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Some Points for Dental Implant Maintenance

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You can increase dental implant life span to 25 years by observing important oral health points. 

Some Points for Dental Implant Maintenance
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We are going to offer some of them as follows:

  • Avoid chewing food during first 20 days: dental implant procedure is very quick and easy. If the dental implant surgery is done in 1 stage and the abatement is inserted; then it is recommended not to chew food with the side of inserted dental implant for the first 20 days.
  • Clean the dental implant by brushing: it is very important to brush the implant area after removing the sutures. It is recommended to brush the implant area 3 times a day. Using mouthwash after each meal can prevent bacteria and germs aggregation around dental implant area.
  • Be careful and prevent dental implant infections: if any infection occurs; healing and connection the implant to the bone will not occur. In this case, we say that implant is failed. In some other cases; we may face with unstable implant that is related to dental expert’s technique or experience. The main solution for preventing implant infection is using mouthwash such as applying it by a cotton to the implant area
  • Observing oral health: clean all areas that the probability of remaining food in them is very high. In general; observing all dental implant health points will increase implant life span. Never use sharp equipment such as toothpicks for cleaning the dental implant area because it can cause severe damage or infection in dental area or even it can lead to dental breakage.
  • Never forget regular dental expert visits: regular dental expert visits means referring to your dentist every six months. Then, the dentist will examine the dental area to be sure no food is cut in there or he/she determines the rate of bone depletion in that area. If the surgery and inserting dental implant is done in a 2-stage procedure; the case is different: if both stages are done by implant expert, we have to refer to dental expert for examinations. But if the inserting implant hasn’t done by dental expert, you have to visit the person who has inserted the implant for checkups.
  • Consider 25 years for dental implant useful life span: nowadays, dental implant functions are improved due to using modern technologies for dental implant external surfaces. So, we can claim that dental implants can last for 25 years. Some of the main points in increasing dental implant life span are observing oral health points and regular examinations by implant expert. 
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