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Dental implant for children

Dental implant in growing children needs prosthesis restoration in toothless areas. Trauma and hypodontia are the common anomalies causing congenital edentulous. Usual treatment for such patients before completion of bone and teeth growth is removable prosthesis. However, alveolar bone depletion and some periodontal and secondary tooth decay are the main problems for such patients because of using removable prosthesis. 

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Advanced bone remodeling

What is bone resorption?     Is Bone Analysis Important?     What is bone remodeling?     What are the causes of bone loss?     What is horizontal reconstruction of the bone?     What is vertical bone reconstruction?     What is a sinus lift?     The role of laser in soft tissue regeneration     Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)     Ridge Splitting When and Where?     GBR is the same bone remodeling?     What are short implants?   What are the causes of bone loss?

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Dental Implant Maintenance

In normal conditions; people lose their teeth after the age of 70. If you observe oral health points during your life; you will never face with severe problems such as early teeth lost to be forced for performing special treatments such as dental implant. Tooth lost can happen because of tooth decay, oral diseases or sever impacts on them. 

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Nonsurgical Dental Implant Methods

In this method, the gum is not cut so; there is no need to have it sutured. For this method, it is necessary to have enough bones so that the dentist has direct view to insert the dental implant. This surgery is implemented by using surgical guide without any bleeding and pain. 

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What is a dental implant?

What is a dental implant?
An implant is a piece of metal that is often in the form of a root of the tooth and placed inside the patient's jaw bone. A dental implant is used as the basis for inserting a denture (dentures), and restoring the crown of the missing teeth using this implant base is possible.
A dental implant is a pure titanium metal metal used as a root tooth with the purpose of preserving the coatings that replace the crown of the tooth. After the implant is tightened in the jaw bone, a new tooth is installed on it, which completely resembles the natural teeth and gives the patient a completely natural sense

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Bone Graft

Bone graft is a procedure for bone restoration when the teeth are lost and the teeth bone is depleted because of genetic reasons or gum diseases and we don’t have enough bone for dental implant. 

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Attributes of apical implant area design

Considerations and Tips for Apical Area Design:
The end or apical portion of an implant is often contiguous to allow the implant to remain in the bone before its body is engulfed with the crystalline bone. As a result, the patient does not have to open his mouth too much. This issue is more important in the posterior areas of the patient's mouth. This facilitates the first stage of implant placement in the bone.

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Effect of beta-blocker and stomach acne on implant treatment

Effect of beta-blocker and stomach acne on implant treatment
According to researchers and researchers in the United States and testing for patients undergoing implant treatment, it can be said that stomach acne medication has a significant effect on the success rate of implant therapy. According to physicians, the success rate in dental implant implantation is directly related to the amount of implantation and implant compliance with the patient's jaw bone.

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Today, undoubtedly, one of your concerns is the dear township patients who are looking for the best dental implant and beauty dentist. Some of your dear ones, considering the advanced specialized facilities in Tehran, prefer your dental care In the capital, however, considering the distance and distance between Tehran and the cities of the country, and given that some dental treatments require extensive therapeutic sessions, this may seem impossible at first, and this is not possible.

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