates for implant. In some certain cases; it is necessary for the surgeon to consult with other medical experts. implant surgeon should examine different radiographs.

After reviewing and precise interpreting of radiographs and local examinations; the surgeon can prepare a detailed treatment plan for the patient considering the general health of the patient in collaboration with a prosthesis expert. In certain cases, prosthesis expert can mention any limitation or difficulties for treatment to the surgeon. Most of the time, surgeon will take the final decision based on limitations and available facilities to choose the quantity, diameter, height and location of the implants. Prosthesis expert should coordinate the treatment plan. Full review of both jaws determines a better understanding of treatment objectives. Such planning and decision makings are not possible without dental tests arrangements and preparing test prosthesis before surgery.

By putting small 5mm ball bearings; the surgeon will determine the diameter and the location of implants. The surgeon will determine the location and direction of the prosthesis in the first phase of the surgery. This prosthesis is very useful for finding the exact location of implants in the second phase of the surgery. After the first phase of surgery including inserting implant or implants within the jaw bone; dental implant team member will make decisions together about using the previous prosthesis or the time of using this prosthesis. It is recommended to the patients not to put pressure on dental implant during the first 2 weeks after implant surgery. After 2 weeks and by using special materials inside the dental prosthesis; the patient is free to use them. The duration of healing is 4 months for lower jaw and 6 months for upper jaw. Temporary prosthesis may need some kind of repairs during this period.

After a certain time period and if the results of radiography are positive; then the surgeon can perform the second phase of the dental implant surgery. In this stage; implant head is opened to insert screw and the surrounding area is sutured. After completing this stage successfully; the rest of the treatment is assigned to the prosthesis expert. After 2 weeks; the tissue is healed and prosthesis expert will start restoration process.



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