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Bone Graft

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Bone graft is a procedure for bone restoration when the teeth are lost and the teeth bone is depleted because of genetic reasons or gum diseases and we don’t have enough bone for dental implant. 

Bone Graft
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Bone graft is a procedure for bone restoration when the teeth are lost and the teeth bone is depleted because of genetic reasons or gum diseases and we don’t have enough bone for dental implant.

There are two reasons for bone graft. Sometimes, the bone surrounding the natural tooth of the patient is depleted so it is necessary to have a graft by GRT surgery before dental implant. And the other reason is providing a suitable condition for dental implant so, bone graft is necessary. There must be enough jaw bone to have the best healing process of dental implant so that the dental implant be secure in its place.

It is feasible to have bone graft and dental implant simultaneously. But it is recommended in situations that bone depletion is not severe. In another method, bone graft is done before dental implant to provide enough bone for dental implant. Ensuring to have enough bone density is necessary to have a successful dental implant.

We can perform bone graft 2 months before dental implant. Bone can be extracted from patient’s body or external resources. The main goal in bone graft is preserving the jaw bone because this can lead to better oral health. Bone graft is divided to several categories based on the bone sources:

  1. Auto graft

In this method, dentist extract the bone from the patient’s body and bone graft procedure is performed simultaneously with dental implant. A limiting factor in this method is limitation caused by the removing bone. Bone graft in this method includes external and internal graft but the internal graft is more common. The advantage of this method is lack of disease transmission because the bone is extracted from patient’s body.

  1. Allograft

In this method, the bone is extracted from another person’s body. The bone must be sterilized with gamma rays and then be frozen. The bone can be used dried or not dried for bone graft and then dental implant will be performed.

The bone should be tested before bone graft in order to confirm its health and the risk of diseases such as AIDZ comes to zero. The advantage of this method is no need to surgery for extracting bone from patient’s body. The disadvantages of this method are the risk of disease transmission and/or graft rejection by the patient’s body.

  1. Xenograft

In this method, bone of an animal is used for bone graft. The main point is depleting proteins prior to bone graft. The possibility of using this method for bone graft is very low. One of the materials that are used for this method is BIO-OSS from caw bone. The advantages of this method are no need to surgery for extracting bone and as a result no disease transmission but the disadvantage is high production losses. 

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